Monday, December 10, 2012

Bucket List {part 1}

A few months ago, before we left the country to travel, The Dizz and I were driving home from Las Vegas after spending a few days visiting with his family, and we got to talking about bucket lists. 

If you couldn't tell already, we try to live by this life motto: "Live up your life now because you never know how much longer you have... and what if we die in a year, wouldn't we rather live a life full of excitement and fun and happiness, than one that makes us anything less than 100% happy?"

...okay, we might need to work on the verbiage, but you get the point.

Anyway, for fun, I pulled out my laptop and we took turns coming up with some things to add to our bucket list.

Some are quite silly... Like, go see Ellen Degeneres' show during the 12 Days of Giveaways.
{Can you guess who came up with that? I tell ya, Verner LOVES him some Ellen....kidding.}

A few others we came up with:

- Complete a 50 mile bike ride
- Run another 1/2 marathon (he originally said a full...we had to compromise. Been there, done that. No thanks.)
- Hike down the Grand Canyon
- See the Great Wall of China

Have you thought about your own bucket lists?
Tell me, what would be on it? I'm curious to know!

Here are a few answers from 3 of my lovely new friends:

A Little Blurb From Justina:
I'm a recent college graduate and UCI alum with a psych degree. I have a serious sweet tooth and I'm always baking up a storm of goodies for family and friends. I started my blog when I was an undergrad student at UCI because I found that baking relieved stress. At first, it was just to document my favorite recipes so I would have something to look at when I needed it. Eventually it became a lot more, as I blog from recipes to food trucks to photography to my family ancestry.


A Little Blurb From Cynthia:
Hi Mish readers!  Happy to be here today, and I'm loving following along with Mish's adventures in Spain!  I can't wait to see where they go next. :-)  
I'm Cynthia, and on my blog, Living In Neverland, I write about my life: the food I eat, my boyfriend of 18 years, things I lust after (or laugh at, or just love) online, our dogs, books I love, stuff we do and places we have been.  Once in a while I also write about being a homeowner, or something I cook, or (rarely!) something I actually DIY.  
Come on over and say hi! New blog friends are like my pixie dust. ;-)


A Little Blurb From Tessa:
Hello! I'm Tessa! A florida native exploring a new town, new career, new recipes and new projects to keep me busy! I started this blog to keep in touch with distant friends and family and to document my fresh out of college life with my better half, starting our lives together. Turns out my passion for blogging has grown more then ever and meeting new bloggers and hearing their stories has been just as inspiring! Come check out my adventures in growing up and finding myself and hopefully finding more blogging friendships in the mix!


Now go show them some blog love!

Happy Monday....or should I say, Feliz Lunes?


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  1. Last year I wrote a whole post on the bucket list items I checked off in 2011 and have been updating it all year long as I check off more this year! Check out mine here:

    I bet you will get to cross off a ton of yours while you are on your travel adventure! Love your life motto too!

  2. Hi! I'm Rachel, I found your Blog through Living With Fletch! I just scrolled through a few of your posts and really enjoy your writing style and the design of your page, so, I am now following! I have been blogging for almost a year, writing about my life on a small island with my lovely guy and our adorable dog. I share the odd recipe, the wacky thoughts that cross my mind, but mostly the things that make me happy.
    Looking forward to reading more! :)

  3. Running a 1/2 is on my list, too. I've got a lot of training to do!!

  4. Fabuloso! :) No runs or bikes or hikes on mine. But the travel, yes yes yes. :)

  5. Running a full marathorn one day is on my list now...don't know when it's gonna happen...

  6. I actually wrote about my own bucket list at the beginning of the year. It's fun to see how things happen over the course of a year, and what you can achieve. You can check my list out here:

  7. Bucket lists are son fun to make!
    Mine have a gazillion things on it but you can find the shorter version here :


  8. This is a great project -- especially approaching 2013! Travel is definitely at the top (Amalfi Coast, here I come!)

  9. I've thought about my "Bucket List", but not as in-depth as I want to. I need to start thinking about it.. time passes so quickly!

  10. I wrote a whole page on my blog about my bucket list, most of which are places I want to travel! Hoping to check them off someday! :)

  11. I've written a bucket list as well! I really love to travel so lots of traveling is on it :) I want to see the Seven Wonders of the World, travel to every continent and live in a different country for at least six months! :)

  12. That's a great list! I want to maybe run a 1/2 marathon once ever too. Not now though ;). And 50 miles biking? You can do it. Easy! Hehe. I love biking though. I once did 75 miles in a day. And then rode back 75 miles on day 2. Butt hurt alot :P.

  13. Hi Michelle, I came across your blog and it is amazing!! I really like the little portion about you starting your blog - don't let anyone tell you no!!

    I love this post about what you want to do, and your friends' dreams as well! I just came up with an iPhone app (adream) where people share their dreams in a fun way.. Check out what dreams people are listing if you're on the iPhone..

    You have a truly inspiring blog, living life to the fullest!

    Best wishes, Ray
    http;// (iPhone app)



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