Thursday, November 29, 2012

Say Goodbye...

...To the 'Stache.

This bad boy has been with us all month for "Movember" and hallelujah, it is only here for one more day! I hope. Please, Dear Zeus, let that thing come off.
It's just that it's a bit hard to take this man seriously when I'm constantly being stared at by this hairy caterpillar that seems to have a mind of its own.

Though, I suppose it's a bit hard to take me seriously when I look like a pregnant Eskimo by trying to hide my purse in my jacket while in crowded areas...

...complete with multi-colored earmuffs over a Q-Tip beanie...

...fine. I'll stop judging.

Anyway, it's our last night in Madrid. Tomorrow morning, we're off to Barcelona via high-speed train!
Which, I'm kind of glad.
The guy's place that we rented from here in Madrid is slightly gross.
Like, some foreign dark hairs left in the bed, gross.
So yeah, I'm happy to have a change of scenery.

Oh, the things I've experienced with just 12 days of international travel.
But apart from the homesickness, it's been an amazing adventure so far.
We're constantly in awe that we actually went through with this.

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you in Barcelona!

But before you go, I want you to meet Casey. She's a fellow traveler too!
And since you all seem to have a love for travel as well, you'll definitely enjoy her blog and her amazing pictures that she takes from around the world!

Take it away, Casey!


Hey MishLovinLife followers!  I'm Casey from True Colours and I'm so excited to be guest posting over here today!
My blog follows my husband and I as we travel and enjoy our beautiful world.
We just got back from Iceland yesterday, were in New York City earlier this month, and heading to New Orleans in December, so needless to say, we've been all over recently!  

I'm posting all week on True Colours about our Iceland trip (and you can read up on all the other fabulous places we've been & check out my travel guides) but here's a few of my favorite things about our last couple of trips to Iceland and New York.

What I Loved About New York City:
1) The energy this city has is intoxicating.  It sort of swoops you up and makes you fall in love with it.

2) The West Village, DUMBO in Brooklyn and the Flat Iron area were my favorite sections of the city by far.  I loved the laid back village feel in the West Village, the cool hipster vibe in Brooklyn and the city-chic feel of the Flat Iron area.

3) The food in NYC is incredible.  Being from Portland, we're pretty "foodie" people up here in the Pacific NW and we were not disappointed.  My favorite meals were at Pastis (French) and Boqueria (Spanish).  We got our fill of incredible food during our trip.


What I Loved About Iceland:
1) The pure untouched landscapes were unspeakable in Iceland.  We spent a whole day with just a guide out exploring and there were so many moments when my breath was literally taken away.  The exotic beauty of the land is truly incredible.

2) The Icelandic horses were my favorite part of the whole trip.  Horses are everywhere in Iceland and on a road out in the middle of nowhere, we pulled over and walked up to the fence, of which all the horses came up to us and we were suddenly surrounded by all these gorgeous horses.  Without another person within miles of us, it was one of those moments you always remember.

3) The colors in the sky in Iceland are incredible and because this time of year they only get about 5 hours of daylight, the sky all day has a painted quality with the sun never truly rising in the sky.  We saw some of the most spectacular colors in the sky from pale blues to purples and rich pinks... every day the sky blew me away.

photo 1-2

Photos copyright to True Colours Blog

Head on over to Casey's blog and show her some love!



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Black Keys = FAIL.

Let me just tell you the silliness I feel at this moment.

Hear me out, okay?

The Dizzle and I frantically woke up this morning so we could catch the bus to the train station that would take us to Madrid...
Okay, okay, so I woke up frantically this morning...
He went about his leisurely way that I envy so much at times.

We got on that 55 minute bus to the Malaga train station, to which we tried our best to converse with the Spanish train attendant.
Have I mentioned that I think we should have learned some Spanish before this trip of ours?
No? Well, we should have.

Anyway, after many blank stares from me and the train man, we finally managed to get seats on the high speed train to Madrid.

After 3 hours, we made it to Madrid.


We then desperately tried to find the correct bus {C-7} to take us to our "flat" in Madrid.
Wonderful Verner, bless his heart, walking up to the bus drivers saying, "C....Uh....Ce?....Seven....uh....(uno, dos, tres...counting on his fingers) siete? Autooobusss?"

Needless to say, the bus driver didn't understand, and we then had to pay 16.50 Euro for a taxi to drive us there.


We got to the place, met the owner, got the keys, and mapped out our way to the venue for The Black Keys concert!

All on our own, we figured out the correct bus {again in broken Spanglish}, found some dinner, then walked ourselves to the venue.


I couldn't believe it. No really, I couldn't believe it.

There must be some mistake. Did they cancel?! They must have!

Expect that the only mistake, come to find out, was our own: We got the dates wrong.

