Monday, February 25, 2013

I'd like to say I'm a smart person, but... I realized that I made a dumb move. Or rather, I didn't make a move, and ergo, that was dumb of me.

Remember that whole travel blog thing we have? You know, the blog where I talk about all of our travels and portray myself like I'm basically a traveling guru who can now bestow all of her amazing knowledge upon you? Yeah, well, this "guru" has made a boo boo.

Guru - Boo Boo. That rhymes...sort of.

{It's late and my brain is fried after today's run around, so bare with me.}

Anyway. We're here in Bali for 3 more days. Monday...Tuesday...Then Wednesday, we hop on a plane to Vietnam. Or at least, we hope to hop on a plane. We just might end up in the Vietnamese jail for all I know.

This morning over breakfast, I decided to check this official travel site that states all of the regulations for each country and what you need to enter a foreign country. Note that I have talked about this site SO many times. I've looked at it, I've recommended it, I've said to The Dizzle, "Thank Zeus we've found this site, Honey, because otherwise we'd be so unprepared!"

So tell me why I somehow didn't think to check this site for Vietnam's regulations?! For some reason or another, I just didn't do it. Believe you me, it has crossed my mind to, yes. But I just didn't. I don't know, I guess I was too busy entertaining The Dizzle with a magnifying glass or something equally important?

Come to find out, you not only need a valid passport, but you also need additional paperwork prior to arriving in Vietnam to even get on the plane

My first reaction was, "Oh shit."

My second reaction was, "There goes our $377 in non-refundable airfare and a penalty fee for canceling our hotel reservations." (Take it from an Asian to immediately think finances.)

So our brain-storming began! Though, not much could be done while trapped in a taxi for 3 hours driving us from one side of the island to the other. So I popped in some earphones and listened to Unit 2 of my Korean CD's. As in, I'm trying to learn Korean finally...not Korean Soaps On Tape.

Okay, okay, back to the point of this post (is there one?). We found this site where they can expedite the paperwork for you, email it within 1 business day, and then you bring that to the airport and they'll stamp your passport in Vietnam, allowing you entry, for a small fee ($34/person).

Fingers crossed they let us in the country.

If not, they are required to immediately deport us. DEPORT us?! What are we...illegal aliens? 

Well yes, yes I suppose we would be.

If you don't hear from me after Wednesday, it's probably because I was inappropriate with the Vietnamese po-po and they have detained me... Not unlike this lady:

I'll probably have to team up with this guy so we can start a "No More Deportations" crusade or something...

Wish me luck, friend. Wish. Me. Luck.


P.S. Just a few more days to cash in on this bad mamma jamma of a giveaway!

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    Can I just say, one of the recommended posts I am looking at right now is called 'Boyfriend Meets Dad' and there is a picture of Yul Brynner as the snapshot for that post. I don't really understand what is happening right now but I AM SO IN LOVE WITH YOU FOR EVER REFERENCING YUL BRYNNER IN A POST.

    I can't even focus on what is happening right now.

  2. True Life: I Was Deported.

    okay, not entirely. I was "denied leave to enter" the United Kingdom 5 years ago and sat in detention at Heathrow for 10 hours before being put back on a plane to Washington, DC. On the bright side, they gave me tea and sandwiches. THink they do that in Vietnam?

  3. Well I really hope that doesn't happen! Hope it all works out!

  4. Oh my gawddd NOOOO! I'm so sorry Mish & VDiggity! Keep us updated!

  5. Good luck i hope you don't get deported! ;)

  6. Good Luck! Im sure everything will work out!! And all these adventures always make for a great read on your blog!

    I am a New follower on GFC


  7. this sounds like the worst. i feel like i can hear the sounds of your heart dropping into your stomach from here! crossing my fingers for you from all the way over in minnesota (even though i'm terribly jealous of the weather where you are!)

  8. Gah oh no! I had somethings similar happen in Sweden when trying to come back to the states except they didn't want me to LEAVE. When flying into Sweden we had gotten help with our luggage (13 pieces of luggage and a baby) and I was in a wheel chair (long story) so I hadn't gotten the proper stamp on my passport because the guy helping us had taken us through some back way, so when I went to leave and they didn't see the was a huge ordeal. And one that somehow gets me flagged in the system every time I cross international borders. Fun! Hopefully everything gets resolved quickly!!

  9. Good Luck! I hope everything works out okay. :/

  10. ahhhh good luck! there are too many random regulations that differe for each country. annoying. what tapes are you using for korean? agreed that my korean dramas probably aren't the best way to learn the language. ha!

  11. Oh no! Haha, I hope it works out for you! Everything will be okay, good luck! x

  12. ive been to taiwan, malaysia and vietnam. i liked vietnam the best, but that being said i was only in north vietnam.

  13. Oh my gosh. I love all your crazy stories hahaha. So glad you finally made it in and all is well! My hubby Tim and I honestly bring you guys up at the dinner table like we're best friends. Haha thanks for always answering my bajillion questions friend :)

  14. Inspiring story, thanks for sharing and good luck! vietnamese private tours



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