Friday, April 26, 2013

My Depressing Friday Facts

Fact #1 - Instead of going on The London Eye today, I got suckered into buying tickets to "The London Dungeon". I thought this said "dungeon" would be more of a historical tour on all the gory details of famous figures in London's past like Jack The Ripper and Sweeney Todd (I'm oddly into things like that, have I mentioned?).
Instead, we were thrown in with a ginormous group of hormones-raging-loud-and-rambunctious 14 year olds. This "dungeon" also included a 60 second boat ride to which we got drenched from the waist down, including my Canon Rebel T2i.

Now said camera will not turn on because it was equally soaked, without warning.

I'm bummed.

Cross your fingers the camera lives on!

{Also, does a camera work the same as a cell phone where you're supposed to put it in a bag of rice to dry it out? Does that rice trick even work? Anyone? Bueller?}

Fact #2 - I wish we, as women, got our periods once every three months instead of every one. I feel like I talk about my PMS-ing way too often on this blog. But I can't help it! By the time I go through all of the hormone-induced feelings, it's just a few short weeks before I've managed to level out, lose those extra chocolate-induced "el-bees", and then it starts all over again!
With that said: Fact #1 created a much bigger reaction from me than what I'm sure a normal person would have done.

Fact #3 - Leave it to me to pick the worst hotel to stay in for our last, go out with a bang stay on our travels. We're basically staying in a hostel. Which, no offense to hostels, those are fine and dandy I'm sure, but not when I didn't pay for a hostel environment.
In case you'd like to hear my complaints, let me indulge you:

-There are random people loitering around the lobby and front doorsteps all. day. long, chain smoking and stinking up the whole place.
-Our bathroom sink was broken and clogged from day one.
-Our toilet seat was, and still is, broken. Every time I sit down, I have to hold on for dear life so I don't slip and fall off the toilet from the wobbly seat.
-They claim to have WiFi, but alas, they do not. At all.
-We have zero sunlight in our room because our window looks out underneath the building into a dirt pile. Did you hear that? Our view is a pile of dirt.
-Every morning at 7am, we are woken up by some sort of scraping or construction going on directly outside of our window.
-This hotel offered free breakfast, which sounded like a great perk. Would you like to know what that breakfast consists of? Bread, butter, and Special K cereal.  Oh, and the coffee machine is broken, so we have to stir up the instant packets. I mean, I'm not trying to be picky here. But, come on. Insta-Coffee?

Have I complained enough about this place yet? I think so. Moving on.

Fact #4 - I have yet to upload any pictures from London onto my computer and now that my camera has possibly gone to camera heaven forever, I only have my Instagram pictures to share. So for those of you that already follow me on there, prepare yourself to see all of the same crap quality photos in an equally crappy Photoshop job because I'm currently sitting in another cafe and I'm lazy.

Fact #5 - Due to Fact #3, it's pretty easy to get bored in the "hotel" room with zero internet to entertain us. SO, in the spirit of making San Francisco our new home soon, this morning I created this picture to be my desktop. And let's just say this is one of the rarities that's making me smile on this gloomy, PMS-infused day of mine. This and, of course, the real version of the man below.

Good lord, I just re-read everything I typed and am I depressing or what??
Please don't let my rants and raves bring down your Friday!
Sometimes a girl's just got to complain. Publicly. For a handful of strangers to read.

Alright friends, it's time for me to say my goodbyes.
I DO hope your day is going amazing and I hope you have a splendid weekend.
I'm going to attempt to revive my camera by putting a blow dryer to it.


P.S. Have you entered yet?

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  1. Awww poor Mish!!! Hang in there!!! I hope you do have fun in LDN. Teas and Crumpets

  2. :( Hugs friend!!! Sorry today is not so grand.

  3. I'm so sorry your "room" sucks. I guess that'll just make it easier to say good-bye to traveling and hello to the good old USA. Let me know what you're absolutely hungry for and I'll have it ready when you get here :) Love you!

  4. Yay! Come to SF- it isn't so depressing here right now. Don't stress over the little stuff right now- big picture!! Enjoy your little time left in London!

  5. Glad you got it off your chest! Sorry about the hostel, sounds dreadful. As for your camera, my friend put hers in a stocking/pantyhose, then into a box of rice, and it dried it up. Good luck!

  6. im sad for your camera situation. :(

  7. I hope your camera drys out! Crossing my fingers for you! My friend did the rice trick with her phone and it worked, so it couldn't hurt to try it. So sorry about your last hotel, any chance of staying in a different location on your last night? Sort of a last ho-rah to end the trip?

    So glad you're coming to SF, more blog friends :) I wish it looked as beautiful today as it does in that picture! But it's supposed to be 70* this weekend, looking forward to some sun.

  8. Well, I laughed while reading this entire post. Then I felt bad because obviously the LAST thing you need is a random stranger laughing at your misery. But for real, this is good stuff. Oh, the stories you will tell to your children't children's children. And, you know, to random strangers.

  9. haha I agree with amanda - this was pretty entertaining. that said, i'm sorry everything is so sucky right now! i COMPLETELY understand your pms pain... good lord am i an emotional rollercoaster. enjoy your last few days in London - we can't wait to have you here in sf!

  10. In my experience, the rice trick totally works. It saved my cell phone after it took a swim in a fountain at my school, and it saved my camera after getting soaked. Good luck!

  11. re: #2 - my friend has been on seasonique for a year or two and you do only get your period every 3 months. it freaks me out a little but she swears by it. maybe check it out? and that blows about the crappy hotel boooo. hope you guys still enjoy yourselves!!
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  12. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry about your camera. I'd be devastated! You could try googling it...but I've heard if you get a bunch of those silicone gel packs that come with EVERYTHING to keep things dry, you can put them in a bag with your camera and it'll help dry it out. I went to a local office store when my iphone got wet, and they let me go through all their backpacks and bags and take 20 little gel packs for free. :) They were laughing at me while I did it...but hey. My iphone still works.
    Just make sure you keep it off and the battery out for a few days.

    I hope it works!
    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

  13. Sorry about your camera. and the hotel. boo. I think rice might work. But I think it needs to be done right away? I'm not sure. Good luck!

  14. Oh, that sucks about your camera! Here's hoping you can get it working again!

    And I'm with you on the period crazies. This last time around I tried taking B6 & evening primrose oil, because it was suggested to me & I think it helped. Or it was all placebo effect. Either way, I felt a little less nutty while on it!

  15. Definitely try the rice.

    As for your period, if you're taking any version of the pill, just keep taking them and don't stop for periods. It doesn't do any damage to your insides and the blood just gets sucked back into your blood stream.

  16. Ok, wait, are you here now??? Are you in SF already?? If so, can we please meet up soon?

  17. Please tell me the camera lives!!!! I can't take it if not! That would have me RAGING mad! I'm mad for you. Damn those pubescent 14 year olds. I blame them.



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