The Black keys were not performing on Nov 27th. They were performing on Nov. 28th.

If you knew me, and you knew how anal and how TYPE A I would be laughing hysterically right now.
Which is exactly what we did after about 5 seconds of silence.

So yeah...we laughed, we found another bar, and we headed back home, chalking it up to a "practice run" of how to get there for tomorrow.

Ay dios mio.

I tell ya, the adventures of traveling foreign countries really keep ya goin...



Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time to get those holiday greeting cards! {A Giveaway}

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, you know the drill, people.

Time to get ready for Christmas!

AND, if you're lazy like me and just like to give people cards with cash inside, then today's giveaway is perfect for you!

Heidi, who blogs over at Row House 14 also has her Etsy shop where she makes the cutest greeting cards and is offering one of my readers a $20 credit to use on anything in her shop!

How thoughtful of her, eh? :)

If I was anywhere near a post office to which I could actually send a greeting card, I would personally choose this gem {ha!}:

Here's Heidi and don't forget to enter below!


Hello readers! I'm so excited to be on Mish's blog today. She is pretty freakin' hilarious and also incredibly lucky to be traveling around the world as we speak. So needless to say, who wouldn't want to be featured on the blog of a hilarious world traveler? I know I couldn't pass it up!

I'm Heidi!

I live in Baltimore in an old historic row house with my fiance and our fur babies Lilah and Finn.

Seriously, people, if photos of cute animals won't win you over, I don't know what will.

I blog at Row House 14 about all sorts of things like music, my encounters with creepy, stalker-ish Baltimore city police helicopters, my love of cooking and baking, our cat's love affair with his toys that aren't really toys, our pyrotechnic tendencies, and my passion for travel and photography.

When I'm not blogging, you'll find me teaching Social Studies in Baltimore city schools and working on new designs for my greeting card and stationery business.

And in my extra spare time, because teaching, blogging, and running an indie business just isn't enough......... ha, just kidding. 
Either way, I hope you stop by my blog and shop-- I like friends and promise to say hi if you come to say hi. You can also catch me on twitter and facebook in the event that you want more places to stalk me just like those creepy, stalker-ish Baltimore police helicopters.


Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 26, 2012

Failures and Successes of the day

One week in and we've managed to survive, unscathed! Well, except for the 3 giant mounds that have formed on my body from Spain's devil mosquitos. 
And let me tell you, these bites ain't no joke.

Anyway, today was our last day with the infamous scooter. So we decided to drive it down to the local zoo that we had heard so much about.
We hopped on {me driving} and scooted our way down the road for about 15 minutes only to find that the zoo has been closed...For the entire month of November.

We sighed, took a picture of the plastic elephants, then scooted on back to town.

Then! Oh then!

My little Asian eyes spotted the one place that is sure to always cheer me up.

A casino!!

I pulled off that road quicker than you could

Now, let me tell you a thing or two about this said "casino."
Don't let this grand photo fool you.
Because grand it was not.
It was one room. Just one.
There were about 20 slot machines, all in Spanish of course, and about 3 other people in there. 
The Dizzle looked on questioningly, I beelined it straight for the slots. 

A mere 40 minutes later, I managed to lose about 10 euro.
I would have played way more, trust me, but The Dizz had enough.

On to our next adventure of the day!

The Dizzle tackled that damn scooter again and alas, he conquered it this time!

I think it's the mustache.
It's somehow given him a large amount of confidence these days.

Oh, and I learned how to make a GIF on Photoshop.
It made me so excited, I just had to twirl with joy.


My apologies if this is making you nauseous.


Anyway, we're off to Madrid tomorrow!

A few months before we left, The Dizzle found out The Black Keys would be there performing the same dates that we'd be in Spain. 
So, basically, that was a sign from the music gods that we needed to get tickets and go.

And tickets we got. We'll be there until Friday!
Any recommendations on Must Sees while there??


Friday, November 23, 2012


There are a few spots open and I would love to have you!

Sponsor info here!



Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Espana!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope everyone has a wonderful one.
I also hope you are all taking part in Black Friday tomorrow.
Or, as my Fasha refers to it: BLACK DAY.
I have no idea where this crazy Korean gets these things from, but they're hilarious I tell you.

Anyway, I want you to meet 3 of my new friends!
They're pretty wonderful people and I like to pride myself on the wonderful people I find.
So in the spirit of Giving....You're welcome.
Enjoy and eat some of that wonderful turkey for me, ya hear?


A Little Blurb From Erica
I'm a 25-year-old lawyer, mom, Marine wife, and soon-to-be ex-pat. At the end of this month, our little family will be living thousands of miles away at an embassy overseas. I blog to document life and share random adventures. 


