Monday, April 29, 2013

Out With A Bang

Well Ladies and Gents, this is it. My last blog post abroad....for now.
I have to keep saying things like that out loud: "This is just for the moment that we're going back home. It doesn't have to be permanent. Just another chapter in our book. We shall travel again!"
It helps with the creeping depression that happens every time I think about boarding that plane tomorrow for America.

With that said, aside from my camera still being dead to me, we had a great last Saturday here in London.

The Dizzle and I went and saw Wicked. Third time for me, first time for him. Such a great performance, as always. We had really great seats too {as we should for $193 big ones!}.

After the show, we were off to go meet my wonderful blog friend, Nicola, for the very. first. time.
I guess you kids these days are calling it "Blates"? I don't know, I can't keep up with the blog lingo.
However, I will say that the first thing I did when I saw this tall drink of water was pinch her booty. Because we're cool like that. At least I was hoping we'd be cool like that. Alas, we were.

After a few seconds of her being shocked by a random butt grab and then registering who I actually was, we embraced like long-lost childhood friends!
And even though I could only understand about every third word she was saying (these slow and dumb American ears of mine had a hard time registering her think Londonian accent), we still had a blast and proceeded to take many photos like the one below.

Nicola, thank you for inviting us for a fun night out. It was a blast and your friends are great. And even though you told us to get on the bus that took us an hour out of the way from our hotel, we still had such a great night and hope you and Ben can come out to San Francisco for a visit soon!! :)

In fact, it was such a fun night, that we spent the entire day Sunday, which was also our very last day abroad, in bed with Pizza Hut delivery. #successisay

I'm going to end this post now because I don't want to get all sappy on you. I'm sure those posts will come later this week while I'm crying myself to sleep in my bed at my Mom's house in Georgia.
But I will say this: Dear friends, I cherish you greatly and I'm so happy so many of you thought my little life was interesting enough to follow along on this journey and keep me company with all of your great emails and comments. We have seen so many great places these last 6 months because of your great recommendations. I sure hope my life will remain interesting enough so you don't all ditch me now that I'm back to being a boring ol' American. ;)

Hope you have a great Monday and I'll see you on the flip side!

Peace out, London!


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  1. Have a safe trip! :) I LOVE Wicked. I swear I could watch that show over and over...a million times over.

    Living in Another Language

  2. How is it possible that your 6 months of traveling is over already? I wasn't even there enjoying it in person and I feel like you just left! Safe travels back to dear old U S of A.

  3. Have a safe trip!! I saw Wicked in NYC last year and was blown away. :)

  4. Aaaaa 6 months flew by so quick!!! Not a lot of people can earn that "world traveler" title. You have brag rights, mija. Anyways being back in US soil is just another sign of saving up and travelling again :) safe trip!

  5. Ahh it seems like yesterday you were sick for home and had just started traveling! It's always bittersweet, but you'll be traveling again in no time! Safe travels home and cheers to a new adventure! :)

  6. This post makes me depressed FOR you. I remember walking around the airport before we left for america after 7 months in Sweden seriously getting tears in my eyes. I kept having to go outside of our airport hotel for one last look, one last breath! Lame I know, but it's been 3 years and I still remember the feeling of leaving it behind.

  7. This trip went by so quickly, and I am very sad! :(

  8. Awww it's already over?! That is just insane. You are amazing for going on this awesome adventure, and I know it won't even be close to the last one, girlfriend! Bon voyageeee back to the motherland! ;)


  9. Safe travels home. Hope you indulge in all kinds of unhealthy food when you get back.

  10. I can't believe 6 months have gone by!! Craaaazy. Have a safe trip back!

  11. AHHH i cannot believe your amazing adventure abroad is almost over!! I cannot wait to hear all about the stuff you & Diz do when you get back!!

    Safe travles lady!!!

  12. I can't believe that these adventures are coming to an end, but here's to the next big adventures....
    Also, welcome home!

  13. oh my goodness, I can't believe that this is your last post fromt his amazing trip. It has been so much fun following along.

    ps, I'm so jealous that you got to meet Nicola! I would love to see her!

  14. So sorry your trip is over, but so glad you'll be here for a couple weeks! I hate that you're going to SF and not staying in Georgia with me, but at least your sister is moving close by to me. See you tonight!!! Love you!!!

  15. have a safe trip! i feel like your trip just started, how is it over already?

  16. Your journey is not over... San Francisco is just another chapter in it!

  17. I can't believe you're back in the states already. It must be such a shock! But like you said, it definitely doesn't have to be your last time traveling... I mean, maybe you can find a job like mine that takes you all over the world!

  18. Are you crazy?! This part will be a riot! Assimilating yourself back into American culture is going to be semi-culture shocking I would think. Bt the way, hovercrafts were not invented while you were away. I know. I'm sad too.



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