Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppy Fever

It's happened.
I want a puppy.
And I want one bad.
This yearning has been developing for a little while now, but as of recently, it's been at the forefront of my mind.

You know that feeling you have when you just really want a baby and your uterus is just aching for one?
That's me. Except with a puppy. And my uterus is not aching.
So... essentially the same thing.

And I know what you're thinking, "Michelle, you're off traveling the world! You can't possibly get a puppy right now, you silly goon!"
And I would agree with you.
It would be slightly difficult {and expensive} to try and bring little Oprah on a plane with me.
{I've kind of always had a thing for naming my dog Oprah.
In the most respectful and awe-inspring way towards the actual Oprah, of course.}

Anyway, I'm just thinking ahead for when we do return to the good ol' U-S-of-A.
And good news!
The Dizzle is on board!
Did you hear that people?
The guy that used to have a hard time committing to anything bigger than next week's dinner reservations has now joined me in a quest for a new puppy!
My how we've grown!

Though, last night in a serious puppy-talk convo, The Dizzle may or may not have expressed slight concerns with how I would handle the "big responsibility" that comes with having a puppy: daily walks, feeding, playing, cleaning up after, etc.
What? Me?
I have no idea why he was concerned.
I mean, I'm basically the cleanest person alive.
And when I had dogs growing up, I would walk them every. single. day.

Okay that's a lie. A big fat juicy lie.

I was kind of a horrible dog owner. You know, the kind that begs and pleads for a dog and swears until she's blue in the face that she'll take complete responsibility for, then after the first few weeks of having said dog would pawn off all responsibility to her mother {sorry Mom}?
Yeah, that was me, unfortunately.
But what do you expect from a 10 year old?! I was too busy playing mermaids and getting my hair braided!

But you see, now I am at the mature age of 26 and I will prove to The Dizzle that I can care for another soul!
He'll see.
He's going to be blown away by my maturity.

Plus, when we get back to the States, I'm pretty sure I'll be headed towards a deep depression from having to halt my traveling.
So the only thing that can save me will be a little puppy to love me forever.
Right? Right.

Do any of you have dogs with your significant other?
Good idea? Huge mistake? Tips? Advice?
I wanna hear it all!


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  1. GET THE PUPPY!!!!!!!!!! (But only once your settled)
    We have an English Bulldog, and clearly, since you have a pic of one on here it means you like 'em too - they are the best dogs!BEST BEST BEST!!!! Dont even look at other dogs! Most lovable, chill, and mellow, and wont mind if you skip a day or two's walks as they are extremely lazy! Good luck!!!!!!!

  2. how about just ALL THE PUPPIES.

  3. Omg Michelle, if we know anything about me, we know that I am obsessed with my dog. However, she is a complete pain in the butt! Travel is extremely difficult! Like even a day trip takes planning. SO make sure you are 100% committed to basically having a baby (that you can put in a crate) lol

  4. Ahh! How exciting! We got a puppy together last year (Zorra) and now we both can't imagine our home without her in it! We both share responsibilities for her and really love having her around!

  5. oh my gosh. adorable overload. they are sooo cute! definitely get one. they are a lot of responsibility, but unless you are still playing mermaids (joke), you should be okay. plus yes, it will help in keeping you busy, should you fall into sadness once you're back. i wanted to get one using the excuse of it being a birthday present for my daughter, but the hubs won't get on board. sucks. oh well.

  6. Puppies are the cutest. It's the whole "dog ownership" part that isn't all that fun.

  7. PUPPIES!! My husband brought one dog into the relationship, but she never really bonded to me. And I got tired of being snubbed by her all the time, so for that and a few other reasons we got a new puppy last summer.

    I LOVE HIM! Best decision EVER!! Phil and I take turns taking care of the pup. We don't really have to walk him that much because he is obsessed with playing with our other dog so we lucked out there.

    The one downside I will say is that having a dog makes it harder to be spontaneous with your time. You have to plan what you do around how long you leave the dog. You can't just jaunt off for the weekend because you have to find something to do with the dog. But I think they are well worth it.

