Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Breakdown of Christmas. feat: Jared-Flat-Butt.

10am wake-up call.

Coffee plus a Ham & Cheese sandwich from the only place open on Christmas morning.
{Apparently, eggs & toast are hard to come by in Italy.}

11am began our Cinque Terre hike, starting in Monterosso.

Stopped to do a yoga pose on a kick-A bridge somewhere between 
Monterosso and Vernazza:

2 hours in, reached the next town over: Vernazza.

Enjoyed amazing spaghetti and a litre of red wine for lunch.
{Truth be told, I could have had more wine and been just fine.}

After lunch, began our next trek over to the town of Corniglia.
About an hour in, took a little break to work on our mad camera timer skills enjoy the breathtaking view:

2 hours after lunch, we reached the next town of Corniglia.
{Calves and glutes on fire by this point.}

Met a man named Jared {from Washington}.
Annndddd, I think this lone stranger needed a friend or something, because from there on out, we couldn't shake the fellow.
So I ended up having to stare at this the rest of the time:

And let me just tell you, there are MANY uphill climbs on this hike.
So I was staring at "Jared Butt" a lot.

Moving on.

Now this is the part where I don't know what went wrong.
We may have taken a wrong turn, or chosen the more "advanced" route, 
because all of a sudden, we were climbing up.
and up.
and up.
and up some more.
Walking along treacherous, tiny pathways, staring down into a dark and deep abyss.

And before I knew it, it was dark. Very dark.

But bless Jared and his flat little butt, because he had a flash light!
And if it weren't for that, it's quite possible I would not be here today to write this post, because I surely would have fallen off the side of the mountain to my perilous death.
{So Jared, thank you and your butt for leading the way and saving us.}

What seemed like a bajillion hours later, and a million steps downward, we finally made it to the next town of Manarola.
{Thank sweet baby jesus. If my glutes were burning 2 towns prior, just imagine how they felt by this time.}

Annnnd this is where Mishi had to be a little baby and call it quits.
There was one more town to hike to: Riomaggiore.
I quickly shook Flat-Butt-Jared's hand 
and said, "Nice to meet you, but no, thank you."
Then hopped on a train back to our home turf of Monterosso.

So yeah, okay, I whimped out.
But hear me now: I will be back.
And I will conquer the Cinque Terre in full.

I hope you all had wonderful holidays!
We just got to Florence today and I'm putting these sore glutes to bed.
Maybe I can get a certain someone to give me a nice glute massage...




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  1. you are hilarious!!!! poor flat butt jared lol I love are going to have amazing glutes and legs come spring!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Reading about your adventures are my favorite :)

  3. Haha thank God for Jared Flat butt!!!
    Beautiful pics btw.
    Bianca from Lotus Blossom Design

  4. I need for my glutes to be on fire after all the eating I've been doing these past few days! Gorgeous pics, as usual! Merry Christmas!

  5. uh that's why you travel with that certain someone to do some much needed booty massage.

  6. nice post and great blog

  7. Haha that's too funny! At least he was helpful with the flashlight!

  8. i hope you drank a litre of wine to make your glutes feel better!

  9. Hahaha, glad to see someone worked out on Christmas! :) Merry Christmas, M & V!

  10. haha awww poor jared and his flat butt, but good thing he was there to guide you! i had an awkward european away-from-home christmas awhile ago and it was good/bad, but definitely different regardless. it'll be a christmas you remember and the memories really are priceless - have fun!!

  11. I'm cracking up over here! Just follow the flat butt! LOL! Too funny!

  12. That looks like an AMAZING time!! Happy holidays xo

  13. Hahaha I'm hoping you got that sweet glute massage!! Still so jealous of your travels and I'm LOVING keeping up with you guys!

  14. oh wow that was a hike!! sorry you had to stare at a butt all day but at least you had other pretty sights :)

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