Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Laying Low {+ a giveaway!}

See? Just like San Diego.
I'll tell you one thing, traveling can be exhausting.
After an 11 day whirlwind to Madrid, Barcelona, then Paris and back,
we've been slightly, for lack of a better word, pooped.
Fortunately, we have about 8 more days here in Benalmadena Costa, Spain to relax before it's off for another 20 day whirlwind in Italy.
And like I've mentioned before, Benalmadena is a very quiet, sunny, and lazy town.
So, it's been really nice just lounging, drinking wine, reading, and sleeping in.
{have I made you jealous yet? :P}

Speaking of reading, I just finished Life of Pi.
Have you read that?
I kind of loved it.

Today we walked over to the travel agency and booked a tour to Morocco and Rock of Gibraltar.
Ever been? Those are two things that were on our "must-do" list and I'm very excited to go!

Camels and Monkeys?

Anyway, since we're on the topic of traveling, I'd like to introduce you to Chelsea!
She wrote up a great little post about travel tips that I'm loving.

ALSO. Is so graciously doing an awesome giveaway to one of you! :)
Check it out yo.


hello mish [& vdizzle] lovers.
I'm chelsea. and I blog over at little [lessons] in a BIG [city].
unless you're currently gallivanting around the world, how can you not be at least a TAD envious of their adventures? I, for one, AM. but instead of painting a big green
with envyphoto.. I'm going to share with you some helpful travel tips [close to home & internationally] that I've learned along the way.
buckle up & keep your arms inside the vehicle.
this will be a bumpy, informative ride.

travel tip: if you're in a foreign county. and don't speak the language. pay close attention to diagrams & hold tight to your common sense.

paris, france

if it doesn't seem logical to cross through heavy Paris traffic, to get to one of their biggest tourist attractions [arc de triomphe], it probably isn't. after DODGING cars, we were stopped by french police - supposedly there were stairs, somewhere? just say "no speak french". and walk away quickly.

travel tip: keep your expectations where you can see them.

brussels, belgium

while in brussels, we had to stop & see the famous mannequin pis [the statue of a little boy peeing]. well, for being something the country is "known for" ..we were surprised at it's size. or lack thereof. here's a game:
where's waldo mannequin pis in the picture? [absolute gorgeous city though!].

travel tip: if someone offers you free booze, use your best judgement, then say yes!
[traveling can be expensive, save money any way you can].

dublin, ireland page

on a bus tour in Ireland, we got out for some fresh air on top of a mountain. and were happily greeted by our bus driver, kevin, and shots of jameson before getting back on board. I'm NOT a whiskey-shootin'-kinda gal, but would you say no? no! let's just hope kevin wasn't drinking ..

travel tip: just because you're on vacation, does not mean you're invincible.
[you will still experience hangovers].

miami, FL page

if you're drunk enough to dance on top of the bar, when you wake up super early the next morning for a "romantic seaplane tour of miami" you have planned for your boyfriend's birthday'll spend more time trying not to vomit than enjoying the scenery. shame.

travel tip: eat & drink like the locals.

NO, LA page

we were just outside of New Orleans, for a friend's wedding ..when we stumbled upon a DRIVE THRU MARGARITA STAND. alcoholic cocktails, served in 32oz styrofoam cups, in a drive thru ..sign me up! it was the size of my head. & it put me on my ass. clearly!

these are just a few of the lessons I've learned along the way. but there are many more where those came from.
I would love, love for you to stop over to {LLinaBC}. and say hello! share with me some of your travel tips/adventures!

you can find me in all of these wonderful places: {blog}/{facebook}/{instagram}/{twitter}

and because it's the season for giving & chances are I've made you thirsty, or the complete opposite, with all my talk of alcohol... 

I'm doing a GIVEAWAY: 
a pair of hillbilly wine glasses [for your drinking pleasure] and this beautiful "eat. drink. and be merry" framed print.
I want them to go to a good home ..

eat, drink, & be merry giveaway


goooooood luck!!!

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  1. I loved Chelsea's post. The part about the drive through margaritas made me giggle. I'm from Louisiana and since moving to Illinois I really miss being able to swing by the drive through daiquiri place after work during happy hour and picking up two yummy beverages to enjoy at home.
    It really is the little things in

  2. Great guest post!

    I think I entered this giveaway, but I'm not sure... Anyway, hoping my entry went through! :)

    1. I don't see the entry!! I hope it goes through too, but maybe try again!

  3. if i fedex myself to you guys can i tag along for the rest of the trip?

  4. I'm reading Life of Pi right now! It's pretty good.. but I'm interested to see how the movie portrays it all.

  5. You will love Morocco!!! Be sure to try their "chicken bastilla" dish... you can get it almost anywhere and it's amazing!!!!

  6. I haven't read Life of Pi yet but I just saw the movie and loved it!

    And loved those travel tips!

  7. Very Unique!!
    Hope you can find a minute and enter my giveaway to win sunglasses! Enter Here!

    10% off your first GLOSSYBOX with code GLOSSY32

  8. my fiance has been to Gibraltar. He loved it!! The pictures of monkeys on his head are hilarious!!
    Life of Pi is on my christmas list!! Hoping to read it soon!

  9. I have never been to Morocco, but I did go to Gibraltar while studying abroad in Spain. It was a lot of fun and the amount of monkeys was just INSANE. ENjoy!

    Fizz and Frosting

  10. There are monkey in Gibraltar that will climb onto your head. It's a great photo op. Ask my cousin Ricki!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hope you have a blast in Morocco! What a great short getaway!

  13. Can I just say I'm excited to see who the winner of the give away is?!? I have a good feeling since the total number of entries is 253, and my area code is 253. I know, total dork...but it's a sign! or that whoever wins is totally awesome anyways!

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