Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's Play Doctor. {Rated PG-13}

Something is happening to me. Specifically, my left underarm and my left upper boob.
If you get squirmish looking at a stranger's upper boob on the internet, or underarm for that matter, I advise you to look away.
I am in Thailand and I do not have a doctor to go to. And frankly, I have this thing about doctors and waiting until I'm on my death bed to actually go see one.
I usually just consult with Web M.D. and call it a day.
Buuuuuttttt, instead of spending any more time scaring myself silly with all of these crazy possible skin diseases, 
I decided to do the next natural thing: blog about it, of course.

Ready? Set. Go.

  • On our first full day here in Thailand, I swam in the ocean, the next morning I had these marks.
  • I have a raised red line on my left upper-boob area and 2 raised red criss-cross lines on my left underarm.
  • I do not recall getting scraped or cut.
  • They feel "raw," but not itchy. It also does not sting like a cut would.
  • It's been 5 days now with it.
  • Throughout the day it varies in how red it is. Sometimes bright red, sometimes a dull red.

CHEST {size of my Ray Bans lens}:


Now here is where you come in.

Is it:

A) A rash
B) Scabies
C) A cut gone bad
D) A bite from some Thai bug that is now infected
E) Who the heck knows, go to a doctor immediately!




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  1. Girl, it looks like jellyfish sting to me! When I was little in Bermuda I used to get that sort of thing all the time after a day at the beach, and you don't notice it at the time when you brush up against one. It's not harmful, just uncomfortable. I think you just put ice on it or whatever you need to sooth the discomfort, but it'll go away on its own. Still though, I'm not a doctor so it could be something completely different - but if I had to self diagnose, I would say jellyfish.

  2. see a doctor! lol

  3. I always get "cuts" and rashes from the beach - sometimes I think the sand can be really irritating. Although like nishaantishu I did also think "jellyfish sting" so maybe get to a pharmacy if you can't go to a doctor and ask them?

    OR google the jellyfish common to the waters where you swum and then google what their stings look like - haha!

  4. Jellyfish sting would make sense!

  5. I thought the same: jellyfish! You can go to a pharmacy and show them, that's what I did in bangkok when my ankle start growing like a potato, apparently it was an insect bite, but I didn't know. They would help you.

  6. The first thing I thought just from your description was jellyfish sting, too.

  7. I would say see a Doctor. I do not play when it comes to the girls!!

  8. Looks like jellyfish. But I would go see a doctor nevertheless. A friend once came back from Thailand with a red stripe on her hip and found out it was a bug that nested under her skin and wanderes around a bit (thats where the mark came from). Don't worry, I don't think theres something living in/under your marks, but you never know... ;)

  9. I'm thinking jellyfish sting. They are not unusual in Thailand. Go to some sketchy clinic - they'll get you sorted.

  10. You meant to say that you do not have a travel insurance??? You should have gotten one! It's not expensive...I'm from Spain and even when I'm travelling in Europe, I get one...

  11. I'd say jelly fish. Even if the actual jelly fish doesn't sting you you can get stung by bits of their bodies floating in the water. Gross! I know. It doesn't hurt as much as when an actual jelly fish stings you but can still be painful and leave a mark.

    Good luck!

  12. Many times in foreign countries the pharmacist is able to "diagnose" and recommend something for you without having to see a doctor first. Ask at the resort where they would recommend you go for some help.

  13. I have no idea - I hope you feel better!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. Go to the doctor! I can say it is probably not Scabies. I've had those and they cover your ENTIRE body with red spots, not lines.

    feel betterr!

  15. I was thinking jellyfish, too...but seriously don;t know how you wouldn't have felt that! I suggest checking with a doctor, should be pretty cheap!
    Good luck, lady!

  16. I also think "jellyfish but go to the doctor."
    Good luck, so scary!

  17. I'm afraid to go to Thailand. I always hear of people getting sick or dying after they come back to Thailand lol

  18. I will echo most people and say it's probably a jellyfish sting.

    As long as it doesn't get worse, I wouldn't worry about it, but I'm also anti-doctor. If a week or two goes by and no change, then maybe hunt one down.

    Don't panic, I'm sure you're fine!

  19. Ok, if it was a jellyfish like everyone is saying, then you are made of pure iron and steel to not notice those tentacles of lightning!:-) xoxo

  20. Lol go see a doctor woman. I won't be your free doctor, mostly because I'm untrained and underpaid but also because I would really hate for your blog to end. So see one of those cheap doctors at least!

  21. I have no clue, but I know it's definitely not scabies. Scabies are extremely itchy! I agree with most saying it may just as well be jellyfish, but no matter what, definitely go see a doctor!

  22. My cousin gets those all the time when he swims in Corona Del Mar, I think he's allergic to floating seaweeds... BUT I would still go to the MD girl! GO!

  23. Def not scabies. I'd go ahead & agree with mostly everyone else and say jellyfish. Go to a pharmacy & ask :)

  24. Jellyfish! Have V dizzle pee on it. Boom, taken care of ;)

  25. Hope you're ok! I'd say jellyfish too. Try some hydrocortizone and see what happens

  26. I would also agree- it looks like a jellyfish and they can sting and it can hurt at times and others you don't even notice! Is there any form of Walgreens/CVS there? Ask a pharmacist if you can find one! Hope it heals soon! Ouch!

  27. dude, i totally thought jellyfish immediately. sometimes if they're small, they don't hurt when they sting, but get irritated afterward.

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