Friday, December 21, 2012

Only 36 hours in and Italy has been quite the trip so far.

We made it to Venice last night via a high speed train from Milan.
And let me just tell you, that was one of the most stressful travel days for me thus far.
I know we've been warned that Italian drivers are crazy, but that was crazy.
I also know now why everyone suggested I take the smallest suitcase possible, because those Italian cobblestone roads are not an easy feat when lugging your possessions around in a panic, trying to find your way to the train station.

Also,Verner almost got mugged at the train station during those 10 minutes we parted ways because I just had to go get a Whopper from Burger King and he stayed at the opposite end to get a sandwich instead, like a normal non-picky eater.
Fortunately, nothing more than having his personal bubble space invaded happened.

Oh, and that Whopper of mine almost made us miss our train.

Picture This:
The Dizzle running as fast as he can, trying to catch the train, with his backpack on and suitcase wheeling. Then, trailing about 8 feet behind, a little 5'4" Asian in a big puffy blue jacket, ginormous backpack on, big purple suitcase wheeling behind and tripping her every few feet, and a big Burger King bag in the other hand.

We made it. Barely.

Fortunately, the Whopper was pretty amazing.

Anyway. Anyway!

We're in Venice now.
We are going to explore this wonderful city.
And I am going to eat some gelato, dammit! I don't care if it's only 40 degrees outside. I will have me some Italian gelato!

Happy Friday.


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  1. Absolutely LOVE Venice! Have such an amazing time!

  2. That mental picture is amazing! Glad you made it!

  3. Have fun in Venice! Enjoy some gelato.

  4. My poor husband had to lug my heavy suitcase up and down all the Trenitalia stations on our honeymoon. (Shh! I didn't even use HALF of what I packed!!) Please visit Murano island while you're there! One of my favorite memories of Venice. And stay away from the world's first casino there. Have fun!

  5. oooh! Gelato! It is the best! Italians ARE crazy drivers. We saw whole families riding on mopeds, moms holding their tiny babies while driving, and of course lots of insane driving and disregard for common sense. lol

  6. Kinda reminds me of all you kids running to be the LAST ones on the plane to Korea! There's a very good reason to be EARLY for travel departures....much less stress! Love you!!!

  7. Wow talk about an adventure. I hope you enjoy your time in Venice. :)

  8. Glad he wasn't actually mugged! Those Italians sure have balls though! Glad you made your train! Have fun in Venice!

  9. Love Venice!

    We were there for our honeymoon and it's such a gorgeous city!

    Have fun and stay safe!

  10. ugh the Milan train station is the WORST! We had somebody totally take advantage of us. He offered to help us with our bags and then wouldn't give them back until we paid him $20. Plus having to luge the suitcase up and down the trains is horrible! Venice is much better than the Milano train station, I promise!

  11. Stay safe! That photo is gorgeous!

  12. Have an AMAZING time. Venice is a dream of mine. After all that I'm sure glad that the burger was worth it!

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