Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My 100th Day Surprise

I feel a little back story needs to be shared here before I get in to the 100th day surprise I had yesterday.
Way back when, oh we'll say how about 6 years ago?, my Mom and I were visiting San Francisco and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe at Fisherman's Wharf. At that time, The Hard Rock had coasters on the tables with pictures of different Hard Rock Hotels from all over the world.

That day, my coaster had a picture of their hotel in Bali, Indonesia. It looked a little something like this:

I remember showing my mom and telling her that, "One day I would go to that hotel, dammit!"
Okay, I'm pretty sure I left out the curse word, but I feel as though I said it with the same ferocity.

Anyway, when The Dizzle and I were making plans to come to Bali a month or so ago, I remember telling him about this little dream of mine. So we looked up the prices and was this close to booking a night or two. But then my Asian Genes kicked in and I reminded him that we were on a $33/night budget if we wanted our funds to last as long as we did. And well, this place was definitely not $33 a night. So we kicked that idea to the curb and I just hoped that maybe we'd at least be able to visit the pool.

Fast forward to yesterday.

We had just spent a night at our new hotel here in Kuta (west coast of Bali). This is the hotel that we'll be in until we go to Vietnam tomorrow. And may I also add that this hotel has a luxurious pooper/shower combo bathroom like the one in Malaysia, to which I was unaware of until checking in. #gross.

So yesterday morning, over breakfast, I was telling The BaliDizzle that I thought we should attempt to sneak in to the Hard Rock pool for the day. He agreed, but wanted to prepare me that they may not let us in and we might have to think of other plans. Anyway, we went back to our room to get ready for the day.

Upon entering our room, I was immediately drawn to the bed instead of changing, all the while holding my pee vigorously so as not to have to use that bathroom, when The BaliDizzle said:

"What if I told you I got us a room at The Hard Rock for tonight?"

I gasped! I jumped up on the bed! I said, "You didn't!"

But he did! He did!

He said that in addition to celebrating our 100th day of travel (100 days, can you believe it?), he knew this had always been a dream of mine.

We packed an overnight bag and kissed that pooper/shower goodbye and good riddance!

After 3 months of budget hotels, gecko and bug-infested rooms with who knows what kind of stains on the bed, plus gross bathrooms aplenty, I can't even tell you what an amazing 24 hours I just had. But you bet your sweet booty I'm going to try.

We got to the hotel around noon, after a short walk from our other hotel.

After checking in, we headed straight for the pool! The oh-so-magical and glorious pool!
Let me tell you something - - Half of the pool had SAND at the bottom. Sand! At the bottom!
I couldn't get over it.
I've been to some amazing Vegas pool parties in my day, but nothing compares to this bad boy!

I was a happy camper.

After several hours at the pool, complete with swim-up bar, we headed up to our room. A room with a proper bathroom! A bathroom that had a separate toilet and shower! A shower with an actual tub! A TV too, in the room, not the shower. With American channels. Say what??

And the bed! Oh, the bed! It was King sized. It was double-pillowed. It was cool and clean and smooth! No weird stains here!

We threw our hotel bathrobes on and lived like royalty for the rest of the afternoon. Room service? Yes please! Oscars on the big screen? Even better! Want to take a nap? Sure! Want to order more room service? Why not!

^^^ I should note, to save The Dizzle's manhood, that this "sexy" look was for photo purposes only and his towel/robe/slipper/leg-up ensemble was immediately removed after he allowed me one click, and one click only, of the camera. But I mean, what a sport.^^^

The next morning, after the.best.sleep.of.my.life, we continued our royal treatment with some room service breakfast and another dip in the pool.

Now we're back at the pooper/shower combo hotel and I'm reminiscing on one of the best days I've ever had. I am so thankful for this wonderful man in my life who literally makes my dreams come true.

Tomorrow, we're off to the airport to attempt our entry into Vietnam territory. Dun dun dun...
We did an expedited Visa Approval thing online, printed out the paperwork, and are now crossing our fingers. Here's to an adventure...and not being deported.
{Thanks for all of your well wishes yesterday, btw!}


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  1. Aww! Such a cute little story!
    Hope everything goes well getting into Vietnam!!

  2. so sweet of him!!! sometimes splurging is so so worth it. and that pic cracks me up!

  3. OMG Awesome!!! It's good and oh so necessary to alternate budget hotel with comfortable ones

  4. Really nice pics ;)


  5. Whaaat, so jealous of your $7 swimsuit! Lucky girl!!


  6. daaaang! if he wasn't a keeper before this, he is now!

  7. Awwww this was so sweet!! Sounds like an awesome time. I love how it all connected back to 6 years ago. Good luck getting into Vietnam!!

  8. That is so so so awesome! What a sweetheart for surprising you like that!

    Love the picture of him in the robe, too funny!

  9. Aww so sweet of him! I can't believe it's been 100 days! Girl. That shit cray.

  10. BaliDizzle is a keeper. Lets hope everything goes well with you and VietDizzle in Vietnam!!

  11. You lucky duck that looks amaaazing! Congrats on 100 days of your adventure!

  12. That is so awesome Mish! You got a good man there! I almost spit out my coffee when I saw the robe pics of you and Verner LOL!

  13. that's awesome of him! it looks so beautiful there and that picture of him is hilarious!

  14. I literally laugh snorted when I saw that pic of your handsome man. Good luck getting into Nam!

  15. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how sweet of him and what an awesome surprise! I love the photos of you and Dizz in the robe/towel/slippers. What a good sport!!!!!!!!!!

  16. What an awesome surprise! And I just laughed my ass off at that sexy pose photo.

  17. oh im glad you guys had some luxury (aka no stains on the bed!) for your 100th day..

    also.. 100th day?!?! eff you guys.

    eff you guys seriously so hard right now... im green with envy.

  18. That is such a sweet surprise! You've got a keeper there. Looks like it was a wonderful day!

  19. That is so sweet of him. It seems like you had a fabulous day. I LOVE the "Room service" photo of him. So funny.


  20. That is soooo awesome and I love that swimsuit!! :)

  21. that is one bad-ass surprise! That Bali-Dizzle did a very good thing.

  22. Aw that's such an awesome surprise and a great story! It looks like you had an amazing day, and 100 days of traveling, that's so amazing!!


  23. Love the robe pictures! As I was scrolling down I was like OMG she has long his.... wait a second that's not her!!! Lol had myself a pretty good laugh! Thank you! Good luck with Thailand! And I'm fairly new here, here is there a post on how this all started as to planning and maybe budgeting?

  24. How great! What an awesome surprise! That place just looks gorgeous

  25. Oh my gosh that looks AMAZING!! 5 points for the Dizz. No, I take that back. 10 points, 5 extra for taking the picture.

  26. This looks amazing!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    The Hartungs Blog

  27. Whoa, I bet you completely enjoyed living the high life! That looks A-MAZ-ING. Glad you two were able to spoil yourselves, you deserve it. Props to dizzle - you have a winner there, that is for sure!!

    Good Luck in Vietman!

    -Lindsay :-)

  28. That is so sweet! My asian genes ALWAYS kick in. ALWAYS.

  29. What an amazing guy! And that picture is great! I cannot stop laughing!

  30. yaaay!! so niceee!! that's how i felt when i was traveling around costa rica "roughing it" in the hostels and my aunt came to visit me and we stayed in a "real" hotel (although, that was like day 20, not 100. lol!)

    i love reading your blog (even though i'm a few posts behind) and living through y'all vicariously!! where to after vietnam??

  31. Love it! That sounds amazing. What an awesome guy! :) I'm sure you deserved it. :)



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