Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Invest In Your Blog {A giveaway}

I may not have the biggest blog following in the world, but I am proud of my little 700+ friends that I've made along the way here in blog land. I feel like it was just yesterday that I had 22 "Followers" {most of whom I had forced to follow my blog just so I could have something under the "Join This Site" button}.

Whatever your reason is for wanting more blog followers, whether it's to meet new people, to start a little business for yourself, or to feel like those popular Mormon bloggers, it takes a little time, patience, and energy.

An easy and effective way to grow your blog is when you Sponsor someone else's. Whether you pay for it or not, it means that you have put yourself out there in the blogosphere and you're making you and your blog known on other people's sites! I've found many of great blogs that I love now just from clicking on their "button" from someone else's sidebar.

And of course, the bigger the blog following is on the person you're sponsoring, the better your chances are that someone will notice you, click on your button, and hopefully connect with you!

So here's where today's post is really amazing.

I want you all to meet Alycia.
Alycia blogs over at Crowley Party.
Aycia has over 3000 Followers for her blog with over 43,000 pageviews a month!

This is a great blog to consider sponsoring because you know you'll be getting a lot of traffic!
Alycia is graciously offering one of my readers not one, not two, but three months of ad space on her blog! ...For FREE!
I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty fantastic to me.

Here's a little message from Alycia and then feel free to enter below! :)

Good luck!

Howdy everyone here at Mish Lovin' Life! 
I decided I liked Michelle's blog the second I read the tag line under her blog title about thinking her life is interesting or not :) haha The best!
My name is Alycia Crowley and I blog over at Crowley Party
My blog is place for me to document my life, share, and connect.
I think life should be enjoyed, and I try to do just that by enjoying all the little to big things in life!
Because life should be a party :)

I know starting a blog and getting your voice out there can be a process, so today I am offering the wonderful readers here three months worth of a large ad space on my blog!
My sponsors get highlighted on my blog at the end of the thirty days, so you will get to be apart of that three times!

I like to offer affordable ad space for people looking to promote their blog, business, or website and only charge $25 for an XL ad and $10 for a large ad. 

SO to make this fun for everyone, if you don't win, I will be knocking off $2.00 from my prices for the next 30 days if you e-mail me (cpadvertise@yahoo.com) using the code mishlovinlife!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Ahh that's so lovely! Thanks for hosting it! I just entered, that's such a cool entry thing as well, when I've entered giveaways in the past, you normally have to leave a comment! I felt very 21st century doing that!
    I might buy a space regardless.. I've never done advertising before so should be interesting!
    I feel like a lot of my 'followers' have kind of vanished into thin air so would be nice to meet some new people :)

  2. i follow you both on GFC already! awesome giveaway :)

  3. Oh boy...another great blog to read! I'm thinking I should quit my job and just get paid to read awesome blogs all day =)

  4. Alycia is such a lovely lady. I'd love to win a little spot on her blog :)

  5. I follow you both already! I love both blogs :)

  6. Already follow you in (almost) every form. But great giveaway! I'm still a baby blog (less than 200 followers) and I don't really care- however I DO love comments..... so more followers will be needed. :)

  7. Awesome giveaway! I was already following both of you on GFC :)

    Life etc

  8. so sad you need to follow via GFC to enter! Us Wordpress bloggers can't use GFC :(

  9. What a cool idea! I want to win!



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