Saturday, February 2, 2013

12 Months of Advertising - 30 Bloggers. Whoa.

Get excited.
Like, really excited.
Because, on and you'll see what I mean!
If you have a business, blog, or website that you want to grow, you do not want to miss this! 
30 fabulous bloggers have come together to bring you 12 months of advertising. 
One lucky winner will be featured on different blogs each month throughout 2013*.
The winner will have the following advertising options during the following months:
*Since January 2013 has come and gone, the prizes listed under January will be awarded in 2014.

Each of the following bloggers were handpicked based on the quality of their blog, their readership, and social media following:

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter form below. 
Good luck!

Please refer to the Rafflecopter form for complete terms and conditions.


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  1. I heard about this giveaway from Mish's twitter. Awesome!


  2. hey amazing giveaway you have going on on here!!
    I'm participating for a chance to win!

    MY blog needs it!thanky you for advertising this giveawayy!

    Bea =)

  3. Oh this is awesome! So great for all these ladies to do this! Definately hope I win this!

  4. Hi Mish! I found you through Katie at For Lauren and Lauren...ob-SESSED with your blog! You are so gorgeous and take the most amazing pictures. Glad to be following!

  5. Hello Mish! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog! Who drops everything to travel the world?! Someone awesome. That is so amazing, and I'm excited to see everything you show us from around the world! Definitely following!


  6. What a huge giveaway, heard about it on Mish's blog :)

  7. I heard about this giveaway from your tweets, Mish!
    This is am AMAZING giveaway, such a great thing for all of you ladies to pull together and do! :)
    xo - Cupcakes and Curves

  8. I heard about this giveaway just scrolling through my reader :) It's so cool!!




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