Monday, November 26, 2012

Failures and Successes of the day

One week in and we've managed to survive, unscathed! Well, except for the 3 giant mounds that have formed on my body from Spain's devil mosquitos. 
And let me tell you, these bites ain't no joke.

Anyway, today was our last day with the infamous scooter. So we decided to drive it down to the local zoo that we had heard so much about.
We hopped on {me driving} and scooted our way down the road for about 15 minutes only to find that the zoo has been closed...For the entire month of November.

We sighed, took a picture of the plastic elephants, then scooted on back to town.

Then! Oh then!

My little Asian eyes spotted the one place that is sure to always cheer me up.

A casino!!

I pulled off that road quicker than you could

Now, let me tell you a thing or two about this said "casino."
Don't let this grand photo fool you.
Because grand it was not.
It was one room. Just one.
There were about 20 slot machines, all in Spanish of course, and about 3 other people in there. 
The Dizzle looked on questioningly, I beelined it straight for the slots. 

A mere 40 minutes later, I managed to lose about 10 euro.
I would have played way more, trust me, but The Dizz had enough.

On to our next adventure of the day!

The Dizzle tackled that damn scooter again and alas, he conquered it this time!

I think it's the mustache.
It's somehow given him a large amount of confidence these days.

Oh, and I learned how to make a GIF on Photoshop.
It made me so excited, I just had to twirl with joy.


My apologies if this is making you nauseous.


Anyway, we're off to Madrid tomorrow!

A few months before we left, The Dizzle found out The Black Keys would be there performing the same dates that we'd be in Spain. 
So, basically, that was a sign from the music gods that we needed to get tickets and go.

And tickets we got. We'll be there until Friday!
Any recommendations on Must Sees while there??



  1. I love the GIFs you made! Too awesome! Glad to see you two are having a blast and still in one piece despite the scooter hah! =D

  2. Fun! I'm going to have to make some gifs :)
    Glad you guys didn't die on the scooter.

  3. 1)I loved that you made the Dizzle practice in an empty parking lot. 2) You betta twirl gurl! I approve of those moves ;) 3) The Black Keys in Madrid??? You guys are gonna have a rockin time! xo

  4. I can only suggest eating tons of tapas!!
    I love how you can just be "off to Madrid". So jealous!

  5. Your GIFs make me so happy. Glad to see you're rocking it out Euro-style.

  6. Madrid must seen :
    1) Go to El mercado de San miguel for a snack of a late breakfast , good
    2) Parque el retiro - beautiful park
    3) for bar hoping go to La latina - the best quarter to go for beers/wine tapas
    4) Museo El prado- you will get your culture fix there
    5) Chueca: is the gay neighborhood, cute vintage stores, excellent restaurants and superb bars
    6) Rotal palace /la almudena : where the royals hang out
    7) Plaza de sol : the center of madrid : a must

    have fun!!!

  7. V-Dizz looks so manly on that scooter. It's killin' me. And love love your twirly gif :) And I'm beyond jelly about The Black Keys! GAH!

  8. Love the GIF and V-dizzle's mustache!! Enjoy Madrid. Rock the concert!

  9. Aw I just got back from madrid an hour ago. Its awesome..enjoy!

  10. Yay for Madrid! A bunch of my friends are going to the Black Keys concert here too. Definitely walk through Sol and Plaza Mayor. In Sol - go to La Mallorquina (last I checked, Calvin Klein had a giant ad over it). It's one of the best pastry shops. If you like museums, the Reina Sofia and Prado for sure. Let me know if you have any questions!

  11. I saw The Black Keys at a little small, free show around here a couple years ago. Front row, and it was AMAZING. Enjoy!

  12. Ahhh The Black Keys are amaaaazing!! Have so much fun!! I'm living vicariously through your world travels so keep having a fabulous time! And tell VDizzle to keep rockin that stache. Love it!

  13. Looks like you are having an amazing time! Have fun at the Black Keys show. One of the best concerts I've been to recently to be honest!

  14. these scooter stories always make my laugh :) have fun in madrid.

  15. Amazing!! And The Black Keys!!! I love them and proud to say they're from Ohio too!! Have fun you two!!

  16. Gosh, your life just sounds amazing right now! :) How are you guys PAYING for all of this? That might not be any of my bid'ness. It's probably not. Well, it really isn't at all, haha, but I still am curious and nosey and poor. ;)

    Keeping having SO much fun!!

  17. So sad that the zoo was closed, but at least you found a casino!

  18. I love the pictures and boo for the zoo being closed!

  19. I love that you guys planned ahead so well! seeing the black keys will be AWESOME no doubt :)

  20. ah the dizzle pulling that fierce look.

  21. That last picture of The Dizzle on the scooter is too damn funny. His facial expression says so much ; D now I'm off to figure out how to make a GIF...

  22. Multiple thoughts. 1. VDizz's stache is killin it. 2. HOW IN THE WORLD are you learning to do things on Photoshop while in Spain? WTF, I'm here at a desk 8 hours a day and I can't find the energy to add buttons to my page, let alone learn something new. Gah. Anyways, post some food woman, I want the goods! ;) So happy to hear you guys are enjoying your trip!!

  23. The Dizzle's 'stache makes him look so European!

    I am so on the same boat when it comes to Casinos. LOVE. THEM. But sadly, since Casinos are the once place you're still allowed to smoke indoors in the state of Washington, I cannot go in so long as this baby is growing inside of me. Make sure you "slot it up" for me too! (I just made that saying up. ha.)

  24. Ohhhh the gifs are priceless! Love! Glad to read you two are having fun! :D

  25. You twirling is the best gif EVER!! Teach me!



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