Friday, March 8, 2013

I thought she'd be gone today. I was wrong.

Don't be deceived by this happy picture of me above. This was taken a few days ago, pre-PMS.
There weren't a whole lot of smiles coming from me today.
I thought I'd wake up this morning with my Crazy Connie (aka PMS Queen) funk behind me, but alas, she was still around. Even worse, if you can imagine.

Plus, I think it's important to tell you that today is day SIX of The Dizzle's let's-just-say-stomach-issues-even-though-we-all-know-that-really-means-traveler's-diarrhea.
I don't mean to put him on blast here, but I'm just trying to paint a picture on just how rough our day was:

A little bit irritating. A little bit frustrating. And a little bit sensitive. For both of us on all counts.

We spent all day cooped up working in our hotel room, with the occasional hug and words of encouragement exchanged. Plus a few tears shed by me. Nothing even happened to warrant the tears. It was just one of those, I think I need to cry kind of cries, then you instantly feel better afterwards.
You know what I mean? I know you do.

Good news is, I think we're on the upward mend here. For me at least. I'm not sure what The Dizzle's near future is like, but here's to hoping.

Anyway, it's our last night here in Nha Trang.
Outside, everyone is celebrating International Women's Day and I can hear the music all the way up on the 8th floor. I think I'll stay inside though. No one needs a party pooper.
I'm talking about me. Not The Dizzle.

We're hopping on another train tomorrow for TEN HOURS.
Please, please, please, let's hope there's no foot next to me this time.
But if there IS, let's hope I get the courage to say something.
Or at least throw a dirty look behind me every 10 minutes or so. Because, that'll show them!

Have a wonderful weekend.
And cheers to being a woman.
It's so comforting to know we're not alone in these crazy, hormonal times of ours.


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  1. That picture there gives me the complete heebie-geebies. Like utterly, I would have looked over the top of the chair and said 'move your fecking foot before I break your toes'...but the violence there is probably just because i am being visited by my hormones too..
    None the less that is unacceptable.

  2. So when we went to NYC for New Years I was all, hey lets pretend we are really rich. So we went to the Four Seasons and we ended up spending $200 on breakfast for 3 people... yeah. Then I had the "stomach issues" all damn day!! In my head I was like, Amanda... you are not going to be the first person to shit on the subway. It's going to be fine! All knowing it would not be fine OBVIOUSLY! Thank god I found a Rite Aid and took way more than the recommended dose of Imodium. Issue resolved :) Nice traveling over share huh? haha Feel better soon boo!

  3. I hope the train ride goes well and you don't have any nasty feet next to you haha.

  4. Holy geez. I'm sending good juju your way! You guys need it!

  5. Aww I hope your weekend is better than your week has been! I must say I did bust up laughing when I read no one wants a party pooper.

  6. yikes. I hope you both have a better weekend!

  7. ugh, PMS and the runs at the same bueno.I hope that you feel better soon!



  8. Aww Mish! No bueno... I'm hoping things are looking better for you and your man.

    & I'm sure if you don't say anything to the foot, Crazy Connie will. No doubt.

  9. Happy woman day! (I'm not sure I really care, bad woman I am!)

  10. Crazy Connie is my newest obsession... I think I potentially should create a similar name but mine would need to work with "psychotic" or "mental breakdown"... :)

  11. first off that foot, effing sick. You are too nice, i would have lost it!! But your damn shoe on sickooo.

    'we-all-know-that-really-means-traveler's-diarrhea.' i just laughed out loud. poor Diz, i don't mean to laugh, but that was hilarious.

  12. Hope your weekend gets better - and hoping Verner's 'issues' are gone before that 10 hour train ride. That could be a nightmare!

  13. I hope yall both feel better!!! OMG that foot - I don't think I could NOT say something. So rude!! xx

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  14. The title made me giggle because I knew where it was going, but for real, I hope you two are feeling better...especially before you got on the train. Train toilets would not be fun for non-travelers-diarrhea...

  15. Ugh, no fun! Hope you both are feeling better soon!

    And that foot. There are no words.

  16. remember what i told you about hanoi. hoan kiem. i stayed at the metropole, swanky. and flew in and out of hanoi. but still, lake district and its environs.

    hcmc is horrible. yuck!



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