Thursday, February 7, 2013

I already lost 3 Instagram followers over this...

But hey, would it be ME if I wasn't somehow offending someone, somewhere in this world?
I think not.
But personally, I don't see what the big deal is about that Instagram photo.
I put a red star on his nipple! No nudity was showing!
It's just a very feminine man with very fake boobs.
Time to embrace our world for what it is, people.

And now, may I please share the wondrous evening I had last night in all of its Lady Boy glory?
***If lady boys offend you, well shoot, here's to an offensive Thursday!***


Last night, being our 3rd to last night on the island, I dragged my man to a lady boy extravaganza.
Admission was free. Drinks were about $10-15 a piece! {<---What is this, Los Angeles?!}
Don't worry though, once the show begins, it's worth every. single. penny.

I'm going to go through my favorites here. Bare with me.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I please present my #1 favorite lady boy of the night who played alllll of the black superstars {and sang "Rolling on the River" but pronounced it "Lolling on the Liver"}:

And my how he/she rocked it that evening. I was screaming and clapping so loud, trying to get his/her attention. But I could tell, he/she had his/her eye on The ThaiDizzle all. night. long.

Next up, give it up for Jennifer Lopez and her manly back-up dancers!

Personally, this one was the prettiest of the bunch. If I didn't know better....
Let's just say I'm sure she's broken a lot of men's hearts in her day.

And then we have the beautiful headdress ladies boys ladyboys!
{Is that Snooki on the right?!}

And would the show be complete without a few Moulin Rouge girls?
Heck no!

And this is where I leave you, mouth gaped open, in wonderment.
You're very welcome and I love you too.

Enjoy your Thursday.
I'm going to look at these pictures a little longer because they make me happy.
And I'm kind of sad because tomorrow is our last day here on Koh Samui. :(


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  1. Haha this is brilliant!! That must of been so funny! Btw i totally think that is Snooki... so that must be how she gets money these days! lol

    Jen xxx

  2. OMG! They are soooo beautiful!!! Love this and I am totally UN-offended by this post. One of those moments where you just have to say "Werrrrrrrrrrrk!" (snaps fingers in the air) ;)

  3. Hahaha - oh I bet that was a night to remember.

    I remember reading a really interesting book about Ladyboys in Thailand - you know, if you want to delve deeper than make up and boobs ;)

  4. HAHA I want to go somewhere like this now!

  5. First of all, there's nothing wrong with that photo. And second, I'm so jealous you got to see one of these shows. I personally think they're awesome. It makes me crazy mad how a "man" can put on better makeup than I can.

  6. Oh, I'm so jealous! Lady boys are always so fun! I've always wanted to go to an actual day, one day.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it! (:

  7. This sounds like a smashing good time! Love the pics!

  8. soo.. i WAS going to say "this looks like a smashing good time" but then the person above me already said that...

    so, obviously, at least two of your readers love the lady boys. and you. for posting about the lady boys.

    now.... where is video? because THAT'S what i really want to see (;

  9. I bet it was so fun! I say-keep offending people because I enjoy the crazy pictures from your travels! On a totally different note, have you saw Lil Kim these days? So much plastic surgery!

    XO, Kelsey

  10. You lost followers because of this?! How lame!! I do have to say that is one AMAZING Tina Turner! Get it girl....errrm boy. :) Love it!!

  11. I was kicked out of a lady boy show one time. Never stand up in their spot light. Those lady boys do not like to share!

  12. Truly amazing! Thanks for sharing these great pictures. :)

  13. Oh man...this looks so entertaining! I think my boyfriend would have been totally freaked out, haha.

  14. Holy my GOODNESS! This is awesome! The husband of ex went to Thailand last June (did I tell you that already?) and told me stories about lady awesome!

  15. I don't know why, but Thai men are just made to be women ;). My hubs showed me this Thai Has Talent competition where this 'lady' starts out singing beautifully. Then, the music changes the 'lady' starts singing the male part, pretty well too. Crazy!!

  16. each post you write leaves me more convinced we're soulmate besties.

  17. Love it. I would LOVE to have boobs as nice as the ones your bf is grabbing in that picture! aha.

  18. Their bodies are way hotter than mine will ever be!! Jelly!! And how fun!

  19. Lady boys are so much fun. I love going to lady boy shows.

  20. BEST POST EVAAAAAAAAAAA *insert thai lady boy accent*

    i need to go to one of these...

  21. I definitely lost at least one follower when I posted pictures from the Drag Queen Softball game I photographed last summer... But I'm sorry, when there is a team called The Mighty Marilyns and they look better in white dresses and fishnets than I do, it's totally worth it.

    These guys (gals) basically made my day... And I'm using the phrase Lady Boy from now on.

  22. LOL! These lady boys are intense! They're in awesome shape! That looks like it was a fun show! Who cares about the follower loss- that's just silliness!

  23. Oh my! Is this "little boy's town"???? As a Sailor, I can say I've seen this place too many times....And how did you offend someone? i guess I better check out the Instagram photo! -Jessica L

  24. Last night, being our 3rd to last night on the free instagram followers island, I dragged my man to a lady boy extravaganza.

  25. I just got back from Thailand. I went to see the show severel times and became friends with 3 of them. Went drinking with them and they are a lot of fun. Kinda wish we had them back home here in Denmark. Even though you are not into ladyboys you're simply just gonna love them. :-)

  26. This isn't's just really scary!!

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