Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So....I'm in Kuwait.

Now that's a sentence I never thought I'd say.
But here we are, sitting in the Kuwait airport for a 4 hour layover to Bangkok.
I basically feel like a prostitute in my dress and see-thru tights compared to all of the conservatively dressed women here, covered from head to toe!

Anyway, we don't exactly know what the Kuwait cuisine is, so naturally we head to the most American place we can find:


These nachos right here?

They may look kind of gross in this picture, 
but let me tell you...
 And they made me feel like I was back at home, gorging on cheese and grease.
I really do kind of miss that sometimes, you know.

Anyway, I hope you are having yourselves a lovely Tuesday.
Is it Tuesday?
I'm slightly hazy from the Xanax.
Oh how those work wonders for plane-ride sleeping.

Alright, so now I'm basically a druggie and a prostitute.


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  1. Have a safe flight to bangkok! :)

  2. i love that there are chili's in airports everywhere....i usually order me a giant strawberry lemonade. and it usually only costs about $8 more than it would in a restaurant.

  3. omg, chili's in the middle east...love it.

    and you will LOVE thailand. the boy and I went last December and feel in love! if you can, take a trip to the islands...well worth it.

  4. Those nachos are making my mouth water!!! I love Chilis!

    Have a safe flight & enjoy!

  5. Oh man, now I want some nachos. And Xanax.

  6. Have a safe trip!!
    I love Chili's!! I think I went there 87 times a week when I was in college! I'd probably flock there too if I had the option!!

  7. Those nachos look yummy!

    I'd totally take drugs if I was on a long plans flight lol

  8. Middle Eastern food is SO GOOD! If you're still there, try some :)

  9. I hope you packed your nicest burka for this little layover..and is that a full grown beard on VDigs or am I seeing things?

  10. HAH! I work at Chili's in the states. So weird !! But those Nacho's pretty much look the same here. And yes they are amazeballs!

  11. haha i would totally flock to the chilis as welL!

    ahh hope you guys are safe there!! ask vin dizzle the capital of thailand and then do the BANGKOK and slap him in the you know what...hahahah


  12. yummmm xanax. i mean nachos... :) love you, be safe!

  13. What an interesting layover, glad you found something to eat!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. So awesome! My cousins lived there for a few years and were evacuated right before the invasion in the 90s. I always wonderd how they were treated because my aunt and cousin dressed very girly then. After, they lived in Dubai. Now, I really hope you visit there too!!!

  15. so crazy! my sister is actually living in kuwait city as a contractor right now and she likes it. she said she just has to be careful to not wear sleeveless shirts and short shorts. hope your flight was good!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  16. Wow awesome, have a lot of fun out there.


  17. I'm getting a prescription for Ativan for my upcoming trip so I cannot judge ;)



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