Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's that time of year again...

Well shoot. Have we really already lived an entire month of 2013?
I know we say this every year, every month, and sometimes every other day in my case, but where is the time going?!

Tomorrow is the first day of February, in case you live in a cave and weren't aware.
The month filled with flowers, hearts, and buckets of chocolate...
Or bitter single women, angrily downing their wine while bad-mouthing the existence of men with their other single and bitter girlfriends.
Ah yes, those were the days...
Then I had to go and get myself a lover. Sorry, girls. I think this one's staying for awhile, too.

Oh, remember the days when Valentine's Day was a "holiday" you woke up excited for?
You know, back when you were in elementary school...
Ten years old, an Aladdin Valentine's card for each of your classmates,
complete with candy taped on it.

The days where it was mandatory to get everyone in the class a card so as not to leave anyone out, of course.
But then you always saved the best candy for your besties and crushes.
Yes, plural for crushes.
At ten years old, having multiple love interests isn't quite frowned upon...yet.

Anyway, whether you're single or not, I have a special treat for you.

Remember Heidi from Row House 14 who makes those adorable Etsy greeting cards?
Well today, you can win a $20 shop credit to her store!
So for all you lovers, you can get adorable cards filled with love and kisses like this:

And for all you V-Day haters, you can get an awesomely hilarious card like this:

If it were up to me though, I would pick this card. But I'm biased and dating a sexy man whom I just so happen to also really like...and his butt:

I hope you had a grand January.
And I hope you have an even grander February!

Now go forth, and enter!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clearly, I had a productive day...

When I woke up this morning, around 11am, 
I opened my computer and found this very motivational picture.
It was so motivational that I immediately set it as my desktop background, 
then had to Instagram it right away, of course.

I was so pumped and ready for the day, 
that I decided to finally take care of this rat's nest 
after 4 long days of no showering:

After said shower, I jumped, hopped, and skipped back to my computer to check 
all social media connections.
I was just so motivated!
 I then found this comment from Fasha about said photo:

I really don't know what's so funny about your daughter looking disheveled and unkept.
But I will say this.
The man really knows how to stay true to his Asian roots, I tell ya.
{I swear he has better grammar than that in real life.}

Then, as if all of that wasn't productive enough, 
I hopped on the scooter, grabbed myself a Starbucks iced coffee, 
then scooted on home.

After that strenuous ride, I was still pretty pumped and determined to 
make my day as productive as possible.

So I ordered pizza for delivery.
Devoured about 3.5 slices.
Watched the lastest episode of New Girl.
Then threw my hair up and danced around like I was an 80's aerobics instructor.
Because I was pumped!

And now I'm here, "Making It Happen," 
by blogging about it all just. for. you.
I have high hopes to pump you up for this Hump Day, friend.
So go on, get out there, and do some humping make it happen!

I'm pretty beat now, so I think I'll head to bed...


P.S. Just a few more days left for this Group Giveaway extravaganza + a free HTC phone! Holler.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is me over-sharing unwanted details again...

The worst time of day to take a nap would be 7pm.
How do I know this? Because now it's 9:30pm and I'm wide awake.
But I'll tell you what: I have good reason for this fatigued body of mine.

This has been my third day in bed, only getting up to grab some food, then heading right back for the pillows.

Day 1 - no excuse other than sheer laziness.
But day 2, that's when the nightmare occurred.

You see, The ThaiDizzle and I got up, bright and early, with high hopes and goals for the day.
We went running. Did you hear that? R-u-n-n-i-n-g.
I can barely believe it myself, but it happened.
Then, we went to our favorite breakfast spot here on the island and ordered our usual:
Three Egg Omelettes.
Tomatoes and onions for me. Tomatoes and mushrooms for him.
Now normally, these omelettes are the bomb dot com.
I could eat them twice a day probably.
But something about this particular omelette wasn't making me jump for joy.
But I just ignored those signs and pushed through.
Towards the end of the omelette, I kept thinking, "Hmm...this doesn't seem cooked enough. Maybe I should stop eating it. Buuutttt, I probably shouldn't waste food because of all those starving children and all. Welp, bottoms up!"
Then I ate it all anyway.

Fast forward 2 hours and a nausea train hit me. And it hit hard.
Boom. In the bathroom over. and over. and over again.
I couldn't keep anything down. Fruit smoothie? Gone. Pineapple? Gone. Gatorade? Gone.
Part of me really wants to share more details with you on what I'm even surprised my body could do, but I'm pretty sure you have vivid enough imaginations and I'm pretty sure you just don't need to know that part of my life.
So I'll spare you. You're welcome.
Just pretend this is me:

Anyway, let's just say I googled my symptoms and came back with results of:

Food poisoning
Traveler's diarrhea

Oh, and liver cancer. But that's just me being dramatic and it's probably not that. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, moving on.
I spent most of the night waking up with horrible abdominal pain and spent all of today sleepy and in similar pain.
Hence the 7pm nap.
And get this, The Dizzle has been having similar "stomach issues" today!
He had the omelette too! It's confirmed! Blame the omelette! 
{I sound a little too excited about The Dizzle being sick.}

It's a real shame. Because this experience has now ruined those omelettes for me and I will probably never have one again. Probably. Let's not get too carried away and ban them for life just yet.