  8. I'm dying over those puppy pictures!

    I would say that I was pretty prepared for the amount of work a puppy would be since I grew up with dogs all my life. They really are like babies & they are expensive too! But they love that they unconditionally give is totally worth it! =)

  9. Advice from an owner of 2 dogs, both of which we got as puppies. (1) Choose the breed you want intelligently - what's their energy level, what's yours, how much exercise does it need, how much can you give, will you be leaving it for long hours during the day. (2) Know that your dog will behave as well as the training you provide. Our first puppy, we had nothing but time on our hands to train her, take her to classes, take her to dog parks, and she is almost the perfectly behaved dog. Our second puppy came when we had a 1 yr old at home. The puppy got minimal training, a class that we didn't even complete, and no dog parks. He's a bit more "naughty". Nevertheless, we love them both and it's nice to have 2 with such different personalities. Anyways, enjoy your puppy, whichever you choose! You won't be able to stay out all day and night because someone needs to let the dog out to pee (I don't support peeing on pads indoors) and when you travel (again), you'll need someone to take care of it. And you won't just want to leave it anywhere, like Petsmart, because it's going to be your kid and you're going to be very picky.

  10. dogs, while adorable, are hard work... esp when they're puppies and need training. for some dogs - and it all depends on the dog itself (temperament etc)- no amount of training will prevent them from getting into mischief and by that i mean literally eating you out of your home (not just food - furniture, shoes, clothes, toilet paper etc.) so you have to be very diligent in keeping and eye on your dog. you can't stay out all night or for long periods as they have to be let out to pee/poop.

    make sure you research your breeds and their general temperament but what it all comes down to is training.

    that said, dogs truly are your best friend.

    for laughs, go do to see what i mean about dogs getting into mischief. :)

  11. Oh man, I've had puppy fever for awhile. Kevin, however, has not. Combined with the fact that our apartment does not allow dogs, it doesn't look like a puppy is on the horizon for us anytime soon. And I'm kind of like you... Kevin has serious concerns about my ability to actually care for a puppy and is worried that the majority of responsibility would fall to him (which, to be honest, is probably true). Someday though!

  12. dogs are awesome! training them can be hard work, but it's so worth it. it's all about training them right. :)

    is that first picture of a boxer pup? looks like it. my husband and i have a boxer, my parents have two, and my brother has one. we love them! (however, we also had a lab for 13 years and he was awesome. he was patient, sweet, loving, and gentle. as a puppy, he was mischievous, of course, but i've never met a puppy that wasn't...they chew on EVERYTHING, so you've got to watch them closely.) we crate-trained and house-broke our boxers within about 2 weeks, but i've heard other people say it takes longer than that. the trick with crate-training is to make it a happy place (feed them in there, put toys in there, give them treats when they go in on command). our trainer told us we shouldn't ever use it for punishment if we expect him to be in it when we aren't there and at night, which we do, so he's never been put in his kennel for being naughty. and he gets rewarded for doing what he's told (not every single time anymore, but when he was learning, we had to be consistent).

    i agree with everyone that says you should do your research. you don't want to have a dog who's personality doesn't mesh with yours. i feel like i've probably said more than you wanted to hear, but, there you two cents. :) good luck!

  13. i really want a puppy. i'm waiting until i move in with my boyfriend to get one. his family has a dog and my family has 2 dogs. if we dont get a dog right away, we are going to steal his parents dog for a few days a week since she spends all her time with us anyways. unfortunately, she doesnt like other dogs so we might have to hold off even longer on getting our own.

  14. OMG. We can't have dogs in our apartment and that's the *only* thing keeping us from getting one. I would totes go on walks with you and little Oprah someday.

  15. Girl, getting Bronx has been one of the best decisions I've made. He's such a great little companion and he's so calm. I knew he was the one for me because he was so calm when I met him and since he's a small dog, he doesn't really even need walks. He also goes to the bathroom on a pad so during the winter I don't even have to take him out very often! Very low maintenance and well behaved... :)

  16. stop it, stop it, stop it. my puppy click is ticking like crazy, I can't stand it. I can't wait until Matt and I get one ... in like a year.

