Thursday, December 6, 2012

PMS-ing in Paris

I took this last night at The Louvre. ZERO editing done, can you believe that?!
The lighting...crazy beautiful, if I do say so myself.

You know those times when you're PMS-ing but you aren't quite aware of it yet?
I could have sworn I wouldn't be in that "danger zone" for another week or so.
But here I am, in beautiful Paris, and yet Crazy Connie is determined to make this experience a negative one.

It wasn't until about an hour ago when I checked my pills pack and realized that, 
"Ah, yes, this is why."
So I quickly held up the pack to The Dizzle, saint that he is, and said, 
"Look! There's a reason why I've been a raging biznatch!!! Hallelujah!"

Somehow it just makes me feel better that at least there is a biological explanation for my irrational behavior and that I haven't been borderline psychotic for no reason.

So, as much as I'd love to just curl up in bed all day, eat 10 pounds of chocolate, complete with my sexy sweatpants, I will resist.

I'm in Paris, people. PARIS!
Who knows if or when I'll ever be back here again.

So we are off to see The Eiffel Tower today.
And dammit, I will enjoy it!




  1. OMG! Look at you and your photog skills! Great pic! And yes, don't let the PMS get you down in the city of love (oh, the irony). Can't wait to hear more! xo

  2. You should check out some cities in Germany, too. Have fun exploring la belle ville de Paris!

  3. Sooooo jealous!!! If you get a chance go to the Jewish quarter and get falafel!!!! Siigghhh.... Enjoy for the rest of us :)

  4. how amazing was it?? this place is on my list to go to "someday"!!!

  5. Did you think you could just leave Connie at home?!

    GORGEOUS photo!!!!

  6. you can do it lady! i mean - how can you not when you look at that picture!?

  7. Enjoy my favorite place in the whole world!!! :)

  8. Get to doin' fab Paris things girl. Because I'm PMSing and I CAN'T DO FUN THINGS. So do it for the two of us.

  9. Hahha ah good luck!! I have complete faith that you can beat that Connie biotch.

  10. Omg Michelle, that photo is GORGEOUS. And I am not at all surprised that there's no filter or editing at all. That's Paris for you. God, I love that city. Tell Crazy Connie to GTFO and have the BEST time!!! Eat a sandwiche for me, with brie and tomatos- you will NOT regret it!!!! And french fries from a street vendor. Go to Montmartre- they have the best crepes near Moulin Rouge. Ugh, I'm reminiscing now, look what you've done. Le sigh.


  11. Oh, I wish I was there with you! Make sure you get a good pic from the top of the Tower. Love you!!

  12. The first photo is awesome! Great golden light! Hope Connie can behave herself while Mish is enjoying PARIS! WOW!

  13. Héhé, Happy parisian PMS'ing ;)

  14. It's always my husband that asks me if it's that time? I'm crazy hormonal and he'll just look at me sweet at can be and ask 'could it be because it's that time?' i actually love that he's perfectly ok with blaming it on that! have fun in paris!! pms or not!

  15. Well, I guess if you have PMS at least it is in a great location! lol :)

  16. OH MY GOD that was me today. It took me a while to realize why I've been such a bitch these past couple of days. Yes. PMS. That's why.

  17. lol i didn't like paris at all and i feel like it's partly because it was CRAZZYYYY hot and also probably bc i was PMSing..i have an almost identical picture of the ET at night!! so prettttyyyy

  18. That picture is amazing!!!! I'm so jealous! :)



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