Monday, April 1, 2013

It's possible I've found my new calling in life.

Saturday, I had an idea.
I wanted to film little snippets of our day.
I then wanted to put said snippets together in a little video with music.

So I did.

And, not to toot my own horn here - - oh, who am I kidding, I love tooting my own horn - - but allow me to continue:
I kind of really like this little video.
In fact, maybe I should find a job that allows me to edit videos all day long.

But just little 2-minute videos, because I don't think I can handle much more than that.


P.S. Have you entered this adorable giveaway that's going on around these parts?

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  1. Super cute video! I never remember to take videos, but I feel inspired after watching yours. I'll have to try harder to remember.

  2. What a great video!! Reading your blog makes me want to take 6 months off to travel the world! I'm so nervous though!

  3. what a great video thank you so much for sharing

  4. You guys should create a YouTube account and vlog your daily adventures because I assume the commentary behind all of your videos is as equally hilarious and as wonderful as this!

    So, so good! Take me with you next time!

  5. Love this!!! When you look back at this in a few years you are gonna love being able to see your trip again!

  6. Great video! Though I'm quite jealous of all that sun you have, I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you :)
    Would love to see more videos if you make any!


  7. Cute video!! Seriously you guys are living the life!!

  8. hahaha.. was there seriously a place called Dead End? cute video, looks like you`re having the time of your life!

  9. Such an awesome video!! :)

  10. I LOVE this! I have been having fun making some of my own videos as well but with pictures as well as video. The only frustrating thing for me is that if I put in on YouTube, because I use popular songs, it gets taken down for copyright infringement. How do you avoid that? Or is that just YouTube?

  11. What a great idea! It would be awesome for you to find such a job, I think I'm a little too A-D-D!
    Found your blog through SOML. New follower :-)

  12. I love the video & the music! One of those things that intimidates me - honestly. I don't know why, but it seems so difficult?

  13. Okay I love this, I feel like I'm on vacation with you guys!

  14. I got my smile for the day. Love you!!!

  15. such a pro. and the song suits the theme. HELLOOOO HOLIDAAAYYYY

  16. Lovin' the video and the song :) Well done!



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