Sunday, December 2, 2012

Movember 2012

Yes, The Dizzle attempted Movember this year.
Yes, The Dizzle semi-succeeded with 10 consecutive days of real-life Creeper Status 'Stache.
The other 20 days of Movember were more like....Beardvember.
But that just doesn't make sense, so it doesn't really count.

Point is: November is over and I now have my normal-pretty-boy-man back instead of

Aren't you glad Breast Cancer Awareness Month just asks us gals to wear pink?

I don't think people could handle a bunch of mustache-rockin' females.

Though sexy, I just think the world isn't ready.




  1. lol i liked it until day 20...then day 21 it just got weird! hahah.

    also i literally didn't know until yesterday why it was called Movember. I was like, that doesnt make sense. Moo? Like cows? Then my bf was like, uhh mustache november = movember. i was like ohhhhh. hahah

  2. I once had a boyfriend tell me it was "no shave November", so I was gonna have to deal with some scruff.

    I told him that if he didn't shave, I wouldn't either. Anywhere.

    He chose to not participate. Glad you have a clean-shaven V-dizzle back!

  3. lol....yea I really couldn't take people at my office serious with their creppy Mustaches...I'm happy that Movember is over.

  4. I'd kick him to the curb like day 16. BUT it does look like fun :)


  5. day 19 looks like, "eh Foo', stop staring at my stache yo!"

  6. I should have documented Aaron's No Shave November... it was terrifying. I am so glad the month is over. I honestly think that men have just been looking for any excuse possible to get in more lazy. Now half of instagram looks like pretty girls posing with rapists! lol

    Miss you! I am glad you seem to be feeling better :)

  7. Haha, I'm impressed with both the 'stache and the frequency at which grey t-shirts feature in his wardrobe rotation. I understand how he was able to pack so light!

  8. Tell Dizz he looks way better WITHOUT the 'stache. :)

  9. Personally, I think V looks great no matter how much facial hair he has. My favorite was the full facial hair, though. Day 20 for sure.

  10. omgggg i totes tried to document my hubs and BIL's movember ugliness, and they dared to let me take any pics b/c they knew I would blog about it!!! Love the transformations your boo showed!!!



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