Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Boobs in Thailand

With only one week left here on Koh Samui, we want to take full advantage and try to see more than just the beach and a couple of Mai Tai's.
So today we hopped on the scooter and went exploring.
And exploring we did.
Not only did we manage to not kill ourselves on the scooter, but we came across some amazing statues and temples.
We found Koh Samui's largest Buddha as well as some other really amazing things.
Allow me to share...
^^^This wasn't the largest Buddha. But I would say definitely the fattest.^^^
^^^The 18 Arm Wonder^^^
^^^The Big Boobed Wonder...And V Dizzle in wonderment^^^
^^^This bad boy is the largest Buddha on the island^^^
^^^These suckers went crazy over the fish food (shudder)^^^
^^^Making our mark on some roof tiles for the temple being built there^^^
^^^Aaaannndddd back to the beach for some Mai Tai's^^^
Overall, a pretty darn good day. I can't wait to see Bangkok and Chiang Mai in April. I'm sure we'll see a ton of awesome things. 

Like more Big Boobed statues.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Check back tomorrow for this crazy, insane "12 months worth of advertising with 30 different bloggers" thing. It's going to be big. Huge.

But first, can I just take a moment and introduce you to one of my favorite Asians alive?
Her name is Rima. And she's hilarious.
And we all know how much you love hilarious Asians (otherwise you wouldn't be here, obvi).
She's super sweet too.

Hello Mishy's Readers (uh can I call you Mishy, Mish?)...
I'm Rima from Bolu By Rima.
If you know me, Hello.
If you don't know me, Hello.

I'm a full time nurse, part time (amateur) baker & now a wanna-be dog saver (recently I saved two stray dogs from the cold streets)...
With hopes of becoming a full time baker, part time nurse and a dog saver.

Well the Fab Mish invited me to do a guest post, and I was like, "HELLZ YEA"... from one Asian to another. Took me a while to think on what to write, but then I thought, "aw yea, there's one thing we both like in common: TRAVEL."

Like Mish, I love traveling.
Unlike Mish, I don't have the ballz yet to quit my job and travel the world (what kind of Asian rice do you eat, Mish?).
Like Mish, I do have a Boo who loves to travel too (i call him the Pillow).
Unlike Mish, I haven't been to Barcelona yet & watch their football team (mkay, Soccer for us Americans) play in their well known stadium, Camp Nou.
But soon, I will BE like Mish (minus the quit my job part).
I'll be in Barcelona in March to catch a Champion Leagues game, to watch FC Barcelona play against AC Milan (for you non-football fans out there, these 2 are considered BIG teams in the world playing in a Prestigious Football match).
This is what I get for dating a mad Football (ok... Soccer) fan.
The Pillow pretty much eats, breaths, sleeps Football.

Of course I'm super excited. I mean, hellloowwww, I'll be in Barcelona! Even the Pillow bought me an FC Barcelona jersey to wear at the game.
Then the dilemma starts... Uh, what to wear at a Football game?

The Pillow & I at a LA Galaxy vs Real Madrid game. FYI: FC Barcelona is a big Real Madrid Rival. He's wearing a FC Barcelona shirt. Go figure.
I don't blog about fashion, but today I decided to blog about fashion.
I'm weird like that.
So I came up with my game plan on what to wear for the game.

What to wear to a Barca game

I'm a huge fan of COMFORT.
Who knows how the weather is in March in Barcelona (any ideas?), so I do have rationales for each item.
For make-up, I'm a huge minimalist when it comes to that.
The plain ol' Cat Eyes Liner with Red Lips.
Got my Sunglasses, just in case of sun glare (or to spy on people).
Got my handy oversize cardigan & Barca scarf just in case it gets cold (it's a night game).
Skinny jeans because it's snug to keep me warm.
Combat Boots just in case people step on my feet, I won't be throwing curse signs at them (you know how crazy Sports Fans can be. They are sometimes worse than FanGirls).
Simple stud earrings, because I don't wanna overwhelm myself with dangles, just incase the crazy Sports Fans decided to jump on me because I threw curse signs because of them stepping on my feet (jk).
Oversize bags to store my camera (gotta have a good camera!), iPhone (for instagram/checking in on facebook to make my friends jealous), notebook and pen (just in case I decided to write my autobiography. You can get inspirations in random places, you know).

So that's my idea of my wardrobe for the game.
What do you think? Should I glam it up? Tame it down?
Or should I just go streaking? Ok that won't happen.
 What about you?
How do you dress up for a live sports game?
Feel free to send your opinions via twitter, instagram or facebook :)


Happy Weekend!


P.S. Don't forget to get your looovvveee on with some V-Day cards!

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  1. Omggggg I cant even explain how jealous I am of your beach adventures. The big boobed statues are awesome but laying on the beach sounds like the best thing ever lately. There has been no sun here in monthsssss

  2. Aww my two faves on the same post together! Love me some Rima! Kudos on that outfit, I'd totally wear the same thing, esp. loving those earrings.

    On another note Mish, you're almost as dark as the Dizzle!!! You bout to change your racial identity soon ;)

  3. How fun! Those statues are amazing and yay for not dying on the scooter. :)

  4. LOL on Dizz gawking at that statue with big boobs ;). And those fish totally freaked me out too.

  5. I'm jealous of the weather, and the cool temples. I want to go to there.

  6. That looks amazing! I want to be there!
    I just found your blog, and am a new follower!

  7. Cool pictures! I'm laughing about how you called them "BIG BOOB" statues. :)

  8. The 18 Arm Wonder is beautiful. I'd love to see that in person and those boobs...WOO! Now I have to put Thailand on my list of places to go so I can see those in person.

    *waves hello to Rima*

  9. Those "fish" are horrifying!!! Love the last picture of you two-precious!

  10. Oh, so you made it! That's great! Hopefully you tried panang curry (there) because for some reason when you get food straight from the homeland, it takes much better! It's the shiz-nit! -Jessica L

  11. Whattttttt! So apparently China isn't the only place that has statues like that lol o_o I'm jealous you're in Thailand! The food must be awesome.

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