Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meet Nicole!

Nicole and I have decided to swap posts today! So I'll be over here for the day!

Enjoy :)


Hi readers! I am Nicole from Living with Fletch!

This is me and this is my smokin' hott husband Fletcher.

Sometimes I blog about things like that one time I did a sweet James Bond roll at ASU, the one time a boy hit on me while I was on my honeymoon, or that one time my teacher told me my babies would be ugly. However, today I thought it would be appropriate to share with you the one time I Sass Attacked my husband.

The Sass Attack is defined as, "A snappy moment of sass, usually directed towards someone who doesn't deserve any blame whatsoever."

Used in Context: After 5 months of being married I decided to start eating healthier. Fletcher agreed to support me. As you may know, Fletcher is tall, dark, and handsome. Along with that he is not so stocky, to say the least.

About a month of eating healthy I became super frustrated. I was not losing weight. Whether it was birth control, or Fletcher eating such large portions (so naturally) I thought I was eating normal portions, what usually worked wasn't. 

One morning Fletcher was getting dressed and he puts on his pants and nonchalantly says, "Welp, down a belt size." I just stand there with the most disgusted look on my face (AKA the Sass Attack). How could Fletcher be losing weight when he wasn't even trying? Had Fletcher known my inner struggle, I am sure he would not have been so insensitive during such a crucial moment in history.

By the look on my face he could tell something was wrong. He responds with the classic "ET-OH" face. I then begin to laugh. He comes over to hug me and I tell him through sniffles my frustration of feeling 'chubby.' As always, he makes it better.

Other Notes on the Sass Attack: Usually after the Sass Attack is received by the Sass Attackee, the Sass Attacker feels extremely guilty and breaks down.

In short, husbands are always the best.

Everyday at our house is a new adventure, but how could it not be when your husband has got a name like Fletch?


There. Now you all know Nicole too :) Now go show her some blog love, won't ya?




  1. Ha! Great post!!

    I must go read about the teacher who said she'd have ugly babies.

  2. Cute Post! I feel your pain, my husband can lose weight without even tryin and I will try for a month and end up gaining weight LOL!

  3. So sweet. Haha Men are wayyyy too lucky.



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