Monday, February 18, 2013

A Gay Balinese Man Told Me I Was A Lucky Bitch.

I don't think we could have gotten out of Malaysia fast enough, to be honest with you. Seven days in hot, sticky, humid, and might I add, stinky city life was plenty long enough and we were ready to get back to a beach.

No offense to you, Malaysia, there were many things I did enjoy. I've just come to realize that this type of heat needs to be in near proximity of a cool ocean. Thanks for understanding.

The moment we stepped off the plane, felt the air and took a deep breath, I was instantly reminded of our time in Thailand. I told The Dizzle that I felt like I was home again. We even had our very own airport pick-up, complete with my name on a sign and everything! I've kind of always wanted that to happen to me, so you can imagine my excitement.

It wasn't a big black man or anything, but just as good coming from a little Asian woman.

Anyway, we're basically millionaires here in Bali. Seriously though, I pulled out 3,000,000 rupiah when we landed. So now we have a wallet full of rp100,000 bills. It sometimes gets confusing and hard to remember that a burger for rp35,000 is really only about $3.50 USD.

It feels good to be near a beach again. It's kind of weird. Growing up in San Diego my whole life, you'd think I was a big beach person by default. Nope. Not really at all. I don't surf and I was always too lazy to go lay out at the beach (driving 20 min to battle for a parking spot, no thanks), so instead I would just go swim in my pool.

But now, I've come to find that I really enjoy being near the water. Feeling the sand under my feet and wading in the warm water. {I still have a thing about not going too deep where my feet can't touch, so I make sure to keep it hip level, don't worry.}

And oh, don't even get me started on this place we're spending our first three days at. We were slightly hesitant at first because it was $50/night {a bit above our budget} and we hadn't even seen a picture of the house {it was just a recommendation from a friend}.

But I will tell you that it is worth every penny and then some. There are two wonderful housekeepers here who come every morning to pick up our laundry. Our laundry! Did you hear that? Up until now, we were getting to be quite the pros with bathtub laundry. So we're basically living like royalty here.

Oh, and those wonderful housekeepers? They also make us breakfast every morning.
I almost feel guilty with this special treatment. Almost.
I'll be sure to leave a generous tip when we leave Monday afternoon, that's for sure.

So now. You're probably wondering when I'm going to address the title of this post. Stop the jibber jabber, Michelle, and get to the good stuff! Okay, okay.


Our first night here, we hit the town. I had myself a glass {or four} of some good ol' fashioned boxed wine, because that's how they like to do it here in Bali. {After the first glass or so, it wasn't that bad.} We were having a good time walking the main street, taking it all in, and stopping in little bars along the way.

Later, on our way home, we somehow found ourselves outside of a gay bar called, "Bottoms Up." {Think about that one...}

This photo was stolen from Google, but here's something to give you a good visual of the saucy men we saw hanging outside of the bar.

And these saucy men were checking out The Dizzle like there were no other men in existence! They were touching his arms, his chest, his face...

At one point, one of the guys whispered, not so quietly, in my ear, "He's so hot!!!"

So I said, "I KNOW!"

Then he whispered again, "You lucky bitch!"

So I said, "I KNOW!"

And that's when V Dizzle said we had to go, immediately, because someone just grabbed his manhood. Firmly.

Say no more, Dizzle. Say no more.

Happy Monday, you saucy minxes!


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  1. hahaha...oh what a fun experience to laugh on when you are in your 90s. Love this post.

    Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

  2. "You lucky bitch" HAHAHA! I love it!


  4. Haha that is too funny! Stopping by from the Messy Dirty Hair giveaway :)

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew giveaway!

  5. bahahaha! i'm going to start whispering that to people from now on. i can't even. that vdizzle is such a good sport!

  6. Hahahahah! Oh this is awesome! You lucky bitch you! :)

  7. Hey Lady! Newest follower from Messy Dirty Hair Blog, I cant wait to read moe about your travels and funny encounters.

  8. You can't take that sexy man anywhere! Love it! xo

  9. Oh my god Mish you almost had me crying! That has to be one of the funniest experiences ever! "You lucky bitch!"

  10. I never go deeper than hip level. Mysterious things live in the ocean and that is their territory, not mine. So I stay where my feet can be firmly planted and I can still move quickly if needed.

    Now, on to the best story yet on this blog. I was cracking up reading that. You lucky bitch. Also, when you guys get to SF, we need to chat about traveling. I feel like you'll have some awesome insight into what we should do for our honeymoon...

  11. That's hilarious!

    I went to college in SD and have only been in the water twice. It's too cold and I'm a spoiled Maui girl who throws a fit if I can't see the bottom of the ocean =)

    We've always wanted to go to Bali... I heard it's amazing!

  12. Tim wants to go to a south Pacific island (can't remember which one). Wanna go? Sometime next year?

  13. Holy my goodness...hilarious! "Lucky bitch!" hahahahaa!

  14. LMAO this was to funny thanks for the giggle

  15. lmao lmao lmao.
    i apologize on behalf of us indonesians for the manhood of the Dizzle.
    gosh you makin me miss bali :(

  16. MessyDirtyHair sent me your way! :) Enjoying your blog so far!

  17. MessyDirtyHair sent me. Thanks for the giveaway. I keep laughing at that guy smiling in the background in your first photo. Random background people are always the best when you find them ;)


  18. I am laughing so loud, I think I will die :D

  19. Lol this is hilarious. Also, the creeper behind the driver? Amazing.

  20. The pic with the horses on the beach is divine! And wahahahahhahaha on the last few tidbits. Poor Dizzle.



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