Monday, March 25, 2013

From Crying to Gambling - My Muay Thai Experience

Okay, so hear me out. There were a lot of mixed emotions last night and I would love to tell you why.
The ThaiDizzle and I decided that since we only have about 3 weeks left in Thailand until who knows when, we figured we should partake in a little Muay Thai boxing match at the local stadium down the street. So we bought our overpriced tickets (about $58 a pop) and headed in.

The next thing that took place was completely unexpected.

Children came into the ring. Children! I'm talking a couple of five-year-olds here.

They're so small, you can barely even see them in the ring.
I did the liberty of pointing them out for you in this picture, just in case you couldn't pick them out.

I had a bad feeling about this from the get-go, trust me.
And Kid #2 right there? You could tell he did.not.want. to be there.
But Kid #1? Oh man, he was in it to win it.

This fight lasted maybe 30 seconds, because by the time the 5th kick happened, poor Kid #2 started crying! So the referee stopped the match and then he hugged the little kid and then the kid, shoulders heaving, left the ring, straight into the arms of his dad.

So then that's when my tears were shed. Literally, I cried.
Okay, maybe 'cried' is a strong word. It's not like I was sitting there sobbing.
So let's say, I wept. A couple of tears leaked out.

I just felt so bad for that little boy! He didn't want to be a Muay Thai fighter. He didn't want to get embarrassed in the ring by getting the shiz kicked out of him by another little boy. He probably just wanted to go play, oh I don't know, whatever it is little 5 year old boys like to play.


What I'm about to tell you next confuses me as I'm sure it will confuse you as well.

I'm not quite sure how it happened or what shifted inside of me, but the next round began.
This time, with 10 year old boys.
And the next thing I know, The Asian in me took over, and I was somehow throwing money down to one of the brokers, placing a bet on who I thought would win!

I know! It's disgraceful! It's sickening! It's horrible!
Gambling on CHILDREN FIGHTING?? The nerve!

But uh... somehow the 10 year olds just seemed tougher?

See? Tough.

The Karma Gods must have been around though, because I lost that bet.

And the other two that followed...


After the first 2 rounds of kids, they moved on to the men for the rest of the night {thankfully}.
And let me tell you, these guys were brutal!
Kicking, punching, shoving, you name it!

Just in case that GIF isn't enough for you to get the 'gist' of it, here's another one:

Crazy huh?

But you know what's even crazier?

The fact that they can go from angrily pummeling each other, to every so often, taking a little break to hug each other.

I liked to imagine them whispering words of affirmation into each other's ears.

So as you can see, last night was filled with many emotions for me.
Certainly many that were unexpected.
But all in all, it was quite an exciting night.

{Who knew child fights and excitement could be put in the same evening?}

Enough about me though, how was your weekend?


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  1. Sounds like a crazy experience!

  2. I just do not know what to say...

    Those poor kids! The men are fine, the kids...bless them!

  3. 5 year olds?! are you kidding me?! watching grown men beat the crap out of each other is fine but kids are just sad. :/

  4. OMG children fighting!? It's like one step down from Hunger Games. But then again, when I was a kid I wanted to take karate so I could beat the crap out of other kids for sport.

  5. KIDS?! I find that so crazy! I would have shed a couple tears too I think!

  6. I always thought this was kinda crazy to admit, but I've always wanted to see a UFC/Boxing match live! I dunno why but it sounds kinda a car accident you don't really wanna look at but you do I think it's hilarious you actually bet on them (I probably would have too)!!

  7. That is sooo sad about the little kids. And thanks for pointing them out :) I didn't even notice.

    I have a friend that does MMA and it is so intense and fun to watch!

  8. What a weird experience! I don't know if I'd be able to watch those little kids. Poor little guy ;(
    At least it wasn't all children, that would've been awkward!
    Happy Monday xo

  9. =( I would have cried too. Those poor kids. I guess I could understand if they both wanted to fight...but it's unfair to the one who obviously was not happy about being there.

    It's nice that the men are such good sports about it...punch...hug...punch...hug =)

  10. Poor kids!! But it sounds like quite the experience!

  11. ohohoh they also have little GIRLS who muay thai too!
    Don't ask me how I come up with these tid bits I've left you in comments over the last couple month... I have no clue either.

  12. I know it's awful, but I laughed SO hard at this :) Hilarious!!

  13. I'm sad for the little one who didn't want to fight.

    But am I naive in thinking that kids train in all types of martial arts? Or was the mood of the fight more of exploitation than sport?

    I boxed as a kid. Hated sparring and fighting- I just liked to hit the bags. But I was never forced to fight. All it took was one "No, thanks" and that was it.

    I know quite a few kids who "train" in MMA gyms in Hawaii. They're taught mostly to defend themselves and basic punches/holds/etc... One rule that seems to be the constant is no fighting outside of the gym!

    So maybe I'm not as shocked? Hmmmm but if the little guy didn't want to be there, that really really sucks.

  14. i can't imagine watching KIDS fighting! that's crazy! poor kids. we caught a show when we were there but it was in a a deserted area...not exactly 'legit'

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  16. Little kids doing Muay Thai! That's both adorable, and probably horrifying if you're their parent, haha. My only experience with Muay Thai was when I visited a Muay Thai gym in Koh Tao, Thailand but I didn't see any little kids sparring there!

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