Monday, December 31, 2012

2013!!! WHAT WHAT!!!! - - - Bucket List {part 2}

It's been so fun and entertaining reading all of your bucket lists since this last post, and now that it's New Year's Eve, I thought it to be good timing to share a few more. 
Nothing like the present or a kickstart to a new year to check some things off your ol' "life list," eh?

Here are a few more things that we put on our bucket list:

- Buy a fixer-upper home and completely renovate it together. {Maybe I've watched too much HGTV in my day, but for some reason this seems like an awesome thing to do.
Aaannnnddd I have no idea how, seeing as neither of us has experience in that department...
But meh....Details, shmetails.}

- Climb up the Eiffel Tower. CHECK!

- Get a dog. {Yes, that made it to the bucket list. I don't think a dog would really work in these travel plans of ours at the moment, but it's definitely something that needs to happen pronto when we come home!}


I hope you have a wonderful and safe New Year's, wherever you are.

We just made it to Rome yesterday and will be spending New Year's Eve like the Romans do...because, you know...when in Rome? Get it? No?

Okay, moving on.

Here are a few more friends sharing some fun bucket list items!
I hope you enjoy and can meet some awesome new bloggers too :)


I'm a Florida girl living in the Big City dreaming about one day traveling the world. 
Luckily being a teacher allows me a lot of time to travel and my current country count is around 15 (I consider it a good thing if I can lose count, right?). 
I have never done an outfit post and most of my clothes are from Target & Old Navy. 
Sometimes I'm funny (this blurb is clearly not one of those time).


Hi, I'm Kelsey, a 20-something so-cal native with an obsession with all things fun.  
Eat, Drink, Be a Tourist is a blog about the funner things in life.  From being a tourist in your own city to traveling the world, my blog is all about the people, places and things I love.


Hello Mish Lovin' Life readers! My name is Heather and I blog over at Morning Glory. I named it that because, like the old woman I've always been, I'm a morning person who loves tea and my sassy pet fish, Lloyd. I'm a senior journalism major in exotic Central Illinois, and my blog is where I document the weird and sometimes wonderful tales of myself attempting to grow into a real adult person. 

As for what's on my bucket list...I fought with this for awhile. I have some crazy things I'd like to do, like skinnydipping or driving somewhere new without my GPS (I like to walk on the wild side,) but really, I just want to grow my own garden one day. Easier said than done, I promise; I have a SERIOUS black thumb. Case in point: I've killed multiple cacti. A desert can grow a cactus. A desolate, lifeless desert.
Also, my mother once put me in charge of this plant thing that came back every year. (Those have a name...perreni-annual or something? I could have just Googled it, but here is proof that I have no idea what I'm doing.) That sucker was indestructible, without fail, for 20 years. One year with me and it was gone forever. I decided I cannot reproduce until I can successfully grow a marigold.
To add to my problems, the things that typically reside in gardens really upset me. I can't handle bees, worms freak me out and don't even get me started on spiders. Nothing should have that many legs. Ever.
So there you have it, one life skill I hope to pick up! Until then the Farmer's Market will be seeing an awful lot of me. 
Stop by and say hi sometime, I'd love to have you!


Hi, Mish Lovin Life readers!  I am Casey from True Colours (yes, spelled the European way as I love all things Europe!)  I grew up as an expat kid in Saudi Arabia and fell in love with the traveling lifestyle, the inspiration of other cultures and the draw of a plane headed somewhere far away.  My blog is a journal of our adventures, of my thoughts and our crazy journey in this lovely life.  Come on over and visit me on True Colours, to see my husband's gorgeous photos of our adventures, my thoughts on all the places we've seen and a little bit of everything in between!



Hey! I'm Kayla and I blog over at Sealed With a Kay. I'm also a mirror ninja, as you can see above. I work behind the scenes for an airline, I'm also a student currently studying psychology. I live in one of the ghettos of downtown Houston, though not the ghetto you might be imagining. Along with the thugs, bums and tons of people who just seem to wander the streets at all hours (don't you guys have jobs?) we also have farm animals wandering the streets too. I've seen a horse, a few chickens, a rooster and a goat. I'm still waiting for some farm animal hoarder story to come out on T.V. about someone in my neighborhood. I also live with my boyfriend Mike, and our fur-child Zorra. Mike and I have been dating for 3.5 years, and I couldn't have found a better guy for me. He makes me laugh, he's very thoughtful and sweet, and inspires me to be my best-- he's also very easy on the eyeballs. ;)
My blog is about my life- our travel adventures, recipes, music, local events and crazy stories about my childhood. For example, what it was like growing up with mannequins. Or, the time I met my sister on Myspace. You won't find fashion posts, because I'm not fashionable, I had one of my closest friends tell me once that I had "very plain taste...sort of like a grandma". 
So for your sake, and my own, I'll keep my granny-style to myself.
Come on by and say heyo, or HIYA! - I love new friends and discovering new blogs to follow along with.


Happy New Year!!!
So long suckas!
Peace out 2012!
Hello 2013!
I'll see you next year!
{okay I need to stop...}


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  1. Happy New Year!! Peace out 2012! :D Thank you pretty lady! Hope you two are having a beautiful day and a very happy New Years Eve :) xoxoxoxo!

  2. Happy New Year!!!!!! :) Have an amazing 2013!

  3. A fixer upper is a big undertaking but I'm sure you'd love it! And yay for a dog! LOL I thought Machu Picchu was a pokemon character..duh, it's a place in south america. smack head.

  4. In reference to #1, read the blog Young House Love!! They bought their first house as a fixer upper with no experience and they just learned as they went! Now, they are full time bloggers and very very successful. Needless to say, they have wonderful tips and instructions for lots of home projects!!

  5. Happy New Year Mish! Thanks for being awesome and inspiring and always making me smile! YOU ROCK!

  6. fun post! now i need to think what would be on my bucket list... we're sorta working on #1 from your list. also with no real skills/know-how - it's kinda coming along haha. have a great new years!

  7. Happy New Year!!!! This is MY year........why? 13 is my lucky number ever since it was my number in the 7th grade. (The teacher gave us all numbers and I lucked out with 13.)
    Love you!!!

  8. Love this!! A fresh start and the excitement of new goals. :)

    Cheers to a beautiful 2013!!

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