  17. i was SO obsessed with getting a puppy that i may have strongly persuaded my husband to get a bloodhound puppy just months after getting married/moving into a new house. while we love him and are definitely obsessed with him it's been a LOT of work! i forgot how much work puppies can be! it might also have someting to do with the fact that he is almost 100 lbs at 8.5 months..and can reach anything on any counter/table. we walk him every single day (rain/snow/etc) because if we don't he's a crazy terror. BUT i wouldn't trade it :) what kind do you guys want?

  18. We want a puppy so badly, but the rules at my complex are not amenable. So we'll most likely have the baby first, puppy later. It kills me that it has to be this way. Stupid apartment living.

  19. i gotz Chimichanga in 2008 as a gift to myself for finishing Nursing School. GURL, it is a tough tough job. From training to walking to feeding yada yada yada... He may be an pain in the ass, but I LOVE that sucker to death. I converted my mum who was scared as hell to dogs to a woman who cries seeing a stranded dog.

    but gurl, adopt! there are TONSSSS of cute dogs out there that need homes.

    Rob & I was planning to adopt 2 when we settle. It is written. hahahaha...

  20. yesyeysyeyeyessssss! ohmygosh yes. I have officially been struck with the puppy fever. or the miniature pig fever. It comes and goes:-) xoxo

  21. I want a puppy soooo bad too! We have talked and talked about it, and finally the fiance is on board, but he doesn't want on right now. But he has said yes, and he is so not a dog person, but this will change, I know it. I keep telling him instead of baby fever, I have major puppy fever. :)

  22. I absolutely love my dog Holly and we're getting another German Shepherd puppy at the end of February. My biggest piece of advice is on the lack of sleep you're about to get. They are babies and it's important to keep that in mind. You will literally have to take your puppy out for bathroom breaks every hour. That includes while you're sleeping. It is also significantly easier to potty train a dog if it's raised with another one. Puppies can get into everything, so you'll have to puppy-proof wherever you live. This includes putting shoes away and putting cords up. Good luck on your puppy search!

  23. I LOVE dogs so much. We personally love rescues because they need a little extra lovin that puppies naturally get. But Rob and I personally don't own any because we know we like to travel, even if it is little day trips and stuff around California. When you get a dog, you feel responsible for the dog ALL the time. Like during the day when you're at work. Or even on Friday nights that used to be for dates. It's yours 24/7. Convince Fasha into getting a dog and just babysit it once in awhile. Who says the stuff we pulled when we were little, doesn't still work now? ;)

  24. We have 3. All rescues who love me because i saved their's a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

  25. Puppies are the best ever. You know how i know? Cuz we had two dogs that werent fixed, and they had 6 puppies one time. Ask me how many times me and the hubs mention wanting all that puppy love and puppy breath and floppiness all over the house...everyday. Get one.

  26. do it! my bf (urgh fiance, still weird) and i got a puppy after living together for about a year. we got a pug and he is the best. so much so, that we got another pug in the fall! just think about how much you'll want to be active with a dog. pugs are great because they are mostly lazy and we don't walk them that often because they get tired after 5 minutes of walking ha. so if you're thinking you won't want to deal with long walks, get a less active breed. i am biased, but i highly recommend pugs. i can send you approximately 1 million cute instagrams of my dogs if you're interested haha.

  27. We got a puppy about 3 days after getting married. I had baby fever but have always wanted a puppy and we finally had an apartment that was pet friendly. He's been an amazing "friend" and once you can get one don't hesitate! Only problem with this is it's caused my baby fever to go into overdrive. I just give my pup extra snuggles instead :)

  28. Dogs give nothing but unconditional love! Dogs make the best companions because they’ll never leave you whatever happens. The best thing I love about my dog is that she comforts me even without saying a single word. I don’t know, but looking into her eyes makes me feel that I’m not alone -- or that I’ll never be alone.

    -Elenora Coward

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  30. By doing this their immune system wouldn't have to work as hard to digest the food, making his/her immune system stronger to fight towards other things such as allergies, ear infections etc.pupy love

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