Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still no baby. But in the meantime...

My mamma flew in from Georgia today so she can be here for my niece's birth. 
The very first granddaughter of the family!
Today is her official due date, but still no signs of labor. 
She's only about a 1/2 cm dilated.

We're all trying to think positive thoughts here and really hope that we don't miss it.
I know all babies have their own schedule, but I'm really hoping the spicy Thai food we had tonight will speed up this process.
I've been telling them to have lots of sex. But I just keep getting an awkward look in return.
Maybe that's not something you're supposed to suggest to your brother?


After dinner, The Dizzle and I took my Mom over to my grandparents house for the night. 
It's been over a year since being with Verner and they still call him "Vernon."
They'll get there.
My Grandpa did, however, go on about the "black surgeon" who fixed his head and how wonderful he was, all the while staring directly into Verner's eyes.

I really think that's when they connected.

Anyway, we said our goodbyes, since this will probably be the last time we see them before we leave for our travels.
After 61 years of marriage, they're still the coolest couple on the block.
I'll miss them.
I was going to suggest they follow along with our travel blog, but they've just recently been introduced to the world of email, so I didn't want to bombard them with technology.


Though it's been pretty uneventful here, waiting for this babe to be born, I can say I've still been pretty entertained.

I mean, wouldn't you if this is what you came home to?

Fasha. Snoring on the tile floor near the garage entryway. 
Because the six other bedrooms apparently aren't good enough for him?

Good ol' pops.
My life would be so boring without him.




  1. Haha the pictures are too funny! I hope your niece makes her arrival soon.

  2. your dad is going to kill you for posting that picture, lol.

  3. He was so pissed, he cried about it to strangers at He got 2 homeless people to stop following the blog.

  4. Wow! 61 years of marriage?!?!?! Your grandparents are my new love role models :)

    And your Fasha ... Priceless!!!

  5. That picture of your dad IS priceless =) My grandma just got an email account. I want to create a Facebook for her so she can see all of the photos of stuff we do from day to day but I don't think she could handle

  6. W!T!F!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, you're FASHA is the MAN of the YEAR. He should've run for president. I would be part of his groupie/campaign party.

    Oh and srsly, if I went to his house yesterday and see him, I would literally go cray cray like seeing a famous K-Pop super star.

  7. Naturally, we don't see princess snoozing on the floor...

  8. Fasha is going to need an adjustment after sleeping on that hard surface. Someone call a chiropractor!

  9. 61 years of marriage wow impressive. You never see that anymore now days. & those pictures are too funny! Thanks for sharing & hopefully baby comes soon :)

  10. If it makes you feel better, Craig and I have been together about three years (YEESH), and my mother calls him Greg on the reg. No joke. And your father. I die.

  11. Bahaha, your posts never cease to make me laugh. Which is ideal for Monday morning in the office. :)

  12. I think the thing I'm going to miss the most when you are away (other than your smiling face, of course) are your posts about Fasha. Can we get this man his own blog?

  13. Haha! Love Fasha! I can't wait to read along on your traveling adventures. Such an awesome experience! Glad you are making the rounds to see your families before the big send off.

  14. Oh, Fasha makes me laugh so hard!

  15. HAHAHA! Fasha!! That was totally the last thing I expected in this post, and it completely made my day.

    Your grandparents sound hilarious. Your whole family is awesome, actually.



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