Monday, February 11, 2013

So about the whole pooping in the shower thing...

Yes, the shower is directly above the pooper.
Yes, it is mandatory to wear flip-flops at all times in said shower.
Yes, the bed in the hotel room has questionable stains on it.
Yes, the hotel room is only $26/night.
Yes, this hotel provides complimentary breakfast.
No, it's not good.
Yes, it's hotter than hell here and two minutes outside leaves us soaked in sweat.

But with all of that said, I'm willing to push those facts aside and focus on the fun and amazing things we have seen since coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this past weekend.

For example,

Not only did I come face to face with a peacock as he was trying to seduce me with his beautiful feathers {and seduce he did...},

But I also got quite friendly with an ostrich...

I was able to get up close and personal with this really cool butterfly, too. We had some pretty amazing conversations, that butterfly and I.

Then I saw this beautiful garden filled with hibiscuses and orchids.
{And just so you know, I had to Google how to spell the plural form for 'hibiscus'.}
I kept thinking how much my mama would love this garden. She's a "flower person."
I was good to go after about 5 minutes.

Let's see, what else. Oh, I was really good at being a tourist too. Thumbs up and everything.
After 86 days of traveling, we've pretty much got the "Professional Tourist" title down pat.

This evening, we walked around the city, taking advantage of the "cooler" weather, and found the Twin Towers that Kuala Lumpur is famous for. These towers are so amazing to see, I probably took about 100 pictures of them.

Then we harassed a small Asian man to try and take our photo in front of the towers...
He was taking for-ev-er trying to "get the lighting right" and playing around with the iso and aperture, blah blah blah. The whole time I'm biting my tongue trying not to yell at him to just take the damn picture and stop being so profesh about it!

So as you can see with my oh-so-forced smile, now you know why.

Anyway, tomorrow we're off to explore Chinatown. Go say hi to my people.
Just kidding. We all know I'm half Korean.
But wait, aren't Asians all the same?

Oookkkayyy....This woman is tired and needs to go to bed. Clearly.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!


P.S. FOUR days left for this advertising giveaway! So far there's been over 17,000 entries. Sheesh!

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  1. Oh, I grew up with a bathroom like that. You mean that that's something to be concerned about? I'm rather jealous of you at the moment....I'd give anything to be back home in Malaysia, bugs, heat, sketchy hotels, and everything. CNY is the best time to be there, I hope you have an awesome stay!

  2. I stayed in a hotel with a similar bathroom situation in Rome. The worst part was the rest of the room was carpeted and ended up soaked after a shower. Yuck.

  3. Hahahaha that bathroom is a wreck no thank. You are a better woman than I. :) That ostrich looks quite intrigued with you. :)

  4. The picture turned out super nice so there's that aha.

    I can't believe the shower/toilet situation. I mean, after traveling through central america on a budget i've taken some interesting showers but it kinda looks like you have to sit on the toilet while you bathe. Not much space up in thurr!

  5. oh fun sketchy bathrooms haha. i had a similar (though not quite as bad) bathroom situation in a hostel once. so weird. but it looks awesome there! go see your peeps since all asians are the same lol :) (i seriously heard someone say that recently... sigh...) - xx jackie

  6. that bathroom reminds me of the one i used in morocco...takes an adjustment, but really, that's pretty convenient, you know?

  7. I would probably stand on the toilet seat to take a shower. Just sayin'. Love that last picture. The lighting is actually perfect, so hey.

  8. Cool photo of the peacock and glad to hear ya having a good time! LOL on the random Asian guy trying to professional with your camera! Hahahahaha

  9. I hated bathrooms like that, but at least the toilet flushed! There were more than a few times in Cambodia where I had to pour water into a bucket and then pour the bucket into the toilet, until the toilet flushed. So effing gross.

  10. Haha! You gotta love them asians! They don't play around when it comes to pictures ;)

  11. It looks beautiful there! Aside from living conditions :)

  12. Hey, don't mess with us Asians when it comes to taking pictures! it has to be perfect. PERFECT!

  13. wow!! gorgeous pictures!! I would be weirded out by the shower/ toilet...but hey it's about the adventure right?

  14. That ostrich looks grumpy. I wanna be his friend.

  15. I love how you always surprise me with things you post, Mish.. omg that bathroom... hmm.. I just don't know if I could handle that. Let us know how that goes. Your new animal friends are a beauty. I especially like the pic of you and your bf because you guys are gorgeous.


  16. What pretty pictures! Love the peacock.

  17. mwahahaha... gotta love South East Asian Restrooms. You probably haven't seen the squat down toilet that you flush with a bucket of water... Ah, miss those days. Or you probably did already.

  18. What's so wrong about the pooper in the shower? It's like a huge a$$ bidet!


  19. those towers are amazing! totally worth the living situation in my eyes! MAYBE...ha!

  20. You are taking some gorgeous photos girlfriend, keep it up! I am traveling the world with you in my mind, it's all that gets me through my cubicle lifestyle.

  21. I LOVE that peacock picture. I seriously want one as a pet. :)

  22. WOW! That peacock photo is beautiful...shoot, all of them are my goodness! Well, except for that potty/shower combo. I'm not a fan of those tight space showers. I need room to wash things! Sheesh! We experienced the tiny showers of Rome and I swear that's the one thing they are doing so wrong over there! Well those and the hole in the floor toilets in the Vatican...LOL



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