Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is me over-sharing unwanted details again...

The worst time of day to take a nap would be 7pm.
How do I know this? Because now it's 9:30pm and I'm wide awake.
But I'll tell you what: I have good reason for this fatigued body of mine.

This has been my third day in bed, only getting up to grab some food, then heading right back for the pillows.

Day 1 - no excuse other than sheer laziness.
But day 2, that's when the nightmare occurred.

You see, The ThaiDizzle and I got up, bright and early, with high hopes and goals for the day.
We went running. Did you hear that? R-u-n-n-i-n-g.
I can barely believe it myself, but it happened.
Then, we went to our favorite breakfast spot here on the island and ordered our usual:
Three Egg Omelettes.
Tomatoes and onions for me. Tomatoes and mushrooms for him.
Now normally, these omelettes are the bomb dot com.
I could eat them twice a day probably.
But something about this particular omelette wasn't making me jump for joy.
But I just ignored those signs and pushed through.
Towards the end of the omelette, I kept thinking, "Hmm...this doesn't seem cooked enough. Maybe I should stop eating it. Buuutttt, I probably shouldn't waste food because of all those starving children and all. Welp, bottoms up!"
Then I ate it all anyway.

Fast forward 2 hours and a nausea train hit me. And it hit hard.
Boom. In the bathroom over. and over. and over again.
I couldn't keep anything down. Fruit smoothie? Gone. Pineapple? Gone. Gatorade? Gone.
Part of me really wants to share more details with you on what I'm even surprised my body could do, but I'm pretty sure you have vivid enough imaginations and I'm pretty sure you just don't need to know that part of my life.
So I'll spare you. You're welcome.
Just pretend this is me:

Anyway, let's just say I googled my symptoms and came back with results of:

Food poisoning
Traveler's diarrhea

Oh, and liver cancer. But that's just me being dramatic and it's probably not that. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, moving on.
I spent most of the night waking up with horrible abdominal pain and spent all of today sleepy and in similar pain.
Hence the 7pm nap.
And get this, The Dizzle has been having similar "stomach issues" today!
He had the omelette too! It's confirmed! Blame the omelette! 
{I sound a little too excited about The Dizzle being sick.}

It's a real shame. Because this experience has now ruined those omelettes for me and I will probably never have one again. Probably. Let's not get too carried away and ban them for life just yet.

Anyway, that's what's exciting over in my neck of the woods.
I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.
But before I go, I'd like you all to meet Julie!
If you don't know, Julie is a saucy little minx who was living in Paris, now Brussels, then soon to be Canada. International lover, yo!
I hope you can show her some blog love and follow along on her adventures!

Take it away, Julie!


Namaste guys, 

I'm Julie from the brand new cansouplover.com (cansouplover.blogspot.com is now my french blog). 

Today i'm here to talk about cheap makeup.
I know i know, when someone a few months ago tried to talk to me about $2 lipstick I just pretended to listen while making my grocery list in my head (i do that a lot, i'm a bad person). 
BUT now i'm a girl with a plan! 

A plan on savings in order to move across the world in a few months.
I need to make some budget cuts and buying cheaper makeup than my usual Chanel foundations, YSL concealer, and Dior lipstick is necessary (unless someone is ready to sponsor my little life? No? okay, let's get back to the cheap makeup then! Thanks ya'll). 

On a more serious note, It also made me realise that it's not always about the price, the obvious, the showy things. It's not because you can afford something that you should use it. Especially when there is a good alternative on the market.
Being reasonable is good, it's mature.  And we clearly don't need to sacrifice quality over price, right?

So to prove to myself I can make this, I've decided to do my complete New Year's Eve makeup with E.L.F

And here is the result :

Am i on the right track here? Or should i get back to expensive products and quit the savings/moving thing already? 

Can't go wrong with some money saving tips!
P.S. I ordered a bunch of E.L.F products before I left The States and we're talking $2 nail polishes and $3 eye shadows. Pretty darn good quality too!
I approve.
Thanks Julie!!

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. Have you entered the Group Giveaway and Free HTC Phone giveaway yet? If not, you should probably get on it. Stat.

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  1. Yikes!!! I hope y'all are feeling better!!

  2. probably the uncooked omelet carried some viruses..do take care..


  3. Hope you two are feeling better today- ugh! Food poisoning is the worst!

  4. This happened to me on Sat night. Jesse and I ate the same extant thing but I had onions on my food. It. Was. Wretched. It lasted only four hours, but it was an intense mother of a sickness.

  5. Oh no! I hope you all are feeling better. There is nothing worse than being sick.

  6. I'd blame running. nothing good can ever come from running

  7. Blehh so sorry! Food poisoning is the worst. I got it once when I was about 10 from a Chinese restaurant and I just started dabbling back into Chinese food about a year or so ago, hha! Scars you for life! Feel better!

  8. oh girl i hope you feel better.
    i will say this - it's always amazing at how much stuff comes out of your body when you're sick.

  9. Ugghhh my stomach hurts for you! What an awful experience :( I hope you're back to normal soon! And stay away from all that running. It's dangerous ;)

  10. Ugghhh...my stomach just lurched. So sorry! I've had that and it BLOWS! Ever since my last bout of food poisoning (in which I convinced myself I had a tape worm, thanks Google) I always carry around capsules of activated charcoal. The stuff literally "hugs" anything in your system so that it doesn't get absorbed into the bloodstream. Hope you feel better!

  11. Ugh, what a bummer! Food poisoning is the worst. You will probably never eat those omelets again. I got food poisoning from a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting gone wrong. Puking nonstop for two days ... so miserable. And now just looking at a red velvet cupcake repulses me. :(

  12. It was probably the running. Can't possibly be from the undercooked eggs you hoovered. ;) seriously, I hope you guys are feeling better! There is nothing worse than food poisoning! Well, I guess liver cancer would be worse...but, I mean, that is worst case senario.

  13. I hope you feel better. Yikes :/ How are those scratches on your arm/boob? Thanks for introducing us to Julie. I can't wait to read her blog more!

  14. Julie's make up session was GREAT! Learned some tricks, thanks :)

  15. Oh No! I hope it wasn't coming out the other end too! I got food poisoning one time and it was HORRIBLE! Hope you feel better soon!

  16. Boo to food poisoning and hope you guys recover soon!

  17. Feel better!! Hope it goes away soon!!
    And promise we have all been there!!

  18. food poisoning is THE worst. I got it from Spinach & Artichoke dip - and I can never eat it again. Who DOESN'T eat that dip? I'll forever be disappointed.

  19. I am currently working through day 9 of the norovirus, so I feel your pain! Hopefully this passes quickly for you! I can't wait to see more pictures of Thailand. <---oh, that sounded more selfish that I wanted it to.
    Feel better!

  20. I definitely think it was the running....

  21. yikes! never a fun time - hope you're feeling better!!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  22. oh no! i hope you're feeling better! i had food poisoning for the first time this year and it is NOT pretty!dang delicious thai food

  23. Omgggg nooo. Feel better!! Eggs are always weird to me. Why is it so easy to get sick from them. Stupid eggs.

  24. Ick, that does not sound fun! I hope you are feeling better!

  25. You & food poisoning! Sorry girl! And stop living such a normal life while away on travel ;). Get out there!! Just kidding. I'm lazy at home and office these days.

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