Thursday, March 21, 2013

That Time We Attempted A Day of Silence.

Back when we were in Bali, we went through our "Eat Pray Love" phase.

And when I say "phase," I really mean we were bored one night and decided to watch the movie "Eat Pray Love," featuring Julia Roberts.

However, in watching that movie, The Dizzle was inspired.

There's a part in the movie where Julia is in India, doing some soul searching, and she meets a woman at the ashram she's staying at. This woman conveyed to Julia that she could not talk because she was taking a vow of silence.

So of course, the inquisitive Dizzle, who is always up for a challenge, wondered allowed how easy or difficult it would be to go one day without speaking and if it could possibly have its benefits.

I must have had one too many glasses of wine, because I somehow agreed to this challenge.

So the next morning, we woke up, and The Dizzle put his finger to his lips as a reminder of our silence.

Oh yeah. I had forgotten already.

Anyway, the hotel we were staying at had a restaurant on sight, so we headed over to get breakfast.
We decided that taking a little notepad would be helpful because then we could let the staff know that we were having a "Day of Silence" instead of seeming rude by not speaking to them.

We got to the restaurant, smiled at the staff, and seated ourselves.

Our waiter came over and asked us what we'd like to drink.

So we showed them this:

The waiter kind of looked at us funny. But it must have worked, because a second later, I had my Diet Coke!

Then we sat there. Stared at each other. Stared at the water.

I remembered a dream I had and was about to tell The Dizzle, then quickly shut my mouth because I remembered we were supposed to be silent.

Then we ate. Stared at each other. Stared at the water.

Things were getting difficult. Very difficult. I don't know if you knew this about me, but I kind of like to talk. A lot.

So then:

Then I nodded vigorously in agreement.

I felt antsy. I felt anxious. It had been only TWO hours from waking up. How pathetic, I know.

Then we sat there some more. Stared at each other. Stared at the water.

I kept telling myself, "Michelle, just enjoy this moment of silence. Be present. Be in the NOW. Ooohhhhmmmmm. Peaceful. Yes, you're peaceful. You don't need to talk. Stop thinking about it. It's for one freaking day. Stop moving!"

I felt like I was going to burst. So then I wrote:

He asked me how I was feeling.

So I wrote:

So then he suggested we go back to the room and put on a movie to keep my mind off the "No Talking" rule for the day. Good thinking!

We got back to the room and settled in to watch Bridesmaids {one of my faves}.

Things were going well. I'm sure The Dizzle was finally able to enjoy a movie because for the first time ever he didn't have me yapping in his ear about this scene or that scene or "what did they say?" comments.

And then.

Oooohhhh and then. Just you wait for this little ball buster!

We got to the scene where they're on the plane heading to Vegas and Melissa McCarthy is talking to the air marshal on board {hilarious scene, btw}.

Then. Out of nowhere. Out of our dead silent, four-hour day, The Dizzle says, out loud,

"Did you know they're married in real life?"

Then I said, "They are??"

"Yep," he replied.

"I didn't know that! That's cool," I said.

One second...two seconds...three seconds pass...

"Oh shit!" The Dizzle says loudly. Then he buried his head in the pillow he was laying on.

Finally I realized what just happened.

HE broke the silence! Not me! {happy dance} I was free! I could talk again!

So then I was like:

Moral of the story? There isn't one.
But I have learned that (a) it is much harder staying silent than one would think, (b) I never want to do that again, and (c) I felt much satisfaction knowing that I outlasted The Dizzle, in case you couldn't tell.


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  1. hahahs this is hilarious!! Bridesmaids is THEE BEST!!!

    Jen xxx

  2. Hahahahahaha... Thats so funny!! For a moment i really thought that you were gonna talk about the Silence Day in bali called Nyepi Day.

    Mish= 1, Dizzle= 0

  3. Haha oh my god this is hilarious.

  4. Ha! I love that it took him a few seconds to realize it too. I bet it'd be easier for you guys to stay silent if you were in an ashram meditating and doing yoga all day without any friends around.

  5. Hahaha...I could never keep my mouth shut during that movie. Way too many good lines worth repeating...and way too many laughs!

  6. Oh, my little chatter box ;) I just hope you don't get what I have and can't talk any more. Love you! 25 more days!!!

  7. This was cute and I love Bridesmaids too! It's funny that you guys did this because I was just telling my husband the other day that it would be nice to enjoy each other's company without talking all the time. hmm..I better rethink that

  8. Hilarious .. but what I want to know is what was blurred under what HE SAID ...

  9. Omg too funny!!! And I totally didn't know they were married. Idk if I could last a day with no talking!

  10. I'm not so good at the silent thing either. Oh, and of course I'm super curious about the part of the note that you scribbled out! My mind is all kinds of scandalous thinking what that says! :)

  11. Funny! I love eat pray love, makes me cry every time. Need to watch bridesmaids again, am in dire need of a good belly laugh.

  12. Haha! I don't think I would have a hard time with this, actually!

  13. Girs rule, boys drool! I've always wondered what the benefits of silence would be? You'd start hearing voices and going crazy after too long, right? Or in your case, after a few hours:-) xoxo

  14. I can't be quiet for even a minute! I give your props for outlasting him! :)


  15. I always remember her as Suki from Gilmore Girls so when I saw Bridesmaids, holymoly. I didn't know they were married in real life either, Thanks Dizzle :)

  16. wow,both of you are cute!! i don't think i can last even for 1 minute without talking..silence is freaking torture to me..i like some sound,at least..

    xo josephine

  17. My husband read this post with me and we agreed that I couldn't last, but I'd do everything in my power to make him talk first so I could rub it in his face.

  18. I freaking LOVE that movie...and that scene...kills me every time!

  19. love it! hilarious. i don't think i'd do too well with a day of silence either.

  20. LOL. Love that scene in the movie.

  21. hahah We watched Identity Thief last night and theyre both in it, and after bitching about how much I talk during movies *eye roll* I told hubs they were married in real life, and we googled it and talked about it for a bit. Suck on that hubs.

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't think I could do that. I too, love to talk...and I hate awkward silences. A day of silence would feel like that to me I Not being able to laugh too right? I don't think I could watch Bridesmaids and not laugh out loud. HAHA. Glad he cracked before you did! heheheehhe!

  23. Ha! All that matters is that you lasted longer!!



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