Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here's where we stopped the planning and now I start the panicking.

So we're leaving Europe in 5 days.
We have our tickets booked from Rome to Koh Samui, Thailand.
We have our place booked on Koh Samui for 30 days.


And then....


We have absolutely no idea where we will be as of February 9, 2013.

Do we stay in Thailand?
Will the mosquitoes have killed me by then?
Do we venture off to Bali?
Do I find myself on a plane back to America?

I don't know!

We've spent the last hour or two searching online for places to go after Thailand that will be both cost effective and time worthy...

So far, nothing has been booked.

Here's where I ask for help.
Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Have you done any treks across South East Asia?
Are planes required to go between countries?
Do they have trains like in Europe?
Should I just stake out in a hut on the beach for a few months to save money?

The only plan we have is that we have to be in Amsterdam on April 14th.
Other than that...nadda.

Ready. Set. GO! <---That's you commenting with your genius knowledge.



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  1. I went to Bali last summer and loved it! A bit more money than Thailand but not by much. You can find decent backpackers for under 20 a night and meals are anywhere from 5-10 for bigger meals. A ton to see too! I would recommend Ubud and Kuta. Other than that I have heard that you can travel between Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam by bus or cheap airfare. And they're all around the same price range as what you'll find in Thailand. Hope that helped some!

  2. You ought to come to Malaysia! In case you don't know, Malaysia is just beneath Thailand. It has literally everything. I mean, if you want to experience a little bit more of South East Asia, we have more than 10 races of people here (3 in main). If you need some chilly weather after 30 days in Thailand, we have some highlands where temperature falls below 20'c (that IS chilly for SEAsians). We have awesome beaches, mountains and forest.And ohhhh-some foods. How can you not come! What's more, you can too go to Singapore at the end of your stay in Malaysia, it's just some miles away from our country. Living standards in Malaysia varies, but it basically cost the same as in Thailand.

    The only downside is you might need to travel a bit more than booking a spot for 30days. There's a distance between mountain and beach. HAHA! About 3-4 hours.
    I hope you find my opinions helpful.
    I'll be very thrilled to have you in the country!

  3. you can always come visit me in tanzania (east africa)! not a typical travel destination for americans, and maybe a little out of your comfort zone, but we have some pretty nice beaches and a culture you really can't experience anywhere else. check out zanzibar! :)

  4. Do visit Malaysia and the all the way down to Singapore.Singapore is a great and clean country.Remember,if you ever visit Singapore do go to Sentosa Beach.Amazing view here..

  5. Skipping ahead to Amsterdam...will you be in Amsterdam for Queen's Day on April 30th? CRAZIEST STREET PARTY OF THE YEAR! Highly recommended! Enjoy SE Asia! Looking forward to see what your plan is :)

  6. You sound like such a terd. Oh my god! I'm so worried, I'm traveling the world with my super hot boyfriend! HELP! haha you know I love you! You should probably come to Michigan :P clearly totally kidding, but I miss you gchatting with you!!

  7. I've been tricked! I thought something was seriously wrong! Hehe, glad it's not, but you do have a dilemma on your hands! Are you guys checking out South America at all on your travels?

  8. I happen to love Seoul and South Korea and it's pretty cheap while you're there. They have amazing trains that can take you all over the country. Busan at the South is beautiful too!

  9. You should check out, find the best rated places in South East Asia, and just go there! You'll find super cheap accommodation and meet other travelers, too (one of the best parts of traveling!)

  10. what countries did you do in Europe yet? because you could go to so many rad places on your trek back to amsterdam! there are soooo many rad places that take 2-4 days to check out and are easily accessible by train! lemme know! i'd be happy to send you a few places that you guys would LOVE. for example, interlaken, switzerland. peep it.

  11. Stay in SE Asia and go to Vietnam! I was in Vietnam this time last year and it's one of the best vacations I've ever taken. It's super cheap to get around there and the country is small so you can see the entire country in a handful of days. You can fly super cheaply in between countries in SE Asia so it shouldn't be expensive at all to fly from Thailand to Vietnam. I seriously can't say enough good things about Vietnam. It's warm, the food is delicious, the beer is plentiful and cheap (we're talking good stuff for less and a dollar...), and everyone speaks English so it's super easy to communicate and travel around. If you decide to go, I have some of the vendors we used while there that were super great and we loved working with (hotels & tours, etc).

  12. I just realized I never got back to you with volunteer options... so sorry, I'll work on that for you today! Anyway, definitely go to Vietnam... it was my favorite country out of everywhere I went in SE Asia. Beautiful, cheaper than Thailand, and phenomenal food. You will love it! xox

  13. You have Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines and Vietnam~ All great places to visit!

  14. I'm so excited to see your pics of Thailand!!

    As far as suggestions, yeah I'm no help there lol. Sorry girl!

  15. You can find really cheap flight tickets on Air Asia, but,are you sure you want to stay one month in Koh Samui? There is so much to see in Thailand, and so easy and cheap to travel by train, you must see Chatuchak market, Kao san road and National Palace in Bangkok, Ayutayha, Sukotai, the white temple near Chang Rai, Chang Mai, Pai (everyone speaks so well about Pai, but you need time to get there, and of course Koh Phi Phi, Railay bay and Phang Nga Bay, apart from partying in Ko Phangan and relaxing in Ko Tao.
    To get cheap accomodation in Thailand I used Agoda. I hope it helps.

  16. i have no ideas on where to go but good luck! :) just go somewhere warm, it's been so cold in san diego lately.

  17. How about Australia? I lived there for nearly a year while in college and I promise that once you visit you will never want to leave! ;)

  18. Scotland. do it. I dream of going there again...or Ireland. you will not regret it.

  19. I can't say enough good things about Costa Rica/Central America, and its relatively inexpensive, just would pricey to get here :)

  20. BALI. But then, it's nice if you know locals there because sometimes the people there like to trick you into paying "tourist" price. If you want, I can let a good friend of mine help you around in Bali. He lives in Jakarta though.

    you should hit like Eastern Europe or other SE Asian Countries.


  21. We went to Thailand this last March and loved it!! Bangkok is a hole! You really only need a day or two there. Chang Mai, up north, is where we rode elephants & visited Tiger Kingdom, which was the highlight of the north! You can pet them and play with baby tigers!! Our favorite place in Thailand we went to was Phi Phi. It's an island off Phuket and was so relaxing!! You should check it out while your there. Monkey beach in Phi Phi had baby powder sand and the clearest water (and monkeys)!! Ps- Best Thia and Indian food you will ever have!! Plus everything is super duper cheap!!

    Since you will be in Thailand though you really need to hop over to Cambodia and Vietnam. Siem Reap in Cambodia was our favorite! The ruins are amazing and the cutest kids you will ever see in your life. We've decided we have to adopt one some day...probably. Cambodia takes American dollars which is nice and it's also super cheap! We didn't make it over to Vietnam, but from what we heard we really missed out. Apparently it's very lush and green and junglely.

    Good luck in choosing your destinations! I'm sure you will find some amazing places to visit!

  22. You have to go to Hong Kong and Singapore, but you will have to fly. While getting to Thailand by plane might be expensive, eating, living, and drinking there isn't. Bangkok is a must see as is Phi Phi island, the place where that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed? Can't remember what the movie is called. Good luck! -Jessica L

  23. Good luck! I've never been to that part of Asia near Thailand but if you hit up Hong Kong or Taiwan, you won't be disappointed!

  24. I cannot recommend siem reap cambodia enough! the people were so friendly & kind, very cheap to stay & eat and the angkor wat ruins are so incredible.

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