A Little Blurb From Kelly
 My name is Kelly! A Pittsburgh girl who is proud to be a Steelers, Pens, and yes even a Pirates fan! I will always be a Jersey girl at heart! I am a girl who appreciates sarcasm, a good book, and a good glass of wine. Okay, okay an entire bottle of wine who am I kidding. I try to showcase the shenanigans I live in a day to day basis. I share thoughtful, deep, sarcastic, and down right silly posts! So stop over and say hello!


A Little Blurb From Cynthia
Hi Mish's readers! I'm Cynthia and I live in San Diego, where Mish is leaving (?!?!) to travel the world.  On my blog, Living In Neverland, I write about my life: the food I eat, my boyfriend of 18 years, things I lust after (or laugh at, or just love) online, our dogs, books I love, stuff we do and places we have been.  Once in a while I also write about being a homeowner, or something I cook, or (rarely!) something I actually DIY.  Come on over and say hi!  New blog friends are like my pixie dust. ;-)  



P.S. V Dizzle posted about our death defying experience last night over on our travel blog!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jet Lag's a Bitch.

{That's a #nofilter sunrise right there.}

We didn't sleep a wink last night.
Literally, not a wink.

So instead, we laid there in the dark and talked for awhile.
I'm not going to lie, I had to cry for a bit.
It's only been 3 days and I began to feel extremely homesick. 
Then I started to doubt myself.
Does this mean I'm not cut out to be a world traveler?
How come I miss my Mom so much?
Will I feel like this every night?

You know what I think it is, though?
I just feel so...disconnected with everyone.

My phone doesn't work, I don't have internet access, I can't just call someone at any time or check Instagram to see what people are up to.
And I don't want to sound ungrateful for my situation, because I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here. Really.

It's like this.
You know when you were a kid and you went to a friend's for a slumber party?
During the day and evening, everyone is having so much fun.
You're playing games, you're hanging out with friends, you're having the best food.
Then it's time for bed.
The lights go out, everyone starts falling asleep, and it gets very quiet.
It was during that time when I would start to feel homesick and just want to be home with my family.

Or is that just me?

Verner said it's normal to feel like this during the "transition period."
{So how come he wasn't crying?}

I took a deep breath and reminded myself to be present and appreciate my current, wonderful situation, with my current, wonderful company.

Then, before we knew it, the sun started to rise.
And oh my god, was it the most beautiful sunrise or what?

I can't even remember the last sunrise I saw, but I'm pretty sure it had nothing on this one.

Today is a new day. In freaking SPAIN.
So I need to just man up and stop my crying, because this is a once in a lifetime experience and I am going to be thankful for each day I get to do this.

Thanks for listening.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alive and in Spain!

After about 23 hours of travel and layovers, we finally made it to Spain! We flew in to Malaga and the woman that owns the place we're renting generously offered to pick us up from the airport to take us to the apartment.

We walked in to our little beach studio and this is what we saw from our balcony:

Can you believe that view!?

The very first thing we did, before unpacking a single thing, was pour ourselves 2 glasses of wine (which the woman had generously left for us) and parked our butts on the patio to soak the view in and say "Holy Shit, we're in Spain!"

We tried our hardest to stay up late "like the Spanish do" and headed out for dinner around 10pm.
To which I then had the best bruschetta of my life. I can't imagine how amazing it'll be when we get to Italy.

So anyway, we finally went to sleep around midnight last night and then...............
Woke up at 4 today. As in FOUR PM.
Whoops. There goes that day.

Right now, we're sitting inside of the local McDonald's because it's the only place where we could find WiFi.
I was hoping our apartment would have it, but alas, there is only a computer in the lobby to which I'm sure is from 1998 and made me want to gouge my eyeballs out just trying to send one email out to our families yesterday.

So McDonald's it is! And yes, their quarter pounders are amazing.

In other exciting news, we rented ourselves a scooter for the week! 

I offered to drive because The Dizzle has never done this before.

Picture this:

Me driving with a 6'3" half black guy behind me, holding on for dear life.
I may have driven one before, but I never said I was good at it. (Remember, I'm Asian. Good driving isn't really a skill I have.)
Fortunately, I managed not to kill us, though we did come very close to getting run over by a bus.

And that's all!

As for our travel blog, I think we'll update it more with photos and places we see. And well, so far we have yet to see anything major, so you'll just have to wait for an update on that one.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our 10 mile hike that turned into 6.2

On our last day in Georgia, we decided to finally pull ourselves away from the tube after many hours of real, live cable. Did you hear that? Cable! After living a year without it, it's basically a luxury.

Anyway, near my Mom's house, there is Kennesaw Mountain, which, come to find out, is actually a national battlefield, complete with cannons!

Though what was supposed to be a 10 mile hike actually ended up being only 6.2.
Partly because I'm extremely out of shape.
Mostly because I was starving.
So there you have it.

