Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Long walks and even longer talks

Today I decided to wear my running shoes. My running shoes with jean shorts.
{I felt like I was on a 7th grade field trip.}
I also decided to get Starbucks {after staying up until 5am and waking up around 2pm}.
So then I said, what the hell, let's complete this majorly-tourist ensemble and add in my camera and map of Kuala Lumpur.

We took the metro to Chinatown for what was supposed to be a 5 hour walking tour.
Instead, it lasted about 45 minutes.
Do you see the dirt and trash in the left picture up top?
That's basically what all of Chinatown looked like.

On top of that, some old man came up to me and The Dizzle, as we were studying our map, and immediately entered our personal bubble.

Here is what he looks like....minus the turban.

He then started touching our faces and shoulders, telling us how beautiful we were and asking where we came from.
And I mean, he was touching us a lot. I didn't want to be rude, but I also didn't want my face touched by a man in this muggy, sweaty heat while I was already frustrated about my whereabouts.
Scratch that. I don't want a strange man touching my face ever, muggy or not.

The old man then reached out to shake V Dizzle's hand, which The Dizzle gladly accepted as I watched in horror, then he turned to shake my hand.
And that's when I made an excuse that I couldn't shake his hand because I was eating Skittles.
Which I was. Eating Skittles that is.
And well, why should I have to shake the hand of a complete stranger when that hand had plans to be near my mouth? My hand, not his.

Call me mean. I call it sanitary.

Anyway, we quickly ditched the Chinatown walking tour and instead just slowly wandered around the city (towards the closest air conditioned mall) and talked about life.
We talked about our traveling.
We talked about going home.
We talked about the future.
We talked about our future.
At one point, he even asked me how I thought I'd be as a Mother. {<--I know. Whoa. A question like that coming from The Dizzle was quite the surprise to me too.}
But I tell ya, in a city with not a whole lot to do, there's plenty of time to chat about anything and everything. And chat we did.

After we made our way back to the "hotel," we Skyped with his mama.

We poured out our bored little hearts and stresses on what to do with our lives.
Sometimes just having "a Mom" to listen makes things much better, no?
And it's not like we're complaining about our situation. Nothing like that.
We're so grateful for this time in our lives to be traveling, even if it's wandering malls in Malaysia.
I think it's just that April is creeping up on us and after our time in Amsterdam, we don't have any more plans on what to do and the big question that is looming over our heads is:

Do we go home and "start our lives" or do we continue traveling with our slowly-but-surely dwindling checking account?

We've been looking at places to rent in San Francisco {holy expensive}, we've toyed with the idea of spending a month in Costa Rica {very cheap}, and we've even contemplated buying a cheap car in America and doing a cross country road trip.

Sometimes having so many options can be a tricky thing and I never thought, going into this whole thing, that we'd be faced with these kinds of "stresses". And I don't even know if "stress" is the right word for it. I'd say it's just...confusion?

We're torn. Because on one hand, we do want to start a life and have a "routine" and be with friends and family again. We want to make more money and save for a house maybe, who knows. We want to have that puppy and have a place to call home. But then on the other hand, we know all of that will happen in due time. We know that there can always be time to build a home, get that job, have a puppy. So we're wondering if maybe we should try and stretch this traveling thing for as long as we can, mentally and financially.

This probably isn't making any sense and you've been left, once again, feeling like this:


I hope you have yourself a wonderful Wednesday and I thank you for riding this ride along with me and always leaving a great comment that puts a big smile on my face.

Annnddd back to the wine bottle.


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  1. Ahhh this sounds so familiar! My husband (BF) at the time and I took off after a season in Vail to NZ. We worked and lived there for 3 months and then met up with some US friends drove the length of NZ, then onto Oz and Thailand. We were only gone for a total of 6 months, and decided to head back to Vail for another season. I totally remember that feeling of "what are we doing next?" "do we HAVE to get back?" it makes it hard to enjoy the traveling days sometimes! But seriously... just enjoy them! We miss traveling terribly, and you can always come home (those is is hard to be so far some days). There is always that lingering feeling of the "real world", BTW I HATE when people say this.. there is plenty of time for whatever they consider the "real world". Seeing the WORLD is also important and you will never forget it! Also I think traveling with your special someone... is a great relationship builder! ha! Sorry to ramble, but see as much as you can! Have a great one!!!

  2. Selfishly my vote is all "MOVE TO SAN FRANCISCO!!! MOVE MOVE MOVE!" And yes, it is super expensive, but it's also super awesome, and because the cost of living is higher here, salaries tend to be higher too. And for me, living in such an amazing city makes up for the expense of everything and having a teeny tiny apartment.

    But, if you're not ready to "settle down," so to speak, don't stress. You're still young, you've got plenty of time to figure it all out. If you feel like there are more travel adventures you need to get out of your system, then by all means, do it. Life will still be here when you get back!

    Anytime I would travel I would worry that I was "missing out" on all these other amazing happenings going on at home, but then whenever I'd return, I'd find that for the most part, life was pretty much how I'd left it.

