Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Chinese lady is going to help me find a job!

We made it to Chiang Mai safe and sound today.
And one of the first things we did after checking in was find a tailor.
Which wasn't hard considering they're on every corner here.

The thing is, I'm a planner. I like to think ahead.
And yes, I still have a month or so before I'm in San Francisco, ready to face the "real world,"
but I have to prepare for possible job interviews, people!
And since I've sold everything but a suitcase full of clothes that I now hate,
I thought I should take advantage of these custom-made suits at a discounted price to bring back with me for job time!

We went to three different tailors to compare prices, and this little Chinese owned shop won the race!
With her Asian mask intact, she whipped out her measuring tape and went to work.
She so graciously lent me a pair of linen blue pants to put on while she measured my crotchal region and bum size (to which I quickly averted my eyes, because I do not want to know the size of that rump, thank you very much).

Tomorrow I go in for my first fitting, then I have a second and lastly, a third!
They work so quickly too, because the whole process should only take about three days.
In total, for a suit jacket plus pants, custom fit for your bodacious bod, it only came to about $130.
In the past, I've normally bought my work clothes from Victoria's Secret or Express and those jackets normally cost me $100 alone!
Plus the pants are usually too long because of my unfortunate stumpy Asian legs, and then my butt is normally too big, so it just comes out pretty awkward at times, you know?

Anyway, I'm hoping that this turns out as well as I'm hoping.

I'm also hoping that the phone interview I have scheduled for tomorrow goes well too.
{sigh...can't I just be a world traveler forever?}

Wish me luck.


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  1. Good Luck on your job interview!!! It will be fantastic! Think good thoughts and they will adore your energy!
    - Elizabeth Kathryn

  2. When I was in Vietnam I had a couple of sundresses made and they are perfect! People ask me about them all the time :) Good luck tomorrow girl!

  3. Yes, why can't we?! I'm hoping the next month takes as long as possible for you. STAY AWAY AS LONG AS YOU CAN!! TDon't come back to this, the real world sucks.

    a dazed corporate desk job zombie

  4. that is awesome! What a good price. good luck on your interview :)

  5. Good luck with that interview! I just had one this morning and I'm hoping to hear back. Interviewing sucks!

  6. I hope it turns out well! Good luck with the interview! I have one this Friday. I can't wait to move to the West Coast! Ultimately, we want to end up in San Fran but we will first be in Seattle for awhile. Maybe we can meet up one day!

  7. Yep..sending you my sizes so you can hook a sister up!

  8. Good luck!!! You WILL do amazing! :)

  9. You're such a planner! Good luck with the phone interview, and trust those magic Asian hands :D

  10. good luck on the interview and the general job search! i would love to get a custom suit. i hate spending my money on lame-o work clothes!

  11. good luck with the phone interview! I'm sure you'll nail it.

  12. That`s a great idea! If I ever travel to Asia, I want to get tailored clothes as well!

  13. good luck with your interview! and i hope your suit turns out well! :)

  14. How awesome!! Cant wait to see the finished product! My male cousin got a custom 3 piece suit while he was in China and it's soooo nice!

  15. Amazed at the price! That is fabulous can't wait to see how they turn out!

  16. Awesome price! I hope it works out too! Good luck on your phone interview tomorrow!!! XO!

  17. i love the tailors in thailand! we went ad got some stuff made as well! it's so cheap and they keep your measurements or future purchases!

  18. Good luck on your interview! Asian tailors...I could get used to the cheap prices. Not looking forward to eventually going back home to where it costs $20 dollars to let out a HEM in a pair of pants.

  19. I still have my three piece Thai suit in my wardrobe. Love it! Would love to go back just to get more. custom suits.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  20. Cant wait to see the final product!

  21. Wow I don't think I would be able to think that far ahead. Good for you! And hope the interview went well.



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