Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Operation Amsterdam. Hear Me Out.

I've fallen in love with this city in just 7 short days.
And even though we're off to London today (hooray), I still can't help but be a little bit sad to leave this beautiful city.
The food, oh the food! I can guarantee you that I've probably gained a solid five this past week.
French fries with mayonnaise and Dutch cheese on the daily will do that to ya, I suppose.

There probably wasn't an hour that went by where I didn't tell someone, anyone who would listen really, that I could live here.

So here's the thing. I've devised a plan!

You see, V Dizzle's mama is Dutch. As in, born in Amsterdam, still has her Dutch passport, Dutch!
Which means, that The Dizzle can get DUAL citizenship, right?
So if he could just get on the ball with his Dutch citizenship,
then all he'd have to do is simply MARRY me, and I get to stay here too!
I mean, how easy is that?!
It's brilliant, really, and I'm shocked he hasn't thought of this plan by now.
In fact, when I told him my grand idea, he just stared at me silently, because I think he was just so blown away by my talented mind.
It sure is a good thing he has me and my great wits to get us through some tough situations.

Plus, I look darn good in those Dutch wooden shoes that it'd be a crying shame if we didn't spend more time here at some point in our lives, don't you think?

All in favor, say aye!




Well, okay, I guess that's my cue to exit...

But wait! Before you go, can I please introduce you to Nadine? She has written up such a great little post for you guys and I really love it. Especially now that we'll be moving home in just a few short weeks, these tips are great for me so as not to spiral into a deep, dark depression.
I encourage you to read it, soak it in, and live by it!
I also encourage you to say hi and show her some blog love! ;)


Hey, I'm Nadine and I blog over at Back East Blonde

I think it’s safe to say that many of us read Mish Lovin Life (and Filling in the Dots) from our desks at work. Her blog is definitely my everyday attempt to live vicariously through two people who are far more adventurous than I am. And yet, I'm rarely bored with my life. 

Here are a few ideas about how to make day to day life a little more adventurous:

1. Figure out what adventure means to YOU. Adventure doesn't have to mean travel. It could mean that you try something new every day. It could mean that every weekend you spend more time outside or take up a new hobby. You can live a life of adventure without leaving your state or even your city! Figure out what you want to add to your life and consider that your adventure.

2. Find a job you care about. Yes, I sit at a desk most days for about 7 hours. Sometimes sitting at a desk sucks. But, what if you were sitting at your desk doing something you loved

I work for a non-profit that fights childhood cancer. We provide financial assistance to families and fund pediatric cancer research. I cannot stress to you how much happier my life became when I got a job I loved. As someone said at some point, "if you have a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life". Okay that might not have been exactly it, but the point was made. You aren't stuck.

3. Learn something new. I recently finished a photography class at my local community college. I promise, somewhere near where you live, someone is teaching a class on something that you want to learn. Give it a shot.

4. Take a cue from your elders. Want to know how to live it up? Ask someone who's already done it! Here's a quote from my 90 year old grandmother ordering at a restaurant, "....oh no honey, I don't drink alcohol. Just bring me a glass of wine." Well played Grammy, well played. See how much we can learn from others?

The other blonde over at Back East Blonde. 
5. If all that fails, get a dog. I'm serious. Want your life to be turned upside down? Try letting a whimpering fluff ball out every 3 hours all night for a month or two. The sleep deprivation induced hallucinations are bound to make things more interesting. And when that phase is over, you'll have a creature who literally worships you and forces you to get off your tush and get a little exercise. Win!
I’d love if you came to visit me, though I never post any pictures of monkeys (and definitely none of tigers) so I might be a huge disappointment on that front. 

In case you weren't convinced by that very convincing statement, here are 10 People Who Are Cooler Than Me. I've even decided who would play me in a movie, and chatted about all the stuff that's only cool in the blog world. When my quest to live an adventurous life has failed me, I've fallen flat on my face, got bangs on a whim, and of course, started a blog.

Thanks for having me, Michelle! And thanks for bringing us all along for your adventure!



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  2. Oh and p.s the weather is GORGEOUS today... you are in for a treat!!!

  3. guess what! so i have a friend who lives in amsterdam with her dutch boyfriend.. In Holland they have something that is called a relationship visa, so if V got his dual citizenship than you guys could live (and you could work) there just because you're in a relationship! food for thought.

  4. Get on the Amster train Vdizzle- that place looks amaaaazing!! And I mean really, it's all too perfect that he just happens to have an "in" to the place... it's gotta mean something...

  5. That would be sooooo awesome to live there!!!!! Ahhh do it! :)

  6. I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam :) And those waffles? CRAZY!!

  7. The wooden shoes, the desserts and the tulips. I'm in, sign my up.

  8. Confession: I stopped and stared at the photo of the AMAZING waffle selection for an obscene amount of time.
    J-E-A-L-O-U-S! =)

  9. Seeing you in those cloggs made me laugh out loud. They are huge!

  10. OK, what is the Dizzle waiting for? He needs to get dual citizenship asap! Amsterdam is one the places I would moving abroad to live. It's so damn gorgeous and the vibe seems so chill. Granted, I've never been there before ... But in my mind, it would be perfect :)

  11. In the small amount of traveling I've done, I've realized Korea has THE WORST food. Who the heck wants to eat fermented cabbage (fermented for 'ehem' 4-6 months) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I'm convinced if they did more traveling they would change their diets.

    That being said...I'm drooling over ALL your food pics and info about food. Maybe it's because I somewhat forgot to eat today, I don't know.

    Enjoy London! Can't wait to hear about it!

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

  12. You must get him to get his passport. I got my UK passport because I was lucky enough to be born in England while my parents were stationed here with the military. So my husband got his marriage visa through me and my kids get citizenship for being my kids. It an awesome thing. Totally move to Amsterdam and then just travel Europe!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  13. YES Sounds like a brilliant plan! It's what we are doing- except for Sweden since I have dual citizenships and so do the kiddos now. Brilliant right?

  14. yes to this plan. Absolutely yes.
    And so happy to see Nadine on your blog- love her!

  15. I like the plan and I think Vdizz should get on board! The only upside to you being home soon is that you'll be located a short 2-3 hour drive from where I reside and we can awkwardly embrace and then talk for 8 hours about your trip and how badly you want to travel again. You creeped out yet?

  16. I think your plan is brilliant!! I mean, who wouldn't wanna eat those waffles everyday!?

  17. Your plan is genius! Definitely should get on that asap!

    I can't wait to visit Amsterdam, my boyfriend and I were just talking about it the other night, I think it's time we start planning!

  18. Glad you are LOVING a city. Not sure you have in all of your travels.

  19. Um those waffles look insanely delicious!!

    And I agree with your plan - genius!

  20. I'm so jealous of your travels!

  21. Even though hubs has been to Amsterdam before he keeps telling me that our first trip to Europe together should be there. You have sold me!

  22. Mmmm, I'm half Dutch so maybe I should apply for dual citizenship as well!

  23. Amsterdam sounds like a blast! Have fun in London!

  24. You may have frightened your boyfriend. Amsterdam is a great city. Am heading to London in 3 weeks-bridesmaid duties. Enjoy yourself!

  25. So happy you loved Germany and got to experience it for a bit!

  26. AYE!
    AYE AYE AYE!!!



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