Thursday, January 24, 2013

Should I return to my Soul Roots?

Some of you know about the time in my life when I was just a young little gal creeping up on her 10th birthday. The only thing I wanted for this milestone of an age was to have my entire head braided, complete with beads. Then, after the braiding sesh, I wanted to go to the local ice-skating rink, complete with profesh ice-skating garb.

Was I an ice-skater? No.
Did I have soul? Clearly.

So I got my wish.
My mother looked up the nearest salon that catered to the "African American decent" {I kid you not} and I sat in a chair for 4 hours watching my dream unfold, braid by braid.
I donned that 'do for the entire summer.
And let's just say, it was the best summer of my life.

Anyway, this was probably one of the first childhood stories I told The Dizzle when we first started dating and he's held it closely to his heart ever since.
Because clearly, he's got soul too.

So fast forward to Thailand, 2013.

Basically any massage station you come across here, they have a creepy little mannequin head with its hair braided as a marketing tool for tourists to get their head braided as well.

And clearly this "marketing tool" has been working because for the last two weeks I've been seeing tourists (mostly under the age of 7) donning a sassy head of hair.

And let's just say, I may or may not be slightly jealous.

The ThaiDizzle has been practically begging me to do it so I can recreate the magic, circa 1996.
Buuuuuuut, I don't know. I mean, I'm 26 now. That just seems silly, right? Plus, I have layers and then I'd probably need to get a do-rag so as to keep it in its most pristine condition. It just seems like it'd be a bigger hassle than its worth.


I probably won't do it. But don't be completely surprised if you see some soul filled braids blowing up your Instagram feed sometime in the next two weeks.


P.S. Get your Group Giveaway action on and make sure to enter for some phat prizes. 
Yeah, I said "phat". <--Soul, remember?

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  1. When I went to the Bahamas when I was 11, I totally got my full head braided with beads. Beads that matched my rubberbands on my braces. We could have been bff, and everyone would have heard our beads clanking merrily a mile away.

  2. please recreate the hair. pretty, pretty please

  3. Oh my gosh - that is the funniest story. (The beads looks good on you too.)

    Where I'm from, the lucky kids would get a Mexican vacation sometime in the dead of winter and I'd always be so jealous of those girls who came back with their hair braided. Occasionally, someone would try to do it themselves (sans professional) but they'd just end up looking like Coolio.

  4. I think you should do it!! Why not? There will never be a better time! And do you remember that episode of Friends where Monica got her hair braided? It was awesome.

  5. oh my goodness you should totally get the braids!

  6. i say go for it.. i mean, you are already galavanting around the world.. whats a few braids added to the mix?

    (also, if you DO do it.. i pray for your head afterwards. that shit is going to hurt. and i am not even a person who prays...)

  7. You know who should just never embrace the soul? 10 year old me. Because I went through a period where I figured no look could be better than the braids... And I too was indulged... And when said braids gave me such a headache I couldn't believe? I cried.

    I was an awesome kid. You wore it better.

    And I can't fully discourage bringing it back.

  8. I would pay for this to happen. It would be THAT good.

  9. You must do this. Please. The pictures alone will double your blog traffic. You have an obligation to your readers!

  10. I agree with everyone else.....get the braids! It's such an easy thing to do to make V happy. Love you!

  11. please do this again. by the way, if you were skating at one of the san diego ice rinks and saw a little blonde girl with the same braids, that was me. i LIVED in the ice rink. and thought the braids would be cool when i was spinning. they were, until i got hit in the face with them. bad idea.

  12. Pleeeeeease do it! I did this to my hair about 2 years ago when we were in the Bahamas. I felt pretty silly since most everyone else who had it done was under the age of 10 but it was still awesome!

    I'm really hoping for a pic of this happening in my Insta feed soon!! ;)

  13. Do it! I'm sure it would look awesome on you!! And if you hated it, you could always get rid of them! :)

  14. Gone With The Wind ... Fabulous!

  15. Just found your blog on The Browse, I love it! I always wanted to get my hair done like this, jealous. New follower :)

  16. Haha I alwaaaays wanted that as a child, but my dream did not come true until I was 19 and went to Cuba. Let's just say upon my return to winter in Canada I looked like a freak and they quickly came out!

  17. I just found your blog through The Crowley Party and I'm your newest follower :) Can't wait to stalk all your posts!

    Bri Rios



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