Monday, February 4, 2013

I Refuse.

Before I made the decision to uproot my life, sell all of my belongings and say goodbye to friends and family so I could gallavant around the world, I was working at your typical 8-5 office job. I had been with this company for about 2 1/2 years and to be honest, I was pretty miserable. I felt unchallenged, I felt unheard, and I felt no promise of growth. Day in and day out, I would go to work, do my routine, and constantly ask myself, "Is this it?"

Needless to say, leaving that job was one of the best decisions I've ever made. (Sorry, not sorry.)

However, now I'm faced with thoughts of what I'll do with my life when V Dizz and I decide to return home, wherever that is. I'm well aware nothing is free and income will need to be made. But I cannot, will not get myself into a position where I wake up every work morning with a sense of dread for the next 8 hours to come. That's just no way to live.

Trust me, been there, done that.

Traveling for the last 2 1/2 months has taught me many things, but one thing in particular is that I dont want to spend another day of my life not doing what makes me happy. I won't. I refuse.

So. What makes me happy?

Having a sense of freedom and voice in the "workplace", writing/blogging, travel, being challenged, adventures big and small, social interaction and communication...and the list goes on.


I recently came across this freelance writing position with a health & fitness website that I found from Jobs.ProBloggers. I've never done anything like this before, but I thought to myself,

"Hey, I like blogging, I like writing, why couldn't I do this?" 

So I mustered up some courage to write a cover letter, dust off the ol' resume, and send over a few links to previous posts I've written.

A few days passed and I didn't hear anything, so to be honest, I kind of forgot about it.

Then, I got an email.

She said she was interested in my writing and wanted me to write a "test article" to further see if we could be a good match. She sent me a list of topics on heath & fitness and said to pick one, write about it in a way that was informative, compelling, and fun (in that order), then send it in by February 6th, with promises of a $25 PayPal transfer for my troubles.

I'm in the middle of writing an article on deceiving high-calorie salads and tips on how to keep your salads "lite." Nothing mind blowing, of course. But so far, I'm kind of sort of really liking it.

I mean, I'm basically Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City....minus talking about sex, living in New York, or writing for a popular column.
But, you know, tomato tomahto.

Point is, I have no idea if I'll even get this "job," but what I am learning is that this is fun;
Writing, being able to work anywhere, on my own time, etc.

I'm not sure what the point of this post is other than to just put it out there that I'm learning just like everybody else. I'm trying to figure out this life thing, just like the next guy.
Sometimes it's not easy. Sometimes it's stressful.
But if we can just focus on what truly makes us happy and what's important to us, then something tells me we'll all be okay.

Hope you had a great weekend and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


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  1. Working for yourself is incredible! I can't imagine working for anyone else at this point!

  2. This is truly inspiring! I work one of those typical jobs and quite often I'm finding myself asking "Is this it?"

    I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog!

  3. This is so true! These last six months have been filled with the same thoughts- settle for mediocrity or take that leap of faith for the something better? Good for you- you're an inspiration!

  4. Woah that first paragraph just described my life at the moment! haha You are a great writer, I love your blog. That is awesome you put yourself out there. Good luck hopefully you will get the job!

  5. Sigh this is exactly what I needed to read, even if I didn't want to read it. That first paragraph is me, RIGHT NOW. Ugh, I need to find the courage to just start new somewhere but I'm finding it so hard to leave regular (good) paychecks and the status of having a really good job. Send some of your courage my way girlfriend!

  6. That would be the PERFECT job. Especially for you. You are the best/most amusing writer ever :)

  7. i hear ya 110%. i am in that same boat right now trying to figure out what i can do to not sit at a desk, speaking to people day in and day out about the same thing over and over again. i hope you land this job or find something that truly makes you happy. crossing fingers for you!

  8. Girl, this is EXACTLY why I left my law firm job to do my own thing (thang?). I asked myself, "Is this really sustainable for the next 30 or so years of my life until I can retire?" The answer was definitely no. Life is worth too much to spend it doing something that makes you miserable.