Anyway, that's what's exciting over in my neck of the woods.
I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.
But before I go, I'd like you all to meet Julie!
If you don't know, Julie is a saucy little minx who was living in Paris, now Brussels, then soon to be Canada. International lover, yo!
I hope you can show her some blog love and follow along on her adventures!

Take it away, Julie!


Namaste guys, 

I'm Julie from the brand new ( is now my french blog). 

Today i'm here to talk about cheap makeup.
I know i know, when someone a few months ago tried to talk to me about $2 lipstick I just pretended to listen while making my grocery list in my head (i do that a lot, i'm a bad person). 
BUT now i'm a girl with a plan! 

A plan on savings in order to move across the world in a few months.
I need to make some budget cuts and buying cheaper makeup than my usual Chanel foundations, YSL concealer, and Dior lipstick is necessary (unless someone is ready to sponsor my little life? No? okay, let's get back to the cheap makeup then! Thanks ya'll). 

On a more serious note, It also made me realise that it's not always about the price, the obvious, the showy things. It's not because you can afford something that you should use it. Especially when there is a good alternative on the market.
Being reasonable is good, it's mature.  And we clearly don't need to sacrifice quality over price, right?

So to prove to myself I can make this, I've decided to do my complete New Year's Eve makeup with E.L.F

And here is the result :

Am i on the right track here? Or should i get back to expensive products and quit the savings/moving thing already? 

Can't go wrong with some money saving tips!
P.S. I ordered a bunch of E.L.F products before I left The States and we're talking $2 nail polishes and $3 eye shadows. Pretty darn good quality too!
I approve.
Thanks Julie!!

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppy Fever

It's happened.
I want a puppy.
And I want one bad.
This yearning has been developing for a little while now, but as of recently, it's been at the forefront of my mind.

You know that feeling you have when you just really want a baby and your uterus is just aching for one?
That's me. Except with a puppy. And my uterus is not aching.
So... essentially the same thing.

And I know what you're thinking, "Michelle, you're off traveling the world! You can't possibly get a puppy right now, you silly goon!"
And I would agree with you.
It would be slightly difficult {and expensive} to try and bring little Oprah on a plane with me.
{I've kind of always had a thing for naming my dog Oprah.
In the most respectful and awe-inspring way towards the actual Oprah, of course.}

Anyway, I'm just thinking ahead for when we do return to the good ol' U-S-of-A.
And good news!
The Dizzle is on board!
Did you hear that people?
The guy that used to have a hard time committing to anything bigger than next week's dinner reservations has now joined me in a quest for a new puppy!
My how we've grown!

Though, last night in a serious puppy-talk convo, The Dizzle may or may not have expressed slight concerns with how I would handle the "big responsibility" that comes with having a puppy: daily walks, feeding, playing, cleaning up after, etc.
What? Me?
I have no idea why he was concerned.
I mean, I'm basically the cleanest person alive.
And when I had dogs growing up, I would walk them every. single. day.

Okay that's a lie. A big fat juicy lie.

I was kind of a horrible dog owner. You know, the kind that begs and pleads for a dog and swears until she's blue in the face that she'll take complete responsibility for, then after the first few weeks of having said dog would pawn off all responsibility to her mother {sorry Mom}?
Yeah, that was me, unfortunately.
But what do you expect from a 10 year old?! I was too busy playing mermaids and getting my hair braided!

But you see, now I am at the mature age of 26 and I will prove to The Dizzle that I can care for another soul!
He'll see.
He's going to be blown away by my maturity.

Plus, when we get back to the States, I'm pretty sure I'll be headed towards a deep depression from having to halt my traveling.
So the only thing that can save me will be a little puppy to love me forever.
Right? Right.

Do any of you have dogs with your significant other?
Good idea? Huge mistake? Tips? Advice?
I wanna hear it all!


P.S. Speaking of puppies....have you entered that ginormous group giveaway yet? 
How about for that free HTC phone?

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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Prodigal Phone Returned.

So remember when I was only like 12 days in to this big world traveling extravaganza of mine and I got my iPhone stolen while riding the metro in Barcelona?
Well I do.
And it still haunts me to this day.
That phone was like my child. My child that was stolen right before my eyes!
And now it's been almost two months sans cellular device.
Poor V Dizzle had to pry his own cell phone out of my hands just so he could use it for himself.

And then.

My life turned around and the prodigal child phone returned!
The team over at HTC reached out and sent me their brand spankin' new Troop One X+.
{Yes, it made it all the way out here to Thailand c/o my mother.}

Now hear me out. I was an iPhone lover through and through. I never thought I'd use anything else for as long as we both shall live.
But this Troop One X+ is pretty stinkin' amazing, my friends.
The picture quality, the HD video, the Beats Audio sound quality, the thinness, the lightness, I could go on and on!
I'm so happy and grateful for a wonderful phone back in my life.

