Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Off to PARIS! (+ a Giveaway with Brussels goodies!}

How much do I sound like a spoiled brat right now?
"Off to Paris!" as if I'm telling you, "Off to McDonald's!"
Sheesh. My apologies if I sound like I'm bragging.
But, I mean...okay, fine. Maybe I am, just a little...

We are hopping on a flight today from Barcelona to Paris until Saturday.
I checked the weather, and dear holy guac, it's going to be freezing.
Being a San Diego native, this body of mine is just not getting used to anything less than 65 degrees.
Again, you may call me a spoiled brat right now. But don't blame me, blame my parents who birthed and raised me in Southern California. Thankyouverymuch.

For the first time, I have found a reason to come back to Spain.
And that reason is Barcelona.
I love, love, love that city, and I'm sure many of you can agree!
We always semi-joked that if we ever found a city we loved along the way, there wouldn't be much from stopping us from just settling down for awhile and living there.

I think we may have found that city, folks.

I mean, no where else are you going to find the world's largest vending machines:

But, we're off to see more of our planned stops first and hopefully sometime in February/March we can come back and see more of this beautiful city.


See you in Paris, friends!
But first, here's a word from the hilarious Julie who blogs over at Can Soup Lover and actually lives in Paris! (lucky...)

She's also doing a giveaway for a few of her favorite things from Brussels!
Think: Belgian Chocolate, Speculoos, Foie Gras, etc... #yum

Don't forget to enter below!


Hi Michelle's friends! 
I bet we are all 100% happy that she's off traveling the world, right? 
What?? You're 90% happy and a teeny tiny 10% jealous?? Yeah, let's confess, me too... :)

As I have some traveling abroad experience myself I should warn you : traveling is not always glamourous!

Sometimes you end up looking like crap on the plane...

Experience cold water... 

Get sunburned...

Meet weird people...

Try your best to look good...

And fail...

Sleep in weird places*...

Eat odd things...

 Get caught doing silly things...

And so on...
But after all, who am I kidding?? Traveling is AWESOME  :)

*On the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thaïland


Go on and show her some blog love!!
Good Luck and Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Enjoy your stay in Paris Mish!

  2. We really liked Barcelona too --- but I like you'll love Valencia and my personal favourite, Granada! Bon voyage á Paris!

  3. Cant wait to see your paris pictures! Is it snowing there?! Its only 4 hours from here so I imagine it is!!

  4. Enjoy Paris! Yes, its freezing here but don't let it deter you! Maybe the sun will be nice enough to make an appearance for you!

  5. Oooh la la! Can't wait to hear your visit to the city of love!!! (in my best Peppy Le Pew voice ;)

  6. Enjoy Paris you lucky duck! Aside from the freezing temperatures, the city must be absolutely magical this time of year :)

    ps I also loved Barcelona!

  7. Eeee enjoy Paris! I've always ALWAYS wanted to go there!

  8. Make sure you go to the top of the Eiffel tower, since we didn't do it the last time you were in Paris! Bundle up!!!

  9. you're going to LOVE Paris. love it.

  10. AHH breath Taking.. and oh just Paris?! umm only in my dreams!! So take lots of pix for me yeah?! My dreams are not that detailed at times lol

  11. MORE PICS. I'm living vicariously through you here, keep feeding me the good stuff Mish!

  12. those vending machines are humungala!!!!! so glad to see you're finally in Paris!! oui oui (that's as far as my french goes!).

  13. wooooops... not in Paris YET... guess it's Barcelona that has the jumbo vending machines!! WOMP to me!



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