Friday, March 15, 2013

So wait....huh? Google Reader, what?

Help me understand something.
I'm sort of illiterate when it comes to this kind of talk.
This talk meaning: "Google Reader".
What exactly does it mean when people are saying that it will be gone?

What's "it"?

Does that mean we can't "follow" via GFC anymore?
{Which if it does, I think that could be quite refreshing actually. Stop all the number obsessing, you know?}

Also, does that mean I can't see my list of blogs I read anymore?
Or can I still do that because it's a "Blogger" thing and not a "Google Reader" thing?
Or are they one in the same?

Why do I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't seem to understand what this really means?

Oh, and I've noticed a significant increase to my already small following on Blog Lovin'.
Does this mean I have to start utilizing that site to read my favorite blogs?

Follow on Bloglovin


Anyway, I'm not stressing or anything.
Just confused and a little curious what all the hype is about.
I've read some comments like, "Oh no!!! People won't be able to follow my blog anymore!!!!!!!"
But, why not?
If someone really wants to read your blog, can't they just type in your URL?

Am I missing something, people?

Thank you for your words of wisdom, in advance.

The computer-illiterate half Asian


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  1. It's not just you! I have no idea what's going on either! :D

  2. Haha i have no idea what's going on. I noticed the bloglovin increase too. I was like okaaaayyyy... I haven't even open my blogger yet since i'm on vacay. Oh wellz.

  3. When you click the view in google reader tab, you are able to scroll through the most recent blog posts from your reading list, it makes reading multiple blogs easier.

  4. Hmm... Yah, I'm really not sure either. I know you won't get your reader feed in your google account, but I don't know what that says for GFC... Let me know if you find out :)

  5. You will still be able to use GFC and read blogs through your dashboard ("reading list"). I did a post kind of explaining it. People have just gone absolutely crazy and I think it's turned into a bit of a chinese whisper thing. Google have not said anything about getting rid of GFC. They're getting rid of reader, which is essentially just an RSS reader.

    1. So confused. So does that just mean all the RSS subscribers will be lost? Do I need to switch hosts before this change ooooooor is it not totally necessary?

  6. The reason that I freaked out over losing Google Reader is because they can't track when I'm reading blogs at work! (which I'm guilty of daily!) When you follow a blog via GFC it automatically pops up in your Blogger Dashbaord AND your Google Reader. And since I can't use Bloglovin' at my school, which makes losing Reader rough! :p

  7. I joined Feedly. You can link your Google Reader to it so you don't lose all your history of who you follow. It's free and seems pretty cool.

  8. GFC will still work, nothing's changing there. You'll still be able to read blogs through your Blogger dashboard. The only people who will notice a change is those who go to Google Reader ( to read blogs. If you do use Google Reader now, there are plenty of other RSS readers that you can use instead, like Feedly, Taptu, Pulse, etc.

  9. Ignorance is bliss! I don't use Google Reader, I've always read through Bloglovin' so I'm blissfully unaffected! Peace out Google Reader! The one time I did try it I hated it. As for GFC, whatever. Increase in followers is cool but it's not important. I would rather see my comments go up.

    XO, the semi-literate mutt

  10. yea, this is a bummer. google reader is so easy to read on my phone going to work, and so easy to keep track of stuff. i don't think too many people subscribe to my blog through that reader, bc i don't have GFC, but i'm going to have to direct more people to bloglovin i think!

    and i've heard that google is getting rid of the reader because they want more people to use google plus for's their way of forcing people on that platform, even though no one is using it as a substitute!

  11. Hope you are less confused after all the comments above, but basically RSS is what people "subscribe" to, which is your blog's "feed". You won't lose any subscribers when Google Reader dies. Those people just need a central place to read those feeds, Blogger Dashboard/Reading list being one of them. Your GFC widget will continue to work.

    I am freaking out b/c I have all of my feeds in Google Reader, which means I may have to find another reader and re-organize.

  12. GFC will still be there, as will Blogger Dashboard. Some people are getting confused about this information hence the Bloglovin freak out!

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  13. this post summarizes my feelings exactly!

  14. i'm glad to read the comments. i was freaking about about losing all the blogs that i follow. it's so nice to have them all in one place.

  15. I'm right there with you! Sooo confused.

  16. Personally, I'd be thrilled if GFC went away. I feel like it's the first thing people look for when they go to a blog, and since I have wordpress, I've always felt a bit left out. But Google Reader? I've been using it for YEARS, and loosing that bums me out. Of course I can actually visit the URL, but I am lazy.

    Also, my friends that work at google say that GFC will be leaving soon too. It could be a rumor, but worth a mention.

  17. I just typed a huge comment on my phone better explaining this and somehow it all deleted. F! So real quick: Google Reader is a way to see recent posts of blogs you follow but people often don't click over to your blog if they use it. I like Bloglovin because you will be getting people to actually come to your blog. If you just use the blogger dashboard then this won't affect you but I still recommend bloglovin! GFC will still be around.

  18. Google reader was just an easy place to "Add" all of your blogs and news sites so you only had to log into one place and scroll easy to read your blogs. It was pretty awesome! You could log on anywhere, phone, work, etc. and read read read. But you can still read all of your favorite blogs on blogger or wordpress or bloglovin. So you can probably just pick your favorite and run with it. If you never had google reader, it won't affect you at all.

    I just posted my favorite alternative if you want to read it and see what it looks like!


  19. I actually signed up with today. I like the layout better than google reader. It syncs all your blogs, and if you use chrome, you can add it to the browser

  20. I still don't quite "get" what all this hype is... all I can tell is that I need to get on Bloglovin' or something. lol Heard a lot about Feedly too! (previous comment)

    Oh well... the world will continue to turn :)

  21. Already following you on bloglovin, Mish! I don't know anything about google reader or GFC or google whatever... just as confused as you!


  22. I've only ever used Bloglovin so it's no big deal to me haha

  23. I had the exact same question and it's good to know I can still read them on my blogger page!(according to the comments here) :)



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