Friday, March 22, 2013

Flabby in Phuket, amongst other random facts.

1. V Dizzle seems to be getting skinnier while I am just getting flabbier. You'd think with all of this "traveling" and "exploring" would come a sleek, slim, and trim bod. But, no. That is only the case for The Dizzle. I tried to get myself motivated by writing down "Daily Exercises".

They went as follows:
   - 100 squats
   - 100 crunches
   - 50 push-ups

That's all. That was what was required of me. I don't think that's much to ask of myself.
But do you know how many days I actually accomplished that? 
ZERO. Zero days did I do those exercises.

And I wonder why I'm getting flabby...

2. Phuket is... okay. There are some places that are very beautiful, yes. But for the most part, it is very crowded, way more expensive than Koh Samui, and definitely not as pretty, in my opinion. I'm not complaining or anything, I just thought you should know. And if you'd like to know another one of my opinions, I think it's ludicrous to charge anyone, anywhere to lay on the beach. The beach should be public property, am I right? Which is why when the Thai man tried to get us to pay $7 for a chair, we lied and said we only had $4. 
Like, we literally went to the trouble of hiding our money before going to the beach so that we could open our wallet and show the man we had nothing else. So sneaky. So cheap.
In the end, we got the chairs for $4. 
In the end, we only saved $3. 
Yes, this I know. 
But it's the PRINCIPLE!

3. After my Lady Boys extravaganza in Koh Samui, a friend suggested I read the book "LadyBoys: The Secret World of Thailand's Third Gender." I immediately downloaded and devoured that book! The stories that were told by these women men lady boys, are so riveting and draw you in completely!

So now, every time I see a lady boy here in Phuket, I find myself smiling and giving them a knowing look and head nod like I know where they're coming from and understand them so much better than anyone else. In reality, I'm sure I look extremely stupid and they're wondering why this half Korean girl is staring so much with a goofy smile and eyes wide. 

Maybe I should stop doing that.

4. Yesterday, The Dizzle and I went and had Thai Massages. They put us in this little curtained-off area with two little futons next to each other and went to work. 
V Dizzle's girl immediately said, "Ooohh, you a BIG MAN!" 
The next thing I knew, she was straddling his back and digging her elbows in deep. 
That's when I decided to close my eyes and turn the other way. 
Give them a little privacy. *wink wink*

A few minutes later, I could hear some noises coming from this girl on the other side of my curtain getting a massage. 
It sounded very inappropriate. And very loud. 
If. You. Know. What. I. Mean.


Aaaannndddd that's all of I've got. Very riveting post, I know.
But I shall leave you with this.
I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend.
I've been seeing posts about how it's Spring now.
It's funny how removed I feel from that. I can barely figure out what day of the week it is. And I've been sweating balls since we got to SE Asia back in January, so hearing that it's Spring time doesn't quite phase me, know what I'm saying? 
But hey, if Spring means better weather for you, wherever you are, well then hip-hip-hooray!
I'm happy for you. :)

Now I must go feed this flabby belly of mine.


*Meet Sue, today's guest! She wrote up little hello for you all!*

Hi I’m Sue known as the Crochet Addict.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Michelle for letting me post on her beautiful blog!
I have been crocheting since Feb 2011. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome among other things. One of the symptoms I suffer from is pins and needles in my hands.  Doctors wanted to increase my medication but I decided to do a bit of research first. That’s when I found out about crocheting. Crocheting helps me in so many ways. The pins and needles are reduced as the nerves are being stimulated. You get such a buzz when you finish a project and when someone compliments you it makes your day 100% better.
I learnt to crochet from a video on You Tube. I decided to make my son a teddy bear:

Now he isn’t perfect but my son loves him lots!
I bounced about a bit and made lots of different things but nothing really fixated me. Then my son saw a picture of a dinosaur hat and asked if I could make him one. I decided to jump in feet first and design my first hat and scarf set.  Now this is when I became an addict.

I don’t just crochet and try and share my journey, crafting, reading, family, loves and life as well as any giveaways I find.  I also try and promote handmade things as much as possible.

On Thursdays I show off different items and patterns that follow a theme and have an open thump linky for other people to share

On Wednesday’s I show you what I am making, reading and what is going on in my life. On Friday I show you what I’ve finished and on both days people can link what they are doing.  I don’t restrict any of my linkies to crochet.

On Saturdays I open my blog to guest bloggers. This is a special day that is purely about the guest blogger.

On Sundays I search the web and find giveaways for you to enter. This is the day I try to host my giveaways and give you the opportunity to link to your giveaways.
The other days of the week I give myself some flexibility. I often post my free patterns on these days and any updates with anything that’s different from the norm.

I hope you’ll come & visit:
Crochet Addict UK Blog  



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  1. Oh I'm so glad you picked up that book - fascinating read isn't it?

  2. LMAO at 'If.You.Know.What.I.Mean."! It's one thing to hear about happy endings but to ACTUALLY hear IT! You need to write a book about this trip gurrrl, your stories are one of a kind :)

  3. LMAO! I swear I always look forward to reading your posts. :)

  4. Your exercise goals may be a bit daunting. Try seeing how many of each you can get done in 10 minutes. That way there's a time limit and not a number to reach. You can do 10 minutes, right? Or maybe even 15 minutes...
    Have a great weekend and I love you lots!!!

  5. Ohhhhhmygosh, remind me to never get a thai massage!! haha


  6. I need to read that book. And I did not like the traditional thai massage. The first time I had one the lady broke blood vessels all over my back, and the second time, she had me put my leg in her crotch and then she pulled my arms and I thought to myself "surely this can't be right?!"

  7. need to get to thailand!!! xo

  8. omg happy endingssss... i would bust out my phone a record the noise. hahaha...

  9. 100 squats seems like a ton to me! ahem..probably because I need to exercise more than I currently do. ha! Glad you're getting a little R&R! Have some fun on the beach for me-we're getting snow here. boo!

  10. I need to read that book- some day...and it sounds like me and my friends have been to that massage place. I liked Phuket way better than Pattya! -Jessica L

  11. If you downloaded that ladyboy book from Amazon, and you could loan it to me for my upcoming beach trip, that'd be super.

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