Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soaking it in.

It hit me today that we only have one month left of this traveling journey.
34 days, to be exact, until our foot lands on American soil again.
And then what? Back to the real world?
I really dislike that saying, "back to the real world."
Does that mean I've been living in a fake world?
Because it definitely doesn't feel fake.
In fact, I've felt more alive and real in the last 5 months than I have in...well, ever.

People keep asking me if I feel like I've changed from this experience.
And you know, I think I have, yes.
Nothing drastic or anything. I mean, I'm still me.
It's not like I'm going to go back to America only speaking Buddhist quotes, eating a strict vegan diet, and allowing my armpit hair to grow out.
{Why that image just came to me now, I have no idea.}
But something, I think, has definitely shifted within me.
I feel like I see the world with more clarity now.
Almost like these goggles I've had over my eyes have finally come off.
I've learned to appreciate the simpler life. The simpler things.
I suppose living these past 5 months with all of my possessions fitting comfortably inside one suitcase has really put things into perspective for me.

I remember one day, way back when this traveling thing was just an itty bitty idea, and The Dizzle and I were laying on my bed talking about how we could actually pull it all off.
I remember asking him what he wanted out of it.
What he wanted to gain from doing something as drastic as this?
He said he viewed it almost like one big "Reset Button".
An opportunity to get back to the basics, cut out all the bullshit, and really explore what it is he wants.
Discover what will make him feel passionate about life.
I nodded my head in understanding,
but I don't think I really understood it as much as I do right now, today.
I've been fortunate to be able to watch him grow, watch us grow, so much over these last 5 months.
He's grown on a personal level, he's grown in our relationship together, and he's grown to form a new appreciation for life and all of the opportunities it has.

I feel confident that we will be going back home as "us," yes, but also as "us, with a new perspective."
I realize it's only been a short time away from home, but I suppose it doesn't take long, when you're out of your element, to truly recognize what matters to you and what's important in your life.

We don't have all of the details mapped out for when we return.
But something tells me it's all going to be okay and we'll figure it out, just like we've been doing.
And in the meantime, I'm going to soak in these next 34 days we have.
Because, clearly, playing Sand Mermaids is the true definition of "soaking it in."


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  1. So obviously I did not travel the globe living out of a suitcase, but when I married my husband he had already moved to Sicily and the Navy would not pay to ship my clothes or any of my possessions. That being said, I had to go through all of my possessions and decide what I wanted to keep and what I was willing to get rid of forever. I could only bring two suitcases with me to begin my new life with my husband. It really put things in perspective for me because I was truly "starting over". I got rid of my "old life" and started a new life with him. I literally got rid of my old baggage and it freed me up a lot :) I think that it is awesome that the two of you were able to do that together and to experience the world! How could it not change you?! It is awesome that you were not only willing, but also able to do it. I say, go you. What an awesome opportunity and such an amazing experience.

  2. this is inspiring. I am sure something has shifted and it's ok not to know exactly what that it. I want to do exactly this and just travel with a suitcase for an extended period of time. your inspirational!

  3. You guys are so inspiring!! I wish we could do this. I am way to scared!!!

  4. Don't come back, the real world is boo boo. Lolllll

  5. So absolutely inspiring. I don't think anyone could experience all this and not change. You have done and seen so much. :)

  6. honestly, i like your real world better than mine. this looks so fun! i know i could live out of a suitcase since i basically live out of my backpack right now. i already know what i would pack. :)

  7. You're a cute sandy mermaid ;) lol, enjoy soaking in in my friend!

  8. The biggest change in me came after I came home from living in Mexico - I think it was harder than I expected to re-integrate back into "the real world" (on a random ass note - totally watched a few old San Francisco episodes and bawled for Pedro. That was one cool dude). I think the magnitude of what I had done didn't hit me until I was home. It was a good change, though! I have an understanding of life outside of my bubble, which I think is a perspective people often never get. I am not the center of the universe, no matter how much I want to be! ha

    Enjoy your beach time! I'm so in need of a beach right now...with drinks. Beachy drinks. Lil umbrellas and everything.

  9. I love this, and it makes me think back to your posts leading up to leaving. I knew you were going to have such an amazing, life changing experience, and I'm so happy to hear it's come true.


  10. Hey, and being a total sand mermaid babe doesn't hurt either!!! I wish everyone could travel more and see what's out and about. That outward perspective is so important and life changing! YOU guys are important and life changing people! Do it to it! xoxo

  11. Only 34 days left?!?! WOW! You two have definitely been soaking it all in though, I've loved reading all about your adventures and I can't wait to take my own! Live it up these last 34 days! Work for an airline, then you can travel cheeeeeap and you won't have to give up your adventuring! :D

  12. Again, so amazing that both you and your BF had a chance to do this together. I think if either of you did it on your own, the other just wouldn't be able to "get it". Can't wait to hear what lies ahead. I feel you've grown just by reading this post!



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