Now, now, before you get all green with jealousy, I am here to share some good news!

YOU can have one too!

Then we can be phone besties fo' life.
And I'll send you video messages every night before bed.
It'll be creepy magical.

*Available to US Residents only
*Optimized for AT&T - Service not included
*Winner will receive phone within 4 weeks from giveaway's ending
*This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HTC. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Should I return to my Soul Roots?

Some of you know about the time in my life when I was just a young little gal creeping up on her 10th birthday. The only thing I wanted for this milestone of an age was to have my entire head braided, complete with beads. Then, after the braiding sesh, I wanted to go to the local ice-skating rink, complete with profesh ice-skating garb.

Was I an ice-skater? No.
Did I have soul? Clearly.

So I got my wish.
My mother looked up the nearest salon that catered to the "African American decent" {I kid you not} and I sat in a chair for 4 hours watching my dream unfold, braid by braid.
I donned that 'do for the entire summer.
And let's just say, it was the best summer of my life.

Anyway, this was probably one of the first childhood stories I told The Dizzle when we first started dating and he's held it closely to his heart ever since.
Because clearly, he's got soul too.

So fast forward to Thailand, 2013.

Basically any massage station you come across here, they have a creepy little mannequin head with its hair braided as a marketing tool for tourists to get their head braided as well.

And clearly this "marketing tool" has been working because for the last two weeks I've been seeing tourists (mostly under the age of 7) donning a sassy head of hair.

And let's just say, I may or may not be slightly jealous.

The ThaiDizzle has been practically begging me to do it so I can recreate the magic, circa 1996.
Buuuuuuut, I don't know. I mean, I'm 26 now. That just seems silly, right? Plus, I have layers and then I'd probably need to get a do-rag so as to keep it in its most pristine condition. It just seems like it'd be a bigger hassle than its worth.


I probably won't do it. But don't be completely surprised if you see some soul filled braids blowing up your Instagram feed sometime in the next two weeks.


P.S. Get your Group Giveaway action on and make sure to enter for some phat prizes. 
Yeah, I said "phat". <--Soul, remember?

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where do we go from here?

So we've been gone from America for 67 days now.
And it's hard to believe two months have already flown by.
But then I think back to everything we've done in just two months: Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence, Rome, Thailand...
And I'm blown away.
THEN I think we still have 90 days from now that are still planned: Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Amsterdam...
And I'm blown away again.

We have longer to go than what we've already done.

V Dizzle and I have been having a lot of talks these past few days on how we're feeling about this traveling, how we're feeling on what's to come, and how we're feeling about "going home."

Ah, yes. Going home. That's the tricky part. Because
A) we don't technically have a home and
B) we have no idea where home should be.

And for any of you that's done the whole "quit your life to go travel for an indefinite period of time," how the hell are you supposed to just "go home" and then start up life again?
Is it not as big of a deal as I think it is?
Will it feel just the same as if I never left?
Or will I go into a deep dark depression because I'm not seeing this guy around every corner?

I'm kind of scared, I'm kind of confused, and I'm kind of excited.
Very mixed feelings, as you can see.
But I keep telling myself that everything will work out, because well, it just has to.
We've made it this far and I'm sure when the time comes to make some decisions, we'll be ready to.
For now, I'm not ready to decide anything.
For now, I'm focusing on my present.
And my present includes omelettes on the beach this morning, a jog {who am I?} with my love in the rain, followed by a swim in the ocean. Then stripping down in our bathtub to do about 10 pounds of laundry together. Sounds fun {and highly sexy}, doesn't it?
So yeah, for now, I'd rather just enjoy these last 2 weeks I have left in Thailand and not think about later.
But you know, if you'd like to think about later for me...Be my guest.
You know how to reach me. ;)


P.S. I REALLY hope you've entered in the GINORMOUS group giveaway that's happening right now!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GINORMOUS Group Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday!
And what a happy Tuesday it is.

This is probably my most exciting blog post ever.
No really, EVER.
I have teamed up with a bunch of amazing bloggers for this GINORMOUS group giveaway.

You're in for a treat. A treat I tell you!

We've got giftcards, we've got ad space, we've got a free blog makeover.
Basically, this here giveaway is a

And one of you gets to take the whole. thing. home!
That's right.
One winner takes all.

So get ready. Get Set. Go!

{P.S. If you've never done this before or have no idea what a 'Group Giveaway' is, no need to fret!
You just gotta head to the bottom and enter!
The only mandatory entry is that you are a follower of this blog.
But of course, there are many other ways to have additional entries.
And the more entries, the better chances of winning. Obvi.
So be sure to show some Blog Love to all of these amazing gals!
And no, you don't have to have your own blog to enter and win.
Anyone with a finger {or toe} to click "enter" is eligible!}

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