Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's that time of year again...

Well shoot. Have we really already lived an entire month of 2013?
I know we say this every year, every month, and sometimes every other day in my case, but where is the time going?!

Tomorrow is the first day of February, in case you live in a cave and weren't aware.
The month filled with flowers, hearts, and buckets of chocolate...
Or bitter single women, angrily downing their wine while bad-mouthing the existence of men with their other single and bitter girlfriends.
Ah yes, those were the days...
Then I had to go and get myself a lover. Sorry, girls. I think this one's staying for awhile, too.

Oh, remember the days when Valentine's Day was a "holiday" you woke up excited for?
You know, back when you were in elementary school...
Ten years old, an Aladdin Valentine's card for each of your classmates,
complete with candy taped on it.

The days where it was mandatory to get everyone in the class a card so as not to leave anyone out, of course.
But then you always saved the best candy for your besties and crushes.
Yes, plural for crushes.
At ten years old, having multiple love interests isn't quite frowned upon...yet.

Anyway, whether you're single or not, I have a special treat for you.

Remember Heidi from Row House 14 who makes those adorable Etsy greeting cards?
Well today, you can win a $20 shop credit to her store!
So for all you lovers, you can get adorable cards filled with love and kisses like this:

And for all you V-Day haters, you can get an awesomely hilarious card like this:

If it were up to me though, I would pick this card. But I'm biased and dating a sexy man whom I just so happen to also really like...and his butt:

I hope you had a grand January.
And I hope you have an even grander February!

Now go forth, and enter!

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  1. Hahaha!! I'll take the middle one!! Jk

  2. I loveee the "I love you 365 days a year" card! It's so true haha!

  3. I could use any one of those cards :)

  4. Mishi Mishi, I cannot pick just one--COME ON NOW! I love them all!

  5. These are too cute! I don't mind Valentine's but I do like the "haters" cards!

  6. I like the You are awesome cards under the all occasions tab...they're awesome.

  7. I think I've said this before but the "You're my love oven" is my fav!

  8. I love the cute butt one too. I mostly just like the enjoy the fact that I'm not the bitter valentines girl lol

  9. All of her cards are great, but I do love cute butts! :)

  10. I love the "Your love knocks my socks off!" That is perfect for Valentine's day!

  11. The cute butt one is def my favorite - already have it at home, waiting to give it to the bf :)

  12. Stud muffin is cute, also the 365 day one. I'm sappy.

  13. These are so cute! So hard to pick JUST one. But Stud Muffin is too cute:)

  14. I like the cherry one:

  15. I like the You're my love oven!!!



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