Monday, April 22, 2013

Our First Day Apart.

Today marks our 156th day of travel together.
And in those 156 days, we have only had ONE day apart.
Just. One.
And that day happened to be this past Saturday.
I went to Bruges, Belgium with my mom, aunt, and uncle and V Dizz spent the day here in Amsterdam with his mama.
And let me tell you something.

It was weird. Very weird.

I didn't realize just how odd it'd feel until we were a few hours into the trip.
I kept wanting to look over to him and tell him something or point out something new to him.
Here I've spent almost 6 months with this person, day in and day out,
and just a few hours apart, I'm missing him!
You'd think it would be a welcome separation after so much time with someone.
But I'm going to go ahead and say it, gag if you'd like to, but I would rather of had him there.
I tried to stay quiet about it because I didn't want to be that girl that was attached at the hip to her man.
But, I tell ya. It was definitely a very different experience than what I was used to.

For example.

When The Dizz and I are looking for something to eat, we spout out a few suggestions and quickly agree on a place.
Easy, quick, and satisfying.
But when you're somewhere new and you have 4 people in the group?
Oh lord help me if we can find a place to eat under 20 minutes.
Here we are in Bruges, trying to decide which restaurant to go to and I'm sure if you saw my face at this moment in time, you'd know just how impatient and irritated I was feeling.
Me + Hunger = Extreme Impatience.

There was literally a restaurant right behind us throughout this entire debacle that I was more than happy to eat at, but nooooo, it had to be from the "recommended" guide book, to which we then had to find on the GPS and hand map beforehand.


I've heard from so many people how fortunate we are that we've found a good travel buddy in each other. We've been told horror stories about traveling with friends and how quickly they got irritated with each other. And after just one day in Bruges with my family, I began to understand just a bit on what they were talking about.
Now, now, fam, if you're reading this, know that I had a splendid time with you and I love you all so very much. But goodness gracious, when you have that many different personalities and opinions in one tight circle trying to decide on something, well, maybe it's just me, but I don't think I could do that for 6 months. Ya feelin' me?

Point is: I'm thankful that The Dizzle and I were able to embark on this journey together. It has definitely made us stronger and I think we've learned a lot about each other and have learned how to work with one another instead of against one another.

Anyway, it's safe to say, I was just about speed walking back to the car to go home that day.
And when I finally saw The Dizzle that night, we hopped in bed and shared our stories with each other.
It was exciting, actually, to hear new things and share new things.
We haven't been able to do that so much in these last 6 months because we've done every single thing together, so it was a neat change.
Then, of course, he said he missed me too and I didn't feel like such a weenie anymore. ;)


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  1. I'm pretty sure if you can survive 6 months of traveling together it's safe to say you'll last forever. :)

  2. Yes i love this post. Its like that show amazing race, you know which couples are going to stay together after the show because if you can travel together, you deal with anything after that. Plus what an amazing experience you guys have embarked on together to do this for such a long time in a traveling capacity. I wish my husband and I had done something like this before we got married. We experienced our first trip of going to a few countries together finally after being married for 9 years and I was kinda nervous. You really learn a lot about someone when you travel with them. Ended up being amazing, and I love following your guys story and the amazing adventures youve shared together. I think it is so sweet!

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  3. This is so cute! I don't think you're a weenie at all!

  4. Awwww i was smiling all through reading this post. It is so sweet that you have been able to find someone you love this much, and I am happy for you. I am an adventurer myself, I love travelling (but sadly i haven't done much of it). I am planning to travel next year when i am done with uni, and I am going to pick up some ideas from your trips. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  5. Awww I love this whole post!!!! :)

  6. I always feel that way when Nick and get home from a trip and we have to go to work and I'm like, wait, we've been together for the last 2 weeks all the time... it's a weird feeling. And as to the traveling with family thing... oh sister, I did that for 10 days with my in laws on this past Europe trip and let me tell you, I was pulling my hair out... the restaurant thing, that was a daily thing for me :)

  7. That is so awesome that you are having so much fun with him you actually missed him!!

    I bet it was really nice to share your events from the day.

  8. I can totally understand the odd feeling of being separated. You two have been on this amazing journey together every step of the way. You've found a communicative groove where you work as a team. Take that away for a few hours and it's bound to be weird. Glad it went well though!

  9. this makes me happy on so many levels. I think that teammate/partnership feeling will make you two even stronger when you MOVE TO SF!!

  10. it would be so strange to be apart. if i did the same thing, i would be missing zac too.

  11. I can kind of understand; for three {ish} months I lived, worked and traveled with my partner. We were together 24/7 babyyyyyyyyyyyy and it was absolutely brilliant. Now that I'm at college and he's traveling the country, it's weird. We got so used to each other and helping each other throughout the day that it almost feels like one of my limbs is gone .. and if that's a little extreme, then maybe my index finger. That finger is important, right? It's just a weird, weird feeling and I can understand! This whole post is just so dang cute. I'm glad both of you had a good time :)

  12. So cute!! When my husband and I first took our first trip together, that's how I knew he was "the one". He's the only person in the world that I haven't gotten annoyed with while traveling. I love having him along with me and it never feels right without him there!

  13. That is too cute! I know what you mean about people taking forever to decide on something! My bf & I always decide really quick together but throw other people into the mix & holy cow, it's like a whole ordeal just to pick a place to eat! Drives me nutso!

    Glad you and the Dizzle are having an awesome time! =)

  14. This is so sweet, so wonderful to love spending so much time with each other. It sounds like you're really in sync and on the same page with things.

    My boyfriend and I did long distance for 2 years, I have no idea how we survived. Now we live together and I miss him if we just spend an afternoon apart! We haven't gone on an extended vacation yet, just weekends away. But we hope to go to Europe in the next year. I think we'll make good travel companions because we both have a sense of adventure and are open to trying anything.

  15. awe! you guys are such an awesome couple! and to be around each other for 24/7 for that long?! that's a strong bond right there. my husband and i worked together two years ago and as much fun as it was, it's exciting now that we don't see each other all the time and come home excited to talk about our days. hope you're enjoying the last part of your trip!

  16. This is so sweet! I just came across your blog and love it! What a wonderful adventure you are having!

  17. "We've been told horror stories about traveling with friends and how quickly they got irritated with each other" doesn't happen to refer to me at all, does it? :P

  18. Funny you should have travel companion issues while in Bruges. Norwood and I travel really well together but in 2005 we went to Holland and Belgium with a group from our college in order to get credit for an art history class abroad instead of sitting in a boring classroom looking at slide projectors.

    Anyway...there were people in the group who bitched nonstop about wanting to go home. Really? It was only a 2 week trip! There were also those who were so scared to be in a foreign country they stuck together like a big group of blundering American idiots. I was embarrassed to be associated with them, so Norwood and I did what any self respecting couple of people would do....we ditched them. For pretty much the entire trip, only meeting back up with them for the free meals that were included in the price of the trip.

    Traveling with somebody really lets you know if you get along or not.



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