Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Black Keys = FAIL.

Let me just tell you the silliness I feel at this moment.

Hear me out, okay?

The Dizzle and I frantically woke up this morning so we could catch the bus to the train station that would take us to Madrid...
Okay, okay, so I woke up frantically this morning...
He went about his leisurely way that I envy so much at times.

We got on that 55 minute bus to the Malaga train station, to which we tried our best to converse with the Spanish train attendant.
Have I mentioned that I think we should have learned some Spanish before this trip of ours?
No? Well, we should have.

Anyway, after many blank stares from me and the train man, we finally managed to get seats on the high speed train to Madrid.

After 3 hours, we made it to Madrid.


We then desperately tried to find the correct bus {C-7} to take us to our "flat" in Madrid.
Wonderful Verner, bless his heart, walking up to the bus drivers saying, "C....Uh....Ce?....Seven....uh....(uno, dos, tres...counting on his fingers) siete? Autooobusss?"

Needless to say, the bus driver didn't understand, and we then had to pay 16.50 Euro for a taxi to drive us there.


We got to the place, met the owner, got the keys, and mapped out our way to the venue for The Black Keys concert!

All on our own, we figured out the correct bus {again in broken Spanglish}, found some dinner, then walked ourselves to the venue.


I couldn't believe it. No really, I couldn't believe it.

There must be some mistake. Did they cancel?! They must have!

Expect that the only mistake, come to find out, was our own: We got the dates wrong.

The Black keys were not performing on Nov 27th. They were performing on Nov. 28th.

If you knew me, and you knew how anal and how TYPE A I would be laughing hysterically right now.
Which is exactly what we did after about 5 seconds of silence.

So yeah...we laughed, we found another bar, and we headed back home, chalking it up to a "practice run" of how to get there for tomorrow.

Ay dios mio.

I tell ya, the adventures of traveling foreign countries really keep ya goin...




  1. Better one day early than one day late!

    (I once missed a flight by exactly one day.)

    Enjoy the concert tonight!

  2. These kind of things happen to me on a daily basis here, so do not worry. At least you were a day early! Enjoy the concert tonight and if you need any help, let me know-I can speak a small level of Spanish!

  3. It probably didn't feel funny at the time, but looking back, this will probably be one of your favorite stories of the trip! :)

  4. Oh man, that's pretty funny! At least you got the city and venue right, haha! Have fun at The Black Keys tonight! =)

  5. Nothing like a good ol' "reconnoiter" adventure haha! But you know what? The show is gonna be 10 times as ah-mazing becuz now you can walk in there like you own the place instead of all blubbery flustered ;) Can't wait to hear about round 2!

  6. Oh no...that would be my luck too!

  7. Hahha this is hilarious!! Glad you guys found your way to Madrid, and hope you have fun at the concert!

  8. Ay dios mio! Haha. :)

  9. That is TOTALLY something I would do. Seriously!! And hey, at least you didn't show up a day LATE! :) I'm glad you both can laugh about it! Have fun!!

  10. Oh noooo!!! Ah haha that's the worst, well at least it was only one day off. Enjoy your time in Madrid!

  11. Aw! Well, at least you weren't a day late!

  12. hahaa. at least it hadn't already happened! :) love and miss ya!

  13. Oy. Well, at least you didn't totally miss it!!

  14. OHHH NOO!!! well at least you still get to see them :)

  15. Bahahaha! Well, enjoy the concert TOMORROW, guys! :)

  16. This sounds like something I would do, except I would be a day late and miss it completely!

  17. I almost did that in Ghent a few years ago, for a Flaming Lips concert. Doubleplusfun: This was before google translate, so the fact that this was a Belgian venue (so the website was in French/Flemmish) was doing me no favors. AND the venue wasn't equipped to take foreign credit cards. I had to email 3 people at the venue to find someone who spoke english, who could help me buy tickets. And, of course, tell me what day it was, because the European date system (day-month-year) was messing with my head. Fun fact: I'm still on their mailing list. Which is published entirely in Flemmish.

    I made it to the show on time, and found myself standing next to an American couple, from Chicago, who were friends with my friends at Northwestern.

  18. It gave me anxiety reading this...I was scared you wouldn't get to go. So you are going right? lol



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