    You'll figure it out, but if you do end up in SF, you've already got a friend holding multiple wine bottles waiting for you :)

  3. DC is always nice! I say do what makes you happy though! If you are happy traveling..maybe live over seas and work there for awhile!

  4. Haha! I cant believe that man, that is hilarious.
    Where all have you been in your travels? I've lost track. I am so jealous, my husband and I would love to do that! I tell him about you guys traveling the world all the time and we want to do it so so bad! We're thinking we may do it once I finish school and before he starts grad school. What an adventure!

  5. Girl, take it from the girl that got married at 20 - TRAVEL!!!!! Once you settle down, it's hard to get out again. I vote for Costa Rica, a sweet stop in Arlington, Texas and then you can be responsible, career-minded adults again. :)

  6. I say travel, when in your life again will you have this opportunity! :)

  7. Ask Siri. Maybe she can tell you what to do ;)

    But on serious note, try not to stress too much over it mama. Answers to questions that have a sense of urgency to them always manifest when you least expect them to. I promise to continue stalking your blog regardless of whatever decision you make :)

    1. LOL ask Siri.

      You two will figure it out!! I know it. And it's great to just have time to talk. I mean, with busy busy lives, I do miss the times when I just talked with my hubs about important stuff and the silly stuff.

  8. Catch a bus to Penang! Or Melaka! Or fly to Langkawi! And like the others above, I'll say travel while you're still young - and stop thinking about the future while you're doing it!

  9. Not that my opinion is worth 2 cents, BUT we spent 8 days in Costa Rica and I NEVER wanted to leave. I'd suggest traveling there next, especially since it's considered "cheap" in your book. ;)
    To read about our travels to CR, here is the link:

    ps. I should add that we spent our honeymoon in Costa Rica and we didn't do a whole lot of cheap other than dining in a few times. And I didn't really play any part in planning, I was just along for the ride.

  10. You could always come back to the US after Amsterdam and stay with family (me) and friends (real cheap) and decide then if you want to be back here or go to another place. You could take care of the lonesomeness and still not have to settle down yet. Just a thought.
    Love you!!!

  11. Wouldn't it be nice to turn this traveling business into an actual money making business? I'm sure that's already crossed your mind...but good luck with whatever you decide!

  12. Can you please go to Costa Rica for a month so I can continue living through you....

  13. GO to Costa Rica! You can always start your "life" but it's not as easy to start up traveling again once that "life" has started! Explore as much as you can ;) of course you can always travel again once you get a dog nd a house, it just seems harder... Anywho just my humble opinion! I enjoy seeing and reading your blog ;) maybe try Seattle... Cheaper and similar weather to San Fran ;)

  14. Do whatever feels right at the time. But maybe just remember that it might be harder to up and leave a second time, after things get permanent again? I'm not saying it'd be impossible but it might be harder than continuing on the path that you're already on.

    Or, the middle ground, is put down some roots in a foreign country for a year or so. That way you get some routine but it isn't like coming home and ending it all. You can also have some monies again by getting permanent work!

    And maybe have a Costa Rican baby. I dunno. Just an idea.


  15. I lived in Costa Rica for 4's amazing! Also, you might consider Rishikesh, India. It's super cheap, enough foreigners that you get a variety of cuisines and different shops...but still SO different from any place else on the planet. You'll appreciate how different it is, the people, getting a break from Asian food, etc.

    Good luck chica!!

  16. dude! figure out how to make your traveling a biz. that's all. rock on.

    xx Fel

  17. sometimes on decisions like these, i poop on it. meaning, i think about it when i'm on the toilet or when i'm washing my hair.


    but i say TRAVEL. Out of most of my friends, I'm the one that's not settled down yet and have kids. Yes the Pillow & I are planning to seal the deal, minus the kiddos for at least 3 years (I may stretch that haha) because we want to see the world. I mean he's seeing most of the world now due to his work (he travels a lot) and I'm feeling left out so after we tied that damn knot, i'm following him. hehe.

    that puppy and house will be there eventually. enjoy traveling the world with mr. dizzle as long as possible :)

  18. TRAVEL MORE! I spent two years living in Germany and loved it, but got burned out from my work there and my boyfriend's (now fiance) work contract expired so he had to leave... I figured even after getting settled we'd still find time to travel, but I haven't left the states in almost 4 years! Now we're at the point where we're looking at settling more--buying a house--and I just don't know if I'll get another opportunity to travel. So do it while you can!

  19. I'm not sure I can help, because I sort of know what you mean. I love love love traveling and I can't imagine my life without the experiences I've had or the yearning to see more and experience more. But at the same time I love my life, and the home and sense of family Mike and I have created for ourselves. Maybe you can have both! Work for an airline ;)

  20. I know how you feel, my husband and I are sort of going through the same thing right now.

    We've been in Costa Rica for 8 months and I cannot say enough good things about this country. If you decide to head this way let me know!!! :)

  21. Hello! Noew follower here from MessyDirtyHair :)

    Can't wait to read more about your adventures!



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