Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My 5:00AM Super Bowl

We probably asked 10 different people where we could watch the Super Bowl here on the island, with about 9 of those people responding back with a blank stare.
Apparently American Football isn't the most popular sport with the Thai's.
But alas, we found an Australian owned bar a few minutes away in Chaweng that said they would be opening at 6am to show the Super Bowl!

We went back home feeling triumphant.

We settled in for the night with the alarm set for 5am. We planned to get up, shower (shocker), grab some Red Bulls, then scoot on over to the bar for game time.

12am rolled around....1am...2am...The Dizzle snoring...3am...4am...


Trust me, it was not because I was too excited for the football game to sleep.
When I think about the Super Bowl, I think: commercials & half-time show.

Anyway, I think I must have dozed off around 4am because the next thing I know, that angry alarm was waking us up. For a split second, I debated on whether we should just shut off the alarm, say, "screw you Super Bowl," and just go back to sleep. Buuuttttt, The SportsDizzle hopped out of bed and off to the shower we went. <--Yes, it was a dual shower. I apologize to the mother's reading this post, specifically our Mothers.

Moving on.

By the time we got to the bar, it was still pitch black out, with only about 5 other people there.

Now, every other Super Bowl year, it's been about the beer, beer, chips, dip, pizza, and more beer.
But something about it being 6:00am, I just wasn't quite in the mood.
So coffee it was. Coffee, eggs, and toast. At the Super Bowl.
Weird. Very weird.

Almost as weird as the little gecko friend I had right next to me...watching me eat.
I found it fitting to see him next to a sign that said, "Everyday," seeing as these little creatures are around every. single. day.

Anyway, can I just say how blown away I was by how amazing Jennifer Hudson looked {and sounded}? It gave me the chills. Mostly her singing. Not her body. Okay, fine. Her body too.
But, wow! Good for her. Furreals.

Lest we forget how far she's come, here's a little before and after:

One more time....Wow.

Okay. Anyway.

I started to feel a little funny. Funny like, I'm dizzy and so hopped up on caffeine and one hour of sleep I just might pass out right here, right now, and make a fool of myself in front of all 5 of these people, funny.

But that didn't happen, so I ordered a beer instead.

Then, right before the halftime show, it starts POURING. Like, the saying "It's raining cats and dogs" was made for this exact kind of rain.
And because of this torrential downpour and Thailand's lack of technology, the power went out.
The power!
Do you know what that means?
It means I was about to miss Beyonce's spectacular halftime performance!!!
Dear ThaiZeus, help me and get this power back on!

The ThaiZeus must have heard, because the power did go back on.
And then Beyonce and all of her glory came on.
Mind. Blown.

So yeah, the Super Bowl was quite the experience this year.
I don't think I'd necessarily want to do that again.
But how many people can say they woke up at 5am in Thailand to watch the Superbowl in cats and dog rain? ...Not many. Well, 5 that I know of.

Oh, also.


Which is 90% of why I watch the game to begin with. So you can imagine my disappointment.

I kept seeing Twitter updates on commercials and there were a bunch about #Clydesdales and #Crying.
So the moment we got back, before we passed out and were dead to the world, we had to look up the Clydesdale commercial that got everyone in a tizzy.

Going into it I said, "No way will I cry at a stinkin' commercial. I mean, it's a commercial for pete's sake!"

Then I saw it...

Then the tears started flowing.
Then the V Dizzle laughed at me.

Then we fell fast asleep for many hours.

Also, I just realized that this entire post about the Super  Bowl did not mention one thing about actual football. Hmmm....That should tell you something about me and my relationship with football.


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  1. I just cried too! I hadn't seen it! (Canada doesn't get the commercials and I didn't know which ones to care to investigate; thanks for sorting that out for me!)

    Also, hope you - as an American out of America - now appreciate how, while I love me my NFL, we giggle when the Commissioner triumphantly states that the team are the WORLD Champions. Um, no one else cares about the sport. Sorry guys!

    Keep bloggin'! Loving living vicariously through your adventures.

    Oh, and ditto on Beyonce. My good goddess, she's amazing.

  2. Such a dedicated American you are!

  3. Lol I just wrote about watching it at 2:30 am here... I fell asleep right after halftime. :(

  4. Wow Mish, that is some hardcore dedication right there! I'm impressed.

    & yes, I WOW'd at J. Hudson too.


  5. coffee, eggs and toast watching the superbowl haha that is weird! im glad you got to watch it tho :)

  6. waking up at 5 am for a football is total dedication. i barely watched it and it was on at a normal time for me haha. those geckos freak me out, i'd be petrified i'd step on one and squish it and i would freak. so try not to do that :)
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com
    -- sephora giftcard giveaway

  7. I LOVE that commercial. It was honestly my favorite one, way to go bud. I love how you mention the dual shower, you are so so so brave, if I said that online, my mom would get on a plane and fly to where I was, just to give me a good smack on the rump. Haha. The idea of a morning superbowl is so bizarre but I'm glad you caught it!

  8. hahaha...what a fun story! I love that you guys actually got up and watched it! I have to agree.. J Hud and Beyonce were amaaaazing!! I somehow missed that commercial and I really wanna watch it..but I'm at work and tears might be weird. So I'll wait till I'm in the comfort of my own home. :)

  9. Too funny! And in case you haven't heard, you didn't really miss anything EXCEPT the Budweiser commercials - in my opinion (which I highly respect). I wasn't impressed by the commercials. However, rockin' job by B - she literally knocked the lights out here!

  10. That commercial had me bawling!!!! So cute.

  11. gosh, J Hud is looking so good lately!

  12. love Jennifer Hudson and she is looking so good plus hadn't seen the beer commercial before that was so sweet thank you for posting it

  13. I didn't have quite the experience you did, but I am living in Madrid so it wasn't my typical Super Bowl. I had some Cincinnati Skyline Chili so I made dip and my friends and I had a mini party around 10 before heading to our favorite Irish sports bar in the center to watch the game around 12:30. Like you, we didn't have commercials which was a bummer but I was really only there to watch Beyonce. It was the Beyonce bowl right?

  14. Aww, I missed it the day of, and yes I just cried watching it on your blog.
    Another one I would check out is the Taco Bell one (Live mas). it was pretty cute.
    Sounds like a pretty good time, all things considered. :)

  15. wow that is superbowl dedication. it started at midnight here and even though i live and breathe san francisco, sorry sf, i love you, but no

  16. lol. such a dedicated citizen, you are.
    AND YES. THAT AD! I finally saw it yesterday at werk, good thing there weren't any patients around cuz I told my co-worker, "let me go to the corner and cry"

  17. o man. tears. no words..just.tears.

  18. That picture of it raining just made me think of the Hangover 2 and how the power goes out. Vdizzle should totally get a Mike Tyson face tattoo there.



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