Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where do we go from here?

So we've been gone from America for 67 days now.
And it's hard to believe two months have already flown by.
But then I think back to everything we've done in just two months: Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome, Thailand...
And I'm blown away.
THEN I think we still have 90 days from now that are still planned: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Amsterdam...
And I'm blown away again.

We have longer to go than what we've already done.

V Dizzle and I have been having a lot of talks these past few days on how we're feeling about this traveling, how we're feeling on what's to come, and how we're feeling about "going home."

Ah, yes. Going home. That's the tricky part. Because
A) we don't technically have a home and
B) we have no idea where home should be.

And for any of you that's done the whole "quit your life to go travel for an indefinite period of time," how the hell are you supposed to just "go home" and then start up life again?
Is it not as big of a deal as I think it is?
Will it feel just the same as if I never left?
Or will I go into a deep dark depression because I'm not seeing this guy around every corner?

I'm kind of scared, I'm kind of confused, and I'm kind of excited.
Very mixed feelings, as you can see.
But I keep telling myself that everything will work out, because well, it just has to.
We've made it this far and I'm sure when the time comes to make some decisions, we'll be ready to.
For now, I'm not ready to decide anything.
For now, I'm focusing on my present.
And my present includes omelettes on the beach this morning, a jog {who am I?} with my love in the rain, followed by a swim in the ocean. Then stripping down in our bathtub to do about 10 pounds of laundry together. Sounds fun {and highly sexy}, doesn't it?
So yeah, for now, I'd rather just enjoy these last 2 weeks I have left in Thailand and not think about later.
But you know, if you'd like to think about later for me...Be my guest.
You know how to reach me. ;)


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  1. It will work out with the home thing!! Do not stress!!! Take a deep breath and everything will fall into place!!

  2. i knew 'home' now seem scary to you.but i believe both of you can found your new home soon..enjoy life now!

  3. There is the saying "You can never go home again" and I kind of feel like it's true. We studied abroad in Sweden together, my now husband and our then 1.5 year old son for 7 months in 2009, and coming back felt So strange. Especially for the first 6 months. We felt like we didn't really fit IN here anymore. We have been trying to find a way to get back to live ever since!

  4. That is insane! Ah! So many places- I bet it seems like you are living in a type of dream. Why are you out an about? Is it a mission trip or a vacation?

    I know the completely mixed feeling! But yep, keep going, girly! Oh, I am your NEWEST follower GFC- I hope you can stop by my blog, let me know what you think, and follow me back now too(if you like my bloggie.) ^_^ I also have a giveaway right now where you can win $80 toward a MsDressy dress! I look forward to your visit!

    God bless always,

  5. I'm just going to give you the honest answer, at least in my opinion. I lived and traveled overseas for 7 months in Australia and Indonesia. Coming back to the "real world" feels really strange. Not necessarily bad, just strange. And surreal. There's a part of you that really grieves over that. I remember feeling really thankful for a lot of the conveniences and familiarity of home, but I also really ached for more adventure. The really great thing is that you'll have someone who "gets it", someone to reminisce with. I really struggled with the fact that no one back home really understood how amazing the adventure had been. I think trips like yours and mine definitely change you. I think you're never really 100% content to just be "at home" again. But in the end, it makes you a much more aware, enlightened and grateful person. Grateful for the home you do have and grateful that you ever had the opportunity to go adventuring in the first place. My biggest piece of advice is just to soak in every moment. Live it up. Try to take nothing for granted.

    All of the logistics around going back to wherever you end up will work themselves out. Try not to think about that so much just yet.

  6. I definitely don't think I could come back, it would be very hard!

  7. I am so jealous of your travels, savour it!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. I can't believe you've been gone that long!

    And I agree with Amanda. I only lived abroad for five months. Toward the end of it, as I neared the holidays, I kept thinking how desperately I wanted to be home; but once I was back, nothing felt quite the same and it was hard on me. I kept longing for the life I'd found out in the world. So, crazy as it seems, who needs a plan? Just live it up like you've been doing! It will come to you.

  9. I completely agree with what Amanda said above. I'm sure it will be hard for you. Maybe it will be easier if you guys make a home where adventure is always near? Where it's busy? A big city, maybe? Kind of makes me anxious thinking about you coming home and me putting myself in your shoes.

  10. I was in Spain for two weeks and had a hard time readjusting to "normal life." I don't know...maybe one of these amazing places you travel to will fill your heart more than you could ever imagine and you'll let that place be your home? I'm so happy that you're choosing to live in the now, because so much can happen in 90 days...there is no point in stressing about the end, when you have the now to enjoy! Happy my Wednesday/I'm guessing your Thursday!

  11. wow, how do you afford all this without working?!

  12. So awesome that you have all those fun places ahead of you!

    Like you said, don't stress about what's to come. Just focus on the now and enjoy your travels! =)

  13. I've never up and quit my life like you (I'm jealous), but I just have to mention that I love that elephant. So so much.

  14. I can only imagine how difficult it is to decide what to do next or where to go next. When the time comes I'm positive you'll be ready to make a decision.

    Soak it all up!

    The Daily Sarah Jane

  15. i'll let you crash at my house when you return in return for a 90 day paid vacay. shoot, i'll settle for 60 days! i'm sure you've made connections on your travels, no?
    i've never been away for that long, but even when i take a five day vacay, it's always sooooo hard to come back!

  16. "Later" could be in Portland. just saying. Until then, I won't feel {too} bad for you as you shower with elephants and frolic along the beaches of the world!:-) hehe. Love you! xoxo

  17. Later totes should be Dallas!! J/k - you are too cool for Dallas. Though, most of the Dallas people would probably think the opposite. I don't know much about quitting my job and traveling the world, but I do know how I felt when I came back from living in Mexico for a semester and I bet they are pretty similar. It was really hard for me to get back into "normal" life. Obviously, it worked out and I reaclimated, but I remember being really frustrated with Americans for being so ridiculous! haha I'd just enjoy the "now" and worry about that later. :)

  18. Move to Thailand I say! It looks amazing :) And don't forget to pop by London! EasyJet do super cheap flights from Amsterdam and I know a burger place that you really just have to try.

  19. The life you are living at the moment makes me so jealous. Home is the place that make you happy. I'm sure wherever you end up will be absolutely amazing.

  20. We visited home after a year and a half and were so amazed at how 'normal' it felt. Within a week it felt like we had never left. oh and Korea is always looking for teachers : )

  21. I know a lot of my friends that had a hard time readjusting to "normal" life. Heck, just stay there and do random jobs and enjoy being young!!!

  22. Don't worry! It's obviously going to be hard to 'go home' after so much fun travelling, but just think about that on the day it comes. For now, enjoy yourself and all of the amazing places you're going to go to! Everything else will fall into place. x

  23. Agreed, don't worry so much about the future that you forget to enjoy and remember/savor the now! You can't turn back time.

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