Friday, January 18, 2013

Travel Photography

It's been a few years now that I've been getting into photography.
And when I say, "getting into photography," don't think I'm all fancy pants and know what the hell ISO and aperture is.
The Dizzle always has to remind me what's what and usually just confuses me, so let's just say the "auto" setting for my Canon Rebel T2i has been my best friend.
That and Photoshop.
BUT, I still have a love for finding great sceneries and capturing it.
And if you ask me, it doesn't matter how you capture it, just as long as you did!
Right? Right.

It's been great traveling these last few months and having so many opportunities to take photos.
And there are so many pictures on my computer that I would love to print out and frame...
...if only I had a home to actually put them up in.


With that said, I wanted to introduce you to Allison.
She has taken some amazing photos from around the world and I think they are absolutely breath taking.
Just looking at them makes me want to quit my job and travel the world!!
Oh wait...I didHa! 
Oh how I just crack myself up sometimes...

Okay, moving on.

Here's the great thing about Allison.
She is letting one of my wonderful readers pick ANY photo from her travels (well, the 5 that I'm going to show you in a sec) and she'll make a profesh 8x10 print for you to hang in your very. own. home!

Now YOU can stare at it all day and then maybe quit your job to travel as well?!

Okay, here they are:

Option #1: Greece Sunset

Option #2: Greece Rooftop

Option #3: Scotland

Option #4: El Salvador

Option #5: Canadian Rockies

Aren't they beautiful?? Pretty sure I need to get my butt over to El Salvador, stat.
Here's a little 'hello' from lovely Allison herself.
She's pretty amazing, if you ask me and I know you'll love her too!


Hey Mish Lovin' Life readers!  I'm Allison, a new blogger over at Lawfully Lost. 
Nice to meet you :)

Right off the bat, I'll admit that I'm insanely jealous of Michelle's world travels.  If it was up to me, I'd spend my life living out of a backpack. Like Michelle, I also quit my job this year...but not to do something awesome like travel the world. I quit my job for something less exciting: to go to law school.  I've tried not to let school cramp my traveling style, and I do everything I can to jet-set away whenever possible.  

My blog follows my adventures as a 20-something law student in Canada, my lousy cooking attempts, my failed artistic endeavors, the trials and tribulations of living with my neurotic boyfriend, my addiction to reality TV, and my love for photography.  
Come on over, say hi, and stay a while!

You can usually find me doing one (or all) of the following:

Trying not to pass out from exhaustion while hiking...

Drinking too much vino...

Traveling (pants optional)

Falling asleep wherever I can find a couch


See? Isn't she great?
Hope you can go show her some blog love and welcome her to the blogging community!
Happy Friday, friends!
And good luck entering :)


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  1. I'd choose the Greece Sunset because I so LOVE beaches and sunsets. :)


  2. Love the Greek sunset as well! Though the one of the dogs in Scotland is adorable.

  3. can I please join you on your travels! amazing!!!

  4. I love the shot of the Rockies but I think I'd have to pick the Greek sunset. My sister is a huge sailing fan and she'd loveeee that on her wall. [Also: yey brownie points for me!]

  5. wait, I don't understand. those aren't, like, REAL photos, are they? they're AMAZING! I want to know the secret of having your camera on you and primed to shoot when you see things like that :)

  6. I kind of want them all. Can I get the one of Allison with no pants? That is the real winner.
    As my second choice, I'd like the Greece rooftop.

  7. The sunset in Greece is breathtaking!!

  8. A big THANK YOU to everyone for the sweet comments!! Good luck :)



  9. Those are such INCREDIBLE photos! I love the rooftop in Greece, it really just makes me want to pack up and go right now. Great photos Allison, you've definitely got some seriously photography talent!

  10. Really beautiful photography! I'd love to win the Scotland one because I didn't snap any good ones when we were there :'(

    Look forward to getting to know you Allison!

  11. i LOOOVE the scotland one and so jealous all my travel pics aren't fancier!

  12. GORGEOUS! SERIOUS! I want the Grecian sunset

  13. I would most certainly choose the blue roof tops! A dream!

  14. GORGEOUS photography! I would love to go to all of those places.

  15. The Greece rooftop, for sure! If I don't win, can I buy it???

    1. Hey Carol,

      Shoot me a message over at and we can chat!

  16. WOW! i always enjoy seeing traveling photos and LOVE these!

    Fashion Fractions

  17. The El Salvador print definitely, GORGEOUS!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  18. Greece sunset & El Salvador are gorg.

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