Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Having A Korean Fasha

Some of you are quite familiar with Fasha. AKA: My Korean Father.
Back when I lived in San Diego, stories of him would grace this blog on the regular.
Now that I've been gone for several months, I sadly don't have that luxury anymore.

You see, having a Korean parent, like Fasha, has always been quite the entertainment.
There's truly never been a dull moment growing up with him in my life.

And if that curly mullet, Bruce Lee impersonation, photo on the bottom right doesn't convince you...
Allow me to share a few examples...

-Having a Korean parent in your life, you're bound to hear many things come out of their mouth that just straight up confuse even you, their own child. Like that time Fasha talked about the Panda Bear Business when he really meant "Panda Express" like the restaurant.
And lest we forget that time he referred to Black Friday as "BLACK DAY."

-If you have a Korean parent, like mine, then you're very likely to have karaoke as a major staple in your life. In fact, your parent will probably go as far as having their own karaoke machine in their home so that he can perform for you or guests at all times
And if the karaoke machine doesn't come out (trust me, though, it probably will) then there's always the back-up grand piano, complete with microphone, that will be used for his performances.

-If you have a Korean Fasha, then chances are you'll have many Korean gatherings inside his very gaudy, very decorated Korean home, where he will probably invite his friends over to play a Korean gambling game, to which he will then WIN said game and take all of his guest's money
Because that's just what they do, folks. 
Koreans have no shame when it comes to money. 

-Having a Korean parent, you'll probably notice how much they try to "Americanize" themselves. In my father's case, it was to be and act just like James Bond. Don't ask my why. James Bond isn't even American. But he knows Americans love James Bond (or so he thinks), so he tries to incorporate him as much as possible.

-They'll have weird Asian massage techniques that look very awkward at times. But it's safe to say Koreans don't know the meaning of awkward.

-Korean parents are also very blunt. They are not ashamed to say anything. They'll make it known if they think you're chubby. They'll invite you to their birthday party and request you bring money to chip in for Ostrich boots that they've already purchased. Or they'll put together a Father's Day gathering and tell you to write down 10 Reasons on why we think he's amazing.

-Speaking of Father's Day. They'll also make sure to personally hire a limo for their own Father's Day gathering, complete with tuxedo, because looking fly is a top priority in the Korean culture.

Okay, okay, okay, but with all of that said. I will say this.
Having a Korean Fasha has shown me just how stinkin' much he loves his kids.
Through all the weirdness and bluntness and pushiness and strive-to-be-the-bestness, he really can surprise me sometimes with really sweet things.
Like that time he told ME 20 reasons on why he thinks I'm amazing.

And just in case you're wondering if he reads my blog...
Yes, yes he does. He likes to text me about it too.

Oh, and also, if you don't believe me on just how much he looooovvveeesss him some karaoke, take a look at this email I just received from him a few days ago:

Oh how I love you Fasha.
You make my world so much brighter...
And I strive to be just like you when I grow up, 
so that one day, my own children will be able to tell all their friends just how weird they think I am. :)


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  1. OH EM GEEEEE that photo of that mullet!!! FEROSH!!!! Having Asian dads are cool. Mu dad is cool but not as funny as your Fasha. Yours entertain me from your posts!!!

  2. Just clicked and read though all your links about Fasha in this post! Yea ... I did that. Your Fasha is one of a kind!

  3. haha I love it! Especially about the Karaoke... wow do the Koreans love Karaoke!

  4. You know - I've been missing Fasha around these parts. Thanks for the update :)

    And... I sure hope you post the video of the mastered karaoke version of Eye of the Tiger.

  5. Fasha sounds awesome! I even went back and read the old posts you linked to. He seems like the kind of dad kids would love to have. You're a lucky daughter. :)

    Also, I love how they watch Korean dramas nonstop. My bestie from childhood lives in Korea now (she's half Korean too ... pretty much all of my Asian friends are Korean or half Korean...) anyway, she's an actress and was on a very popular Korean drama last year that she said was aired here in the states too. I wonder if Fasha & co. watched it!

  6. YES! I just love my fake uncle!:-) You guys are seriously the cutest humans! Love the Korean love! xoxo

  7. haha love it! having a korean mom means i know all about the bluntness, where she tells me that she hates what i'm wearing and maybe i should put on a little makeup haha. i've learned to not be offended. as for americanizing, i think all her perms in the 80s and early 90s will attest to that. korean parents definitely keep us enterained! :)

  8. oh whyyyyyyy didn't I find your blog sooner?!? I've been following you for a short while - favorite blog ever - and loving these older stories of your Fasha!!!

  9. Hi there! I have ventured over from another blog where I saw your button. I'm enjoying this little peek into your world! Just lovely!

    I’m hosting a super duper group giveaway, on my blog. Don’t miss out! And if you’d like to be a co-host on my next giveaway, I would be honored!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  10. awww this was super cute. your dad sounds like a fun guy! my dad is half korean and i can kinda relate to some of these. so funny!

  11. LOL this is fantastic!!

    I've been blessed to know a couple Korean parents (moms) and the bluntness and awkwardness knows no bounds! But the love is also boundless, extending even to me, the co-worker/roommate/friend.

  12. I was laughing the entire time I read this! Thanks for the laughs!

  13. ohhh yes... the karaoke machine. we had one of those too. parties occured and then it was time to show off your skills. when my parents were still nice to each other they would do their famous duet.

  14. I had to overdose on Min-chex after this one!

  15. Oh how I've missed Fasha and Princess on the blog! I surely hope he throws you a welcome home in which he will host, but you will pay to attend ;)

  16. Oh gosh that picture with the mullet is just too funny! It sounds like he's a pretty awesome guy! The email about kareoke is just too hilarious!


  17. Lol seriously I hate to admit it but your stories about Fasha are the reason I started following your blog to begin with. I mean I LOVE you but Fasha... he is the real star. Hahahaha

  18. Aww. I love that. so fun! I bet you miss him like crazy! We lived in Korea for a year, so this post especially made me laugh! Because it's all so true! Man those Koreans. Soooo passionate. And head strong. And just awesome. Love it.

  19. Your fasha posts were a huge part of what made me fall in love with your blog. Upon your return we need a princess sophia update as well!

  20. I love this post! And the Black Day thing is hilarious - one year my 7 year old nephew (who is half black) told me that the reason it's called Black Friday is that that's when all the black people get together. That day we drove past an Ethiopian church where a funeral had just ended so everyone was outside and he said "see? I told you!" One of my favorite stories ever.

  21. hahahha! This just made me laugh out loud!I'm definitely going to have to backtrack and read some old stories about your Fasha!
    With Luck Blog

  22. Oh my dear goodness, how did I miss this post?!?!?!! This is one of the most hilarious (and true) blog posts I have read yet! All of these are 100% spot on...made me laugh out loud when you mentioned karaoke.

    What IS up with the karaoke? I've met plenty of Koreans who are not ashamed to sing their tone-deaf little hearts out.

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

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