Monday, November 5, 2012

Baby Melody: A {NON} Birth Story

I almost wasn't going to be here today.
And by here, I mean San Diego.

The plan was that Verner and I were going to drive up to San Francisco together this morning and spend the rest of the week there visiting with his family.

But when Baby Melody didn't come on Saturday like she was supposed to, some decisions needed to be made. Last night, after many back-and-forth conversations, I made the decision to buy a one-way ticket up to San Fran for this Wednesday at 7:30pm in hopes that if I just gave it a few more days, I could meet my first ever niece before embarking on our world travels.

And holy guac, am I glad I did.

Today, around 1pm, I got a text from my brother saying that Katie's amniotic fluids were showing too low for the doctor's liking, so they decided to admit her to the hospital and induce her!

Me, knowing absolutely nothing about child birth and what it entails, booked it for the hospital, camera ready, expecting to see my niece in a few short hours!

Oh, how I was wrong. So, so wrong.

The nurse informed us that because they're inducing and it's not a "natural" happening for labor to start, it could take 24-48 hours before Baby Melody decides to make her grand entrance.

So we went from feeling like this:

To this:

I'm guessing after several hours of contractions, you don't really feel like smiling much.
So I stayed at the hospital with my brother and Katie until about 10pm, playing cards and watching Family Guy and now I'm back at Fasha's.

I'm really hoping tomorrow is the day and I'm really hoping I get to see Baby Melody before I head up to San Francisco Wednesday night.

I just want to hold that little Asian baby so bad! I can't even imagine how anxious they are!

Oh, and btw, I was in the room while they checked to see how far along she is {1 cm} and, yeah.
That did not look fun. I guess it's a good thing I got 13 months worth of birth control from Planned Parenthood to take with me traveling so I don't have to have a doctor's hand up in those parts for quite some time?

Anyway. I'd appreciate some positive thoughts sent this way for a safe delivery {aaannndddd preferably for tomorrow, if we're being picky here}.

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  1. Sending good vibes for a happy healthy baby and mom ( and dad too)!!! And for a speedy delivery so an eager aunt can meet her first niece before embarking on her world travels!! Nothing beats the feeling of holding your niece for the first time!!! Hoping its not too long before you can experience that!!

  2. Hope Baby Melody arrives in time for you to see her!
    Good look to Katie and your brother, bet they're so excited :) I'm sure everything will go as planned and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to see her!

  3. Exciting! My sister was induced twice... I totally understand how frustrating the waiting game is! I hope she makes her appearance soon! Nieces are the best!

  4. Exciting!! And Melody is such an adorable name :)

  5. Still doing my rain dance over here....and I'm getting tired! :)

  6. awe wishing a safe delivery!!

  7. I just LoLed. You are too freaking funny. "I want to hold that little Asian baby so badly!" I wish Katie a smooth delivery and for you to see that precious little babe before you head off! XO

  8. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you girl!

  9. So exciting!! Wishing that all goes well and she has a safe delivery!

  10. Sending positive thoughts your way! I sure hope you get to meet Melody before you depart!

  11. So exciting! And such a good decision for you to stay before starting the epic trip. Sending positive thoughts!

  12. awwwww so glad you were able to stay longer than you anticipated... anything for niecey Melody, right?? I'm hoping and praying today is the day for you and your family so you can spend some time with her before you leave tomorrow!

  13. Good luck!! I hope she comes before you leave. I will keep my fingers crossed. Also I am totally on the birth control boat. Get as much as that as you can ;)

  14. sending you guys good juju!! and Thank GOD for birth control!

  15. Any updates? Hope she arrives today. I'm sure Mom would be happy about that too. Too long and labor and she might get desperate ;)

  16. Sending positive thoughts your way! Hope all goes as planned!

  17. Exciting!!! I hope you can see little Melody soon. Have a smooth delivery to Katie!

  18. She's probably scared to meet your ignorant self.

    1. Really? Are you honestly going to be an asshole on a blog about waiting for her bother's baby to come?

    2. Oh the maturity level is soaring.



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