Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can you tell I'm excited?

We made it to Thailand!!!!
Can I get an amen?!

When I get really excited about something, 
the only natural thing to do is make a GIF about it. Clearly.
{See more GIFS here, here, and here}

The moment we landed in Phuket and stepped off the plane, I felt an instant rush of excitement.
It was almost like we were home again, in a way.

We made it to our hotel and are currently lounging on our little double bed.
We also fully plan to enjoy the two cheese pizzas we just ordered for delivery. Don't judge.

Tomorrow: Motor Bike Exploration.

Have you ever been to Phuket?
Any favorite things we should know about for our 15 day stay?
The cab driver kept telling us about all the lady boys here.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


P.S. Only 2 more days to get in on this group giveaway! :)

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  1. More lady boy stories?! Can't wait!! Eat lots of pad thai for me!!!

  2. Yay! hahaha, that GIF is adorable :) Have fun in Thailand.

  3. You don't know it (until now), but you inspired me to learn how to make a GIF... that means you're cool in my book. AND you jump on the bed - winner!! :) Have fun in Thailand!

  4. Your room looks a lot better than many of the ones I've seen! Enjoy yourselves and the sunshine and warmth. I think it's going to be quite a bit cooler in Amsterdam. :)

  5. You had me at pretty boys.. LOL

    And I love how I'm not the only one who still jumps on the bed!

    Undecided Answer

  6. you're so cool. i really enjoy the fact that Verner was like, "{yeah.. I'll tape you doing that." lol

  7. I want to make a GIF so badly. You just look like you're having so much fun!

  8. I've never been to Phuket... I forgot where we went but it was GORGEOUS! I was at the awkward high school age where I rather be back in the states spending summer with friends. *throws confetti* YAY for being back in Thailand.

  9. DUDE! i SO just did a post like this, only i couldn't figure out how to make a gif? (i've made one gif my whole life... and it was for tacos. naturally.)

    basically, we are best friends. because we jump on beds still. and act like fools.

    you outta yo mind?! (i don't know why that came into my head, but i felt like some mad rap breakdowns were about to happen in this comment... now, go get outta yo mind in that bed. sexually, of course)

  10. WOOOO!!!!!! i can't wait to hear more about Lady boys that might potentially come in contact with y'all

    also that gif is perfection. you look so freaking happy!!


  11. Haha love the picture, have fun!!!! :)

  12. you're so much fun!! happy traveling in phuket! can't wait for more photos..

  13. Take the ferry to Phi Phi Island and stay there for a couple days! Monkey Beach on that Island is like baby powder!! Plus it's less crowded than Phuket. Also, the beach where they filmed "The Beach" with Leo Decaprio was filmed down in Phi Phi. Check it out!

  14. Oh yea super excited!! Love the gif, Mish! Hope you enjoyed that pizza! Have fun girlfriend!!!

  15. Yay! Welcome to my (second) home...okay, it can be yours too ;-)

  16. i am new to your blog but already decided I love you. yaya!



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