It was a pretty successful hike though, minus me falling down and twisting my ankle.
Did I fall from jumping down from a rock? No.
Did I fall from walking too fast in the treacherous battle grounds? No.
I fell from slipping on the stupid leaves. The leaves!
It wouldn't have been nearly as bad except for the two hikers behind me who were there to witness my ugly and embarrassing fall.
And I'm not talking a little 'oops, I slipped!' kind of fall. I'm talking all the way down to the ground kind of fall. You know the kind.
Needless to say, we quickly let them pass us so I could sulk in peace.

It's only been about 3 hours since we finished and I can already feel my glutes cramping up.
Hopefully we got enough energy out today to make us tired for a very long and very tiring day of travel tomorrow.
Tomorrow! Spain! Say whaaaat? Seriously. How is this day here already?

Wish us luck as we face 6 hours in Newark and officially begin our international travels!
Whoo hoo!


Friday, November 16, 2012

Newark is NOT Norway

So this entire time leading up to our flight to Spain on Sunday, I thought we had a 6 hour layover in Oslo, Norway. And instead of being bummed out about an uber-long delay to our destination, I was kind of excited because we decided that we would leave the airport and explore Oslo for a few hours. {I have no idea if that plan is even possible, but we would have figured it out there.}

Come to find out....

I checked our itinerary again, and our 6 hour layover is not in Norway, but in fact is in Newark. As in, Newark, New Jersey. And according to my mother, it is "The Butthole of New Jersey."

If you are from there, I apologize. Her words, not mine.

So now, we fly just a few short hours from Atlanta, Georgia to Newark, New Jersey, to which we will be stranded for 6 hours! What the...

Anyone have any suggestions on if we can leave the airport and find some sort of entertainment? Or is this place the ghetto and we may get shot if we leave the safety of the airport?

Any and all suggestions welcome.

And while you're thinking of suggestions, I would like you to please meet 3 of my lovely friends! Because isn't this what blogging is all about? Meeting new people and connecting? Can I get "Yee-haw!!"?


A little blurb from Nicole
Hi there! I'm Nicole, and I'm the girl behind the blog Treasure Tromp. My blog started as a way to document my attempts at finding life's hidden treasures ... and as a way to distract myself from my PhD program in psychology. When I'm not studying or working on program evaluations, I like to hike and camp around southern California, obsess over hedgehogs, make a mess in the kitchen and work on my photography. Come stop by my blog to say hello  - I'm looking forward to meeting you!


{Read about it HERE!}

A little blurb from Kayla
Hello Mish and Dizzle followers, I'm Kayla coming at you from Houston, Texas. I'm an airline employee who works behind the scenes of the world's largest airline. I envy their plans of traveling the world though, we're always so limited by vacation time! I started my blog, Sealed With a Kay, to document our travels through standby flying, delicious recipes and maybe a few odd ball stories along the way. Odd ball stories? Well, there was the one about Growing up with Mannequins, or the story about how I Found my Sister on Myspace. My blog has become so much more than I had anticipated, and blogging has quickly become my favorite hobby. Not only have I been able to connect with others and share in happy times, I've also been able to learn through my writing about a tough time too. I love the blogging community and meeting new friends, some come on over and say hello!


A little blurb from Mackensie
My blog is a fun, not-so-serious place where I share my favorite music and recipes, document my fitness goals and experiment with hair, clothes and girly things. I'm a single aspiring writer living in Florida with a fat beagle mutt named Ziggy Stardust.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

My attempt at Southern eating

Seeing as we're about to embark on our world travels in a mere 3 days, there's really a limited amount of things I could get The Dizz for his birthday. So, I bought him a new battery for his laptop {very romantic, I know} and I told him I would take him anywhere he wanted for din din.

He's never been to Georgia and wanted to have some good ol' Southern Cookin'. So I took him to South City Kitchen in Atlanta. It took him about 3 seconds to decide on the fried chicken.

Aaaannnddd now would be the part where I'd make an inappropriate joke about him being Black and liking fried chicken..........but, I'll refrain.

So anyway.

I'm really trying hard to be open-minded when it comes to new foods and not stick my nose up at foreign dishes. But when I took a look at the menu and saw "Shrimp & Mussels" and "Pan-Roasted Duck Breast," I panicked a little.

So we compromised.

I got the filet mignon {amazing} and then we ordered the fried green tomatoes so I could at least say I had something southern.

Verdict? Not bad. I ate an entire tomato. And knowing me, that's quite a feat, thankyouverymuch.

Hope ya'll are havin' yourselves a great Thursdee. <--- See? I'm basically a Southern Belle.


P.S. Don't forget to enter for 3 months of FREE ad space here!


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