Monday, December 24, 2012

To You, For The Holiday.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, friend.
No matter what you celebrate or what Christmas time means to you, I just hope that you get to spend these few days with the people that mean something to you.

If there's one thing I've learned from being away for 35+ days, it's that being with the people you love is nothing short of priceless.

Today, we're leaving Venice and we're going to be spending Christmas Eve on a train to Monterosso (Cinque Terre).
We'll be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas night there.

With zero internet.

I'm not going to lie, but I'm feeling slightly bummed about that. 
I was really hoping to Skype with my family on Christmas Day.

You see, everyone flew in to San Diego a few days ago.
And now they're all together {which is a rarity these days}!

My sister and her husband from Tennessee...
My mom, brother, and nephew from Georgia...
My brother, S-I-L, and new baby niece...
Fasha and Princess Sophia...
Plus aunts, uncles, and cousins galore...

All together, eating lots of yummy AMERICAN food, sitting near a warm fire, laughing and sharing stories, passing around the new baby...

Oh, Christmas...

Can you tell being away this holiday has been a bit rough on me?
I'm trying to stay upbeat and for the most part, I am.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
I'm in Italy! For Christmas!
I've got my Boo by my side, and there's not much more I could ask for...

...except maybe Wifi, so I could Skype in on all the fun. :/
{Ba Humbug.}

Anyway. Don't mind me and my whining.
Go enjoy the friends, family, and yummy food!

We'll be spending Christmas hiking Cinque Terre!

That's right.
You eat all that fattening food...
I'll be working on my glutes.
So there.




  1. Happy Holidays Michelle & Verner!!! Sending you massive amounts of good vibes :)


  2. that holiday card is pretty perfect.
    i hope you get WIFI for xmas!

  3. Merry Christmas - even if it's not with the family. We spent last holiday season alone and it wasn't near as bad as I envisioned!

  4. hahaha even that Camel can't resist V-Dizzle. Awesome.
    Gurl, later on in life you'll be like, "oh I've spent Xmas in Italy" and I'll be the one jealouz.
    but i do hope you can skype though!

    xo, Rima

  5. Sorry you'll be missing your family, but you're right, this is once in a lifetime and you'll have the rest of your life to hang out with them!! I'm sure they miss you both but are happy for you on your adventure around the world. Awesome camel shot!

  6. Hope you and your boo had a wonderful Christmas in Italy. It sucks missing family but the two of you are creating your own special memories that will last a lifetime. :)

  7. Happy Holidays!! Hope you got to Skype your fam and there is always next year :)

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