  9. Freelance writing is where it's at. It can be a TON of work. But, for example, because that's what I do, I have the chance to be home with my girls and still work. There are a lot of times that it is hard or frustrating or I take on projects that aren't my favorite; but the rewards and perks are WORTH it--and I definitely have some Carrie Bradshaw moments too. ;)

  10. You really are Carrie Bradshaw. I feel kinda rude that I forgot to mention that earlier.

    I loved this post. After changing my degree (again...) I think writing and publishing books and general communicating with the world is something I really want to do. I hate my current casual job but it's a bit hard finding other work at the moment and my car doesn't run itself, nor does my food magically appear or my board just magically get paid.

    Good luck with the job :-) thanks for a lovely post!

  11. So exciting! I totally know how you feel about not knowing what to do...I'm totally at this awkward stage where I have no clue what I want to do. I don't mind if my job is a typical 8-5 job BUT I don't want to be bored out of my mind! I want to have a job with purpose & have some fun while doing it!

    Here's to us figuring out what to do with our lives! =)

  12. I hope you get it! And I hope all of those annoying emails and posts that I have written about freelance writing were helpful :)

  13. What an exciting possible new career! Good for you for putting yourself out there.

    I did the same thing as you, sans the whole travel the world part, back in June. I quit my job of 6.5 years because i was just miserable. I had had enough. Lucky for me, i have an extremely supportive husband who backed me up! Yay for us for taking action in our own lives to be happy!


  14. As I already told you before, Mich, I have so much admiration for you. Not a lot people are willing to literally drop everything in pursuit of happiness. However, I think that is the best way to discover it. I can only hope I have enough courage as you to do the same. Right now, I'm in a fork in the road as I finish grad school and can either continue with the 9-5 or do what I really love and pursue my passion of art and design. If this post didn't do anything else, know that it inspired at least one person :) Everything happens for a reason, and if it's meant to be, we'll be reading your articles on health and fitness. :)


  15. How wonderful!!!!! :) You are such an amazing person and I wish you so much success in this venture. :)

  16. I love it! I think you'd be great - and if this position doesn't work out I would totally try to find another one that will! I have had a lot of trouble finding a job that fits my likes, my priorities and my family. Thankfully, my friend decided to give me a chance and he hired me to run his office while he pimps his roofing and remodeling biz. I get to work from home, I love my co workers and most importantly I am able to spend copious amounts of time with my family. I may not make millions, but I'm so happy that I don't have to sit at a desk and hate my effin' life anymore! I hope you find what you are looking for. I think you're on to something and I know the Big Guy (whatever Big Guy you'd like to believe in) will provide clues along the way! :) xoxo

  17. yesyesyes! do what you love, love what you do, blah blah! I have so many friends/family doing this exact thing right now. Whatever it is, be passionate about it and the rest will follow! xoxo

  18. Congrats on the test article. I hope they like it because I think your writing is honest, funny, and relatable. I can't believe that you are actually traveling the world, but even more unbelievable is that you're keeping up with AWESOME blogging, prolly even better than some of us!

  19. Girl, awesome job on taking the risk though. You're putting yourself out there, and that's what counts :)

  20. Great post Mish! I really agree. Having 8 hours a day where you really aren't happy is absolutely no way to live. It's great that you are paying attention to the small stuff, and finding things you love, then going from there! xx

  21. I couldn't agree more. I was stuck in that rut too & this past sept I finally got out and haven't been happier. Life's too short to do something that makes you miserable. It's so exciting that you're traveling the world. Enjoy it & don't worry about what you'll come home too afterward.

  22. gurl, i'm with you there too.
    so far I do like what I do as a nurse, but at times I feel like it's just like my "temporary" calling. esp now my hours are Mon-Fri, 8-430PM. Lame.
    my heart is at baking. anything with food. I really want to go to pastry school. gah. that's the dream. but i need to pay off debt hahaa.

    i hope this freelance writing will work for you. somehow it reminded me of an episode of Girls where Hannah got the job and the recruiter told her to write something fun like doing coke. wth. hahaha. don't do coke.

  23. Michelle, I love you so much! It makes me happy to know that you're living your life to the fullest and encouraging others in the process. How did I get to be so lucky? I get to call you my daughter :)

  24. So i'm a little behind on reading this, but did